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Post Date: 14th Mar, 2008 - 6:36pm / Post ID: #

KNtoran's Blog - Page 2

I am back again *listens for the groans*

I spent 9 and one half years in the Military as a military police officer. I was stationed in Alabama, South Korea, Kansas, Iowa and Saudi Arabia in my full military career. I had a lot of fun while I was there and met many people who helped my grow as a person and in the ways I think. I saw things that could make some people very sick if they saw it or I described it in detail. Do not worry I will not tell you. Let it be said I know ways people can die from first hand knowledge since I witnessed it.

My military career started in 1982 in Alabama where I went through 16 weeks of pure hell. I will never forget those days but I feel I am a better person for surviving it. Next I went to South Korea. I spent 1983 thru part of 1985 there. This is where I spent a lot of time growing up maturity wise. I was part of two fatal shooting there. I was shot at, stabbed and knocked out in a bar fight. I learned that the real world is a cruel place at times but there is always places where you can let your guard down and be just yourself. I learned that those are worth living for because at times they can be hard to find. I visited Japan, The Philippines, Wake Island, and Tiawan while there.

For the rest of 1985 I was in Ft Leavenworth, Kansas. I learned a lot about working the road there. I had my first high speed chase there. HE got away but Now I knew a new high. I found speed to be very addicting. I have cured myself of that now-a-days though.

In 1986 thru 1990 I was in Iowa with the national guard. Being a weekend warrior and getting into the security field full time. At the end of 1990 I was put on orders for the Gulf war. I spent the first half of 1991 in the gulf war and supporting it. I made it back to Iowa in sept and was finally released in DEC of 1991 from the military. I will go more in depth about the gulf war tomorrow.

Try not getting bored. :)

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Post Date: 20 January 2019 - 3:56 pm / Post ID: #


KNtoran's Blog - Page 2

In third-world politics, the people with the guns call the shots. -- Unknown

Post Date: 15th Mar, 2008 - 2:40pm / Post ID: #

KNtoran's Blog Blogs Member Public

Ok I am back again I think I scared some off but who knows. :)

While I was in the desert I learned that one can feel like they are freezing to death at a comfortable 78 degrees F. I spent a lot of time doing nothing but getting a tan. We dug some nice pits into the sand out in the middle of nowhere as we where the first to get to a set up area. Yes they army always sends in a bunch of MPs to secure an area before sending in others. We even go in front of the infantry to be able to make sure they are going in the right places. I took four pictures that day when we arrived. It is very hard to tell which direction is which.

I was in charge of a squad to go into Iraq and Kuwait to get get POWs and bring them back to our prison camp that set up after we got there. I found it interesting that on a daily basis the engineers would stop us to blow up a land mine they had found. The sad thing is we had been driving over it the day before. I saw many deaths over in Kuwait and parts of Iraq. Thankfully none of my troops.

Another time I was guarding a fuel depot. Think of a bunch of super sized whoopee cushions laid around on the desert. Each bladder would hold about 2000 gallons of fuel. We had regular gas, diesel and jet fuel stored there. I was watching a patriot missile taking out a scud above us. Watching some debris coming down around us I asked the commander of the fuel farm what would happen if one of these pieces hit and punctured a bladder causing it to catch fire. He calmly told me we would all die. Either we could run and get burnt to death or die of lack of oxygen. The choice would be ours to make. Nice choices huh? Well I did not die that day. Luck was still with me or someone there.

Those are just a couple of the memories I have of that place. I hate deserts now by the way. Well should not say hate rather extremely dislike them is more accurate.

Well That is all for now. I will not be back here till next friday or sat. Hope you all do not miss me too much.

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Post Date: 24th Mar, 2008 - 3:10pm / Post ID: #

Page 2 Blog KNtorans

More about me.

