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Share Book RPG round 3: The Tale of the Unlucky Adventurers
29th Sep, 2007 - 9:09pm / Post ID: #

Temple Of Flame 3 - Page 7

The Dice Master says...

Looks like the next vote is a tie breaker, so you better choose wisely.

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30th Sep, 2007 - 6:23pm / Post ID: #

Flame Temple

Yeah but looks like the next vote is taking a year to get here! Why do people take so long to put their decision?

30th Sep, 2007 - 11:30pm / Post ID: #

Temple Of Flame 3 Archive Pathfinder / D&D

The Dice Master says...

QUOTE (Hunter)
Why do people take so long to put their decision?

Like I said, we cater for a more Mature participant here, so you will find that a lot of the Members who take part also have responsible lives, careers and dependents to cater for before their online life.

Do not worry, your sword will remain lit until such time as a fifth vote is given.

Rather off topic, but...
There are constant RPGs that you can participate in, you do not have to focus on one. Try ROK, EOA, etc.

1st Oct, 2007 - 1:48pm / Post ID: #

Page 7 Flame Temple

*hides his paint brush and cut off saw* OK now we have 50/50 of losing 3 to 6 hp but I am thinking that we will go with the caution. If we fight we get one free swing at best, that means we ward off at least four rounds of battle with with trained guards so I think JB changed my decision on this.

We try to sneak by.

Post Date: 1st Oct, 2007 - 3:13pm / Post ID: #

Temple Of Flame 3
A Friend

Flame Temple


QUOTE (184)
You are barely halfway up in your steep climb when a shout rings out from below. You have been spotted. As the two sentries ready their crossbows, you race up towards the summit. You are almost there when they level their bows and shoot.

Roll one die:
score 1          Turn to 149
score 2 or 3    Both quarrels hit you; lose 6 VIGOUR
score 4 or 5  Only one hits you; lose 3 VIGOUR
score 6          They both miss you

If you are still alive, you stagger up the remaining few steps and on to the flat top of the pyramid out of the sentries' line of sight. Turn to 102.

Roll the dice we get... 4, one arrow hit us and we lose 3 VIGOUR.

QUOTE (102)
There is a sound from inside the ruined structure atop the pyramid. Wasting no time, you vault over a fallen column and land with catlike grace within the broken ruins. A glance takes in the details - a bored sentry leaning against the wall, a spear in the crook of his arm, his hands folded across his pot belly - his companion,  slumped in the shade under  the  portico,  snoring  beneath  a  wide- brimmed hat while flies tread in the dampness of his  pasty  face.  You  do  not  even  trouble  to unsheathe your sword. Two strides bring you face to  face  with  the  first  man.  He  stares  at  you  in slack-jawed astonishment and then doubles up as your fist slams into his sternum. A second blow completes  the  job.  His  limp  body  falls  to  the masonry-strewn floor like a broken doll.

You catch his spear and turn to face the other man.  Rhythmic snores still emanate from under the brim of his hat. You heft the spear and advance on him. You would like to spit him like a pig where he lies, but that is not the way of the Knights of Palados. You are about to yell at him to wake up when Minki darts forward and prods him in the eye. Spluttering, the man is roused from his slum- ber. As soon as he sees you he draws his sword and jumps up to fight.


Roll two dice:
score 2 to 3    You are hit and lose 3 VIGOUR
score 4 to 12  The Sentry loses 3 VIGOUR

If you win, turn to 216.

We defeated the SENTRY without losing a round:

QUOTE (216)
Your final spear-thrust pierces the Sentry's heart and he sinks to the floor as his blood washes over the ancient stones. You may keep the spear if you wish - note it down on your Character Sheet if so. You look around the ruins for ways down into the pyramid. One seems almost too obvious - a heavy flagstone with a metal ring in the middle, set into the stone floor. You can see from the dirt and moss caking the fine cracks around it that the flagstone has not been lifted up for years, perhaps centuries. Damontir found some other route down.

You glance up as the sky rumbles.  Thunder- clouds are piling up like slate on the distant hori- zon. As they slide in from the north, a mist of rain hides the far-off mountain peaks. The storm advances  swiftly,  and  the  first  drops  of rain  are already spattering the basalt steps as you return to the problem of how you are going to enter the pyramid.  If  you  wish  to  lift  the  flagstone  and descend that way,  turn to 36.  If you intend to search for another entrance, turn to 180.

Take the spear? Search another entrance or try the flagstone?

Attached Image

1st Oct, 2007 - 3:48pm / Post ID: #

Temple Of Flame 3

We search for the alternate entrance as I like the back door entrance best.

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1st Oct, 2007 - 4:10pm / Post ID: #

Temple Flame 3 - Page 7

The Dice Master says...

Doesn't that picture look as though the guy sitting is looking at us via the corner of the eye. I think if we begin looking for something else we may get attacked, but just to be different this round let us try to search for another entrance.

Rather off topic, but...
GM, can we place a SAVE point here in case we die? No use going through all the stuff we normally do all over again if we end up dieing?

1st Oct, 2007 - 4:15pm / Post ID: #

Temple Flame 3 D&D / Pathfinder Archive - Page 7

Yes I forgot take the spear while we are here a weapon can always be handy or could be used to find traps?

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