Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed - Sciences, Education, Art, Writing, UFO - Posted: 20th Feb, 2008 - 3:01am

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Poll: What are your thoughts about the Yamashita Treasure hunt?
  Yamashita Treasure is genuine, a lot of gold to be found       29.41%
  Yamashita Treasure was recovered already there is no more gold       5.88%
  Yamashita Treasure is just a myth       17.65%
  Yamashita Treasure hunters are dreamers       29.41%
  Be careful there are many online Yamashita Treasure scammers       17.65%
Total Votes: 17
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Yamashita Treasure Secret Is the World War Two Yamashita Treasure a scam or legit, Members Discuss it.
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Free Gold? - Everyone Wants To Know If It Is Legit - You Decide

Post Date: 31st Jan, 2007 - 4:28am / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed
A Friend

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed


I'm about to exposed here one of the most secret and mysterious part of WW2 history...the Infamous Yamashita Treasures or WW2 Japs treasure/war booties.
Our team have documented more than 100+ suspected Japs/yamashita treasure sites all over the Philippines thru more than 20 years of extensive research, exploration, expedition and actual operation...meaning we are knowledgable in these topic...
Is these billion/trillion dollar yamashita treasure...myth or real?....we will slowly reveal here its secrets...
For more info...just post all your questions here and I will do my best to answer it all...


NOTE: Claims are not upheld or part of this site in any way or form.

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Post Date: 11th Feb, 2007 - 8:54am / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed
A Friend

Exposed Secret Treasure Yamashita

Are you for real or just trying to get attention? Seriously, why would someone reveal their "secrets" in some forum and not to a museum or something? You make no sense. However, there have been numerous finds in the area you speak of that "could be" Yamashita's Gold. However, despite the arguments that the gold exists, there remains to be found a serious amount of gold that can be attributed to the Japanese loot. In fact, one of the main arguments against the existence of the gold is that if there is indeed billions in treasure, should someone be able to find it, it wouldn't be small.


The above is a wiki link about the legend of Yamashita's gold and the myths and legends surrounding it. All that glitters, is not gold, and every myth is usually just that.

Post Date: 12th Feb, 2007 - 5:09am / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed
A Friend

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed UFO & Writing Art Education Sciences

...I'm BOTH....real and wanted attention in my expose.
I wanted to reveal or expose the "secrets of these infamous treasures" for the following reasons...

1) To prove to the whole world that these infamous legendary treasure do exist !

2) To expose these blatant plunder of buried treasures that already belongs to the Filipino people...so that somehow it will stop the cover-up and systematic treasure hunting operations by foriegn groups (there treasure recovery where not given to filipino people).

3) To gain some additional information, new Hi-tech geophysical instruments (to be used in my WW2 War Booties research) or gain some friends who love outdoor explorations and adventure....

I will never approach or expose the "secrets" in our Nat'l Museum, bcoz our government (including Nat'l museum officials) is sooo corrupt and have been in cohoots with several treasure groups...their treasure recoveries instead of going to Filipino people, it goes to their personal pocket....ex: Marcos Gold.

One example of treasure find is about a local treasure hunter Rogelio Roxas who recoevered 2 feet tall (1 ton) golden Budha and tunnel full of gold....Pres. Marcos and his soldiers confiscated, Mr. Roxas treasure tunnel...it took Phil. Army several weeks to haul the treasures inside the tunnel !.....read webpage below of...
the Hawaii Supreme Court case...Roxas VS Marcos


If you need more treasure proof or you have questions...just post it.

Post Date: 28th Jan, 2008 - 11:44am / Post ID: #

Exposed Secret Treasure Yamashita

Name: John

Comments: How much is a Yamashita diamond worth?

Post Date: 29th Jan, 2008 - 3:04am / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed
A Friend

Exposed Secret Treasure Yamashita

Joe Public<

Actually there is NO such things as yamashita diamonds...the proper name should be...WW2 japanese War Loot diamonds...stolen and taken from banks, jeweler stores, museum and people all over ASIAN countries...and its worth several billions dollars, buried and hidden in hundreds sites all over the Philippines.