I am a family man. I like my family and want the world for them. I will go out of my way to help a family member or a very close freind. My Daughters and Sons have all that I can get them. They all have a Computer to call thier own, We have a Xbox 360, A Xbox, A playstation 2 and a Nintendo 64 game station. We plan to get a Wii here soon. I have a computer nad my wife has a laptop. We live in a a modest house that sitts on .35 acres in the middle of town. I have two cats and two dogs so far. I have five vehicles in my drive, four that run. While I try to make my family comfortable in our home I let the kids know they can come and go as they please when they are adults. I want them to know that while I am not rich they are welcome under my roof at any time in their lives. They know I am a private man of sorts who takes my familys safety and my safety as very important.

I try to make sure my kids learn as they grow up that money is not everything. You do not need to have a lot of money to be happy. We go on at least one family vacation each year. This year so far we went to the Wisconsin Dells area. It is a big tourist trap up there but I found out if you go in winter they are less pricey. Going camping as a family has helped me teach my kids how to be more self reliant. You can go out and forage for wood to keep you warm. You can go down to the river or lake and catch food for dinner. You can use branches and other material to make yourself a temporay shelter to get out of the elements. All of this can help them in the future as they see life can be full of surprises.

Well that is all for now. :)

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Post Date: 25th Mar, 2008 - 3:20pm / Post ID: #

Blog KNtorans

Well I am back from vacation. OK I have been back but today is the first day I have to go back to work. So I am being lazy and lounging around before going into work. I will be taking some more time off in April but I am not going anywhere. I have to be home because my youngest son has to get his tonsils out. We made the appointment for April 11th so that whole next week is a relax at home week for me. I am hoping he has a speedy recovery and breathes easier after the surgery. We were hoping of waiting till the end of the school year but the tonsils are too big and the doctor want them out now.

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Post Date: 26th Mar, 2008 - 3:38pm / Post ID: #

KNtoran's Blog

Here I am again. Today I woke up a little earlier than usual. Well that is not entirely the case either. Lets just say I woke up before I really wanted to. I like to be able to sleep in at times it is just that my body does not always allow me to. I have trouble sleeping at night or day or afternoon. I have to face it I have trouble sleeping. THis is due in large to some of the things I have seen while in the military. There are times I can not sleep more that a hour at a time. I have been told that I speak different languages while I sleep. Yes I know how to speak Korean, English, Spanish, some Chinese,a little Japanese, a little Portugese, some French, a little German, and a little Danish. I even know a little Arabic. I have traveled a lot while I was in the military. IF you add up all my miles I would have been around the world at least twice if not three times. I am not a master of any language but I know a few and can communicate most everywhere I go.

Ok I ventured off the original topic. When I sleep I have told my wife not to wake me if I am talking in another language. The last time that happened I woke up to my ex wifes screams as I held her by the throat and was about to punch her hard. I did not realize what I was about to do. It really bothered me to wake up that way, I did apologize but she did not seem to care. But that is another story. One I may go into later. I am not a violent man toward women or kids. I will walk away from a lady who slaps, kicks, or punches me. I know if I hit back I will break something and that is something I choose not to do. I choose to vent my anger on a punching bag or brick wall. Besides a lady or child can not hurt me they are weaker.

Ok before some get offended it is scientific fact that the normal 12 year old boy is as strong as the average full grown woman. There are exceptions to that rule. I am just saying I know I am very strong. I competed in a local strong man contest. I took third place out of 15 men. If you ever see the worlds strongest men contest on ESPN or other channels that is what I competed in. They do more harder stuff nowadays than when I was in but you will get the drift. I am not weak.

Oh heck I totally lost my train of thought now. I will post again tomorrow. :)

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Post Date: 27th Mar, 2008 - 3:50pm / Post ID: #

Page 2 KNtoran's Blog

Yesterday I hit on the subject that I do not sleep well. I do not at all. Most of the time I have to remember the good times I had in all my experiences with the military. The bad stuff I do not have to remember because it revisits me a lot. The only difference is instead of the bad person they are replaced by people I hold dear to me. I am one who hold family above all else Well except God. I would do anything for any of the people I consider part of my family. I believe in the saying "Friends help you move real friends help you move bodies". I have a limited number of people who truly know me. I like it this way. I am sure all my neighbors will say he is very quiet and friendly but we do not know them very well. You know the same things you hear on the news when they find out a mass murder was living beside them all these years.

