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Looking for first world status with an attitude that does not match? What is your view about the way Trinis conduct themselves in public?
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Are Trinis Considered A Primitive People? - Page 5

QUOTE (Kaisofan)
This quote has gone so far from the original statement.

Not sure what you meant by that. How can the quote of itself be far from the original statement - what statement?

Why are Trinidadians leaving the "so called" civilized countries for the sanity back home?

There are lots of answers for that actually, especially when they outright tell you the reasons, but that is NOT what the Thread is about, we have Threads dealing with that within the Board.

Rather off topic, but...
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People Primitive Considered Trinis Are

Another example of primitiveness of some Trinidadians.

I was in the park today with my sons. I was watching my oldest in the slide. There were three precious little girls sliding as well. They were very small, I assume the oldest was 3, the middle one 2 and the last one a year old. Their mother was watching them near by. These little girls were very quiet and well behaved but for some reason, their mother who was a very low class and primitive woman was scolding them every five seconds for any sort of stupidness. The kids looked confused. I was confused!

In a moment, she tell them to go to the slide one more time and then is time to go home. The little girls continue sliding 2 more times. This woman took a stick from the floor and called them. I was nearby, watching in case she decided to touch those kids. She lined them up and started scolding them once again and threating them saying "Wen ah reach home ah go break yuh foot and yuh bones!". Break their bones! We are talking about little girls who the youngest could hardly walk for heaven's sake!

This same woman, started arguing with another woman who passed by telling her all kind of names . I thought for a minute they would get into a fight. Fortunately, the other woman left and did not continue the argument for too long.

It is absolutely sickening to see this kind of primitive behavior of some Trinidadians. Funny enough, they do not see themselves like this at all but all the opposite.

For those who do not live in Trinidad and wonder why I did not contact the police based on how this woman was treating her kids, let me state that this is a VERY COMMON scenario on how parents deal with their children in this island, if I have to deal with this I would be calling the police all the time and they have proven to be inefficient enough. This is NOT an isolate incident. It is a mentality, a disease, a cultural issue, a sick mindset that everybody sees and most approve.

Primitiveness to the max!

29th Sep, 2011 - 6:48pm / Post ID: #

Are Trinis Considered A Primitive People? Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Some Trini people have no concern about signs, restrictions or policy. For instance I took the kids to the play area of a fast food restaurant. There is a huge sign that says no one should enter the play area that is not a certain age or height and even thought this adult woman sees the sign she enters anyway. I then had to become vocal about it and she slowly left after first taking a ride down the children's slide. This is why this country sucks so bad - people think that whatever rule is made does not apply to them.

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Page 5 People Primitive Considered Trinis Are

Name: Open Mind

Title: Trinidad is Indeed Primitive

Comments: I agree that Trinidad & Tobago is Primitive. I lived in the USA mostly all my life, been living in T&T for the past 3+ years, and I see just how primitive it is. It is literally an island, and furthermore, not a modern one, or even a clean one, not a paradise at all. Some Islands are quaint in being primitive, but T&T is filled with rude, ignorant, racist, and depressed people. It's a very dirty island, overcrowded, and just terrible. I used to talk alot, now I don't want to talk, cause of the responses I get, even the "educated people" are small minded, and backwards, the business owners are snobs, cause they fell they will be robbed, and that might be true. Neighbors in various "decent" areas are rude, cause they are being careful of "Tricksters". In this land there is no law, it is corrupt, and a terrible island. If you know better, try to get out. I won't be here long again. This cannot work for an open minded, well rounded person. You cannot even go out too much, cause of crime. Customer service does not exist. I found only a few out of hundreds of good service. There is always the exception to the rule… Can't compare USA to Trini, no way. Too many opportunities, and everyone knows it is better, everyone with a sound mind. Also, people can go crazy here, and not think right… If you stay too long, and not realize it, how it really is, you will make comments like the Trini girl trying to deny the urgent need to leave T&T, the conditions… Look at the highways, they make their own 4th lane on the highway, they don't even know how to wait till they get to the turning land… always making things worse, and not even knowing. Some villages have no running water, water always gets turned off in several areas still… Many living in poverty, worse than USA, no welfare, no good hospitals, low wages, ignorance… And to top it off very few clean safe beaches on an "island". God helps T&T.... It is primitive as can be in a rude way!

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People Primitive Considered Trinis Are

Name: George

Title: Primitive Trinis

Comments: There is no way of getting away from the fact that almost all [..] Trinidadians display signs of being still in a stage of primitiveness. In my opinion it is a genetic condition inherited by the off springs of those burdened with the permanency of primitiveness .
I have a suspicion that when the slave traders brought slaves to this island, the slave must have been taken from some aggressive savage tribe,mentally disturbed with a particular mindset from deep in the heart of [..].
Now why I am thinking like this?. This is because here [..] Trinidadians seem to enjoy killing each other, sometimes for no reasons whatsoever. They also seem to be happiest living in a situation of personal confrontation with each other, plundering other people's belongings, malice, spitefulness, squalor, being ill-tempered and display a general disrespect for others including their elders. They also demonstrate a very high degree of dislike of any other race and in particularly those with white skin. Moreover, despite the fact that some received very high education and professional tutoring most still seem unable to shrug off some aspects of their primitiveness such as an urge to plunder,bad tempered, and wallow in personal disputes, arguments and controversies that appear to be highly illogical.
Whatever in the real cause for their abnormal unexpected human behaviour, despite the fact that they have had decades to adjust to the civility of mankind remains a mystery to civilised onlooker from both here and abroad.Please don't start shouting racist .This is just a personal observation of the majority of [..] Trinidadians that I lived and associated with on this island.

Source: My experiences and observations.

NOTE: Moderator: Please abstain from using a racial context.

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Are Trinis Considered A Primitive People?

Name: Ashton

Title: Trini- Primitive

Comments: Primitive? I don't think so. Trinidadian have fallen for the very vices that are destroying the so called "Civilized" Nations. Uncouth behaviours, racism, hate, anger, violence, greed, bigotry, poverty, drugs, prostitution- we have embraced them as a Nation. There are several communities in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, China, Asia, India, African continent etc- where the above "Primitive" behaviours are rampant.
We are the product of globalization- the modified word for colonization.

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Are Trinis Considered Primitive People - Page 5

Name: George

Title: Primitive Trinis

Comments: I am afraid that I do not understand the reasons why I should abstain for applying the racial distinction where local primitiveness are concerned on this island if that is the way in which I see it.

Whilst other races here may dabble in some aspects associated with primitiveness These are practice by individuals mainly in the political and business fields throughout the world. Aspects such a corruption and cronyism. Their participation in displaying these particular acts are not at all a regular and outstanding noticeable feature in the other large racial group or any other racial group on this island.

Almost all the murders and serious crimes on this island are committed by one racial group. They display a high degree of savagery and lack of compassion for people of their own race, which is most unusual in a mixed race society such as ours.

Saying that all our citizens are primitive is ridiculous.This country is marred by the display of an acute savage and primitive attitude by one particular racial group on this island, who are still lamenting of events that occurred over a century ago .

Most of their woes have been brought on to their shoulders by their personal attitudes,bad temper, actions, and other attributes associated with their apparent savagery and primitiveness.

Those in authority here, despite, class or creed must face the facts, and be brave enough to own up to the truth otherwise we will continue here to live in a make belief world.

We should not continue to allow this nation to be a haven for one particular race of serious criminals without attaching and referring to their primitiveness as the main reason for their unexplained and illogical, constant and abnormal bad behaviour and outlook to life on this island.

20th Sep, 2016 - 10:10pm / Post ID: #

Are Trinis Considered Primitive People Trinidad & Tobago / Caribbean - Page 5

Attached Image QUOTE (George)
... Abstain for applying the racial distinction

This site has policies that govern constructive posting. The irony in your lack of understanding is your many Posts which speak about people not following rules of law and so forth. International Discussions, like everything in society, is governed by rules and boundaries unless you are the kind of Trini that that thinks they should go anywhere, say and do anything they like regardless of their being guests in an established place that has existed years before they arrived?

Let me know, because this in itself is part of the primitive makeup - the lack of etiquette I see each day where discussing an issue means going into a degrading spiral of insults. Being primitive is based on culture which is the direction a society (Everyone that makes it a collective) is moving. The Thread is not about which race is more primitive than the next. As far as I can see every race in T&T suffers from the same onslaught of mediocrity, selfishness, narrow mindedness and a lack of true patriotism which is not about waving a flag or a fete.

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