Ex: In one big volume site...Mt. Billionaire....the native assets personally saw a huge metal box (food freezer size) containing precious stones/diamonds...size of metal box est. 5 sackfull....And if you have 5 sackfull of diamond, how much do you think its worth?...Billions right? rolleyes ...thats only one big volume site, there are still hundred of big volume sites, sorrounded by several smaller, medium size treasure per big volume treasure site.

Post Date: 19th Feb, 2008 - 4:44pm / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed

Name: Eric

Comments: Wrong it is not 100 of big sites, more like 6 - 10 big sites and the rest is small one. If you now so much have come you don't even now this?

Post Date: 20th Feb, 2008 - 12:52am / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed

I don't get this yamashita treasure thing is it another one of those scams brewing where you get rich overnight?

Post Date: 20th Feb, 2008 - 3:01am / Post ID: #

Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed

Name: Gboy (User did not log in account?)

Comments: You are completely wrong...Yamashita treasure is NOT an easy quick rich scheme. In fact, it is the opposite...It is one of the MOST DIFFICULT AND TEDIOUS TREASURE RESEARCH. It will take decades of extensive research and exploration to fully understand yamashita treasure.
Browse on google regarding Marcos secret gold treaty...or Marcos chronology report...then you will see the extent of yamashita treasure...

"Comments: Wrong it is not 100 of big sites, more like 6 - 10 big sites and the rest is small one. If you now so much have come you don't even now this?"

Of course I know it...only a few are big volume and some are large, medium or smaller sites...see my suspected WW2 japs treasure sites sample below...oks ba?


1.LUZON ISLAND (Estimated. treasure volume)

1) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
2) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
3) El Sombrero Treasure 1 (very large)
4) El Sombrero treasure 2 (very large)
5) Secrets of Digoyo (very large)
6) Mt. Billionaire (very large)
7) Gen. Tamaso Cache (very large)
8) Gen. Tanaka Treasure (very large)
9) Sinkhole Cave (very large)
10) PB Cave (very large)
11) Gen. Yakoko Treasure (large)
12) Secret Airstrip 1 (large)
13) Snake Cave Treasure (medium)
14) Padlock Cave (medium)
15) Caged Budha Cave (small)
16) 3 G. Budha Cave (small)
17) Underground Cave Temple (small)
18) 5 Lonely Tomb Cave (small)

19) Tokyo 2 Tunnel (very large)
20) Japs Jungle Base Camp (large)
21) Callao Secret (large)
22) School Secret Treasure (medium)
23) Prado's Court (medium)
24) Springfield Tunnel (medium)
25) Japs Plane Hangar treasure (medium)
26) Cargo Truck Tunnel (medium)
27) Church Secret Treasure (medium)
28) Skull Tunnel Treasure (medium)
29) Masoc / Grandfather Treasure (medium)
30) Egg Cave Treasure (medium)
31) Zapote Tree Secret (small)
32) Mango Tree Secret (small)
33) Santolan Tree Secret (small)
34) Tamarind tree Secret (small)
35) Lamp Light Treasure 1 (small)
36) Lamp Light Treasure 2 (small)
37) Peroz Road Treasure (small)
38) Triangle Bridge Treasure (small)
39) Japs Flag Treasure 1 (small)
40) Japs Flag Treasure 2 (small)
41) Japs Execution Camp Treasure (small)
42) Mango Hill Treasure (small)
43) Japs Cargo Plane 1 (small)
44) Japs Cargo Plane 2 (small)
46) Eagle Rock Treasure (small)

46) 2-Metal Box (small)
47) Underwater Golden Budha (small)
48) El Diablo Island Secret (small)

49) Seven General Treasure (very large)
50) Three Gen. Treasure of Tagurano (very large)
51) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Mundo Hill (very large)
52) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Panabo (large)
53) Gen. Sakura Treasure (large)
54) Gen. Toyogoshi Treasure (large)
55) Gen. Kutamura Treasure (large)
56) Gen. Teruya Treasure (large)
57) Gen. Yamada Treasure (large)
58) Gen. Murakami Treasure (large)
59) Adm. Nakone Treasure (large)
60) Adm. Igie Treasure (large)
61) Col. Oshihiro Hansawa Treasure (large)
62) Col. Yamaguchi Treasure (large)
63) Lt. Ohata Treasure (medium)
64) Secrets Of Carmen (small)
65) Secrets of Cuyo Island (small)
66) Secrets of Dalirig (small)
67) Secrets of Dagat K Dabaw (small)
68) Secrets of Lake Sebu (small)
69) Secrets of Lake Venado (small)
70) Secrets of Lipadas (small)
71) Secrets of Makilo Ranges (large)
72) Secrets of Mt. Apo (large)
73) Secrets of Namnam (small)
74) Secrets of Pangantucan (large)
75) Secrets of Raware (medium)
76) Secrets of Silae (small)
77) Secrets of Sinuda (small)
78) Secrets of Tamugan (medium)
79) Secrets of Upian 1 and 2 (medium)
80) Nubos Treasure (medium)
81) Takahashi Butai Treasure (very large)
82) Kashibaora / Tanaka Treasure (very large)
83) 10th Buntai Treasure (medium)
84) Horse Cave Treasure (small)
85) Crocodile Cave Treasure (medium)
86) Giant Lizard Cave Treasure (medium)
87) Madapo Hill Treasure (small)
88) Kiakol Treasure (small)
89) Todaya Treasure (medium)
90) Crown of Cambodia (medium)
91) Djakarta Tunnel (very large)
92) Medusa Tunnel (small)
93) Tunnel 9 (very large)
94) Lying Lady Mountain (medium)
95) Golden Budha of St. Francis (small)
96) 3 -Chained /Wired Tomb (small)
97) Lonely Tomb of Talomo (small)
98) Lonely Tomb of St. Ines (small)
99) Lonely Tomb of Luban (small)
100) Sea Tomb of Luban (small)
101) 15 lonely Tomb of Wao (medium)
102) Samurai Tomb (small)
103) Sinkhole Tomb and Box (small)
104) Mysterious Jungle Steel Crate (small)
105) Waterfalls of Block (small)
106) Foxhole of Umayam (small)
107) Swimming Horse of Kisawi (small)
108) Underground Horse of Mt. Magolo (medium)
109) Tabokno Falls treasure (small)
110) Gandara Secret (small)
111) St. Vincent Secret (small)

112) Siwa Maru,D Island Ship(very large)
113) Tikang Maru (large)
114) Sakima Maru (large)
115) Maru of the Orient 3 (large)
116) Capt. Kimura 6 ships (very large)
117) Mini Submarine (small)
118) Camouflage Submarine (medium)
119) Cliff wall Submarine (medium)
120) Underground Submarine base (large)
121) Runway Edge Sea Vault (small)
122) Daibatsu of Ginoog and Davao Gulf (large)

1) Treasure volume: small (1-10 tons), medium (20-50 tons), large (50-100 tons), very large (above 100 tons). Estimated volume of treasure may change.
2) These are the treasure leads and information we have accumulated thru more than 20 years of extensive treasure research, exploration, actual operation, interviews of Japs / Filipino veterans, maps, live pointers and natives.
3) These are the combination of different type of treasures sites"¦.buried (shallow/deep), tunnel, caves (open, closed, waterfalls, underwater), ship and submarine wrecks, tombs, statues, school, church, etc. In different kind of terrain in the Philippines"¦town, mountains, jungle, waterfalls, caves, rivers, sea"¦etc.
4) These suspected treasure sites have different stages of operation: for diggings, exploration, recovery, relocation"¦etc.
5) Its our team that names these suspected treasure sites for easy reference.

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