Now I am not saying I am a mass murder or anything it is I am just a quiet keep to myself more than not type of person. A reason for this is my level of trust in people. I tend not to trust anyone at all if I do not know them and thus my reason for not caring what they think of me. I know who I am and I am not going to go out of my way to prove you wrong. Many people who have become friends with me have told me that when they first met me they thought I was scary. I take that as a compliment. I do tend to scare people. The fact that I can walk through a large crowd and not get bumped into testifies to that. I create a island around myself. It is funny to my friends that they can walk behind me in relative peace and not get bumped into much.

I will end it there for now. More to come. Hope that adds to some insight of me. :)

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Post Date: 28th Mar, 2008 - 6:06pm / Post ID: #

KNtoran's Blog - Page 2

Ok I am here to either bore you or entertain you once again.

I grew up in a teachers family as the second boy. My older brother was 17 month older than me while my younger brother was 5 years younger. We moved around a lot as my dad went from one school to another moving up in the ranks of teacher pay. He drove semi trucks durning the summer just so we could have a nice home. MY dad was not around much during the summers. My younger brother had a medical issue when he was around 2. But he made a full recovery.

Growing up the way I did I learned at a early age I would not have friends. We moved to a new town and a new school every other year. There were a couple times I was at the same house for three whole years. All this changed when I was about to start High school. We moved to a new town, a small town, when I was to start 8th grade.

By this time in my life I had learned some things. I was the middle child. My older brother did not do anything wrong because he was the eldest and he knew better. My younger brother was perfect because he was still here. SO that left me. the middle child who spent most of his youth grounded to his room at most times without supper. I found it hard to live in a world that was only my bedroom. BUt that was my punishment for being born second. I let my older brother know this many times and we were determined to kill each other it seemed. Once again I was in my room because it was always me who starts fights because he is older and knows better.

Between my 8th and 9th grade I started to help a farmer on his farm just outside of town. I found out that I had a place I could escape to besides running away from home. I was gone for a whole week one time before they found me and took me back to my cell, er I mean my room. Having parents that played favorites was not a good way to grow up. But I survived and I am better because of it. This is one of the main reasons I try so hard to not show favorites with my kids. I want them to know they are all equals in my family. But they have to remember it is a dictatorship and not a democratic system. I am the dictator.

Well that is enough for now I will write more tomorrow.

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Post Date: 29th Mar, 2008 - 6:19pm / Post ID: #

KNtoran's Blog Public Member Blogs - Page 2

I do have to say that I did have some good times while growing up. Any time I was able to I was out of the house and on my skateboard or bicycle just wandering about. I found freedom out away from people and things. I found a few places where I could go and just be with nature. I would ride my bike about 14 miles to a state park that had a nice place where I could be by myself. I finally found a nice little wooded area where I made a small shelter and just relaxed for hours on end. I found a old lawn chair that I rewove, and used it to sit on and just watch time go by. I had a bird come down one day and sat next to me on the chair. I sat as still as I could. The bird hopped about a bit and ended up flying awa after about 3 minutes. I thought that was pretty neat. I ended up seeing a lot of wildlife from my little chair in the middle of the woods. To this day there is something about just relaxing out away from everyone and everything that appeals to me.

OK back to the other things. When I entered the 11th grade I thought I had it all figured out. My older brother was gone. My little brother was not following me everywhere. I did not have to fight in school anymore. I was not grounded as much. I was hoping things were turning for the better. I was wrong again. I stopped my mom from hitting me one day. Next thing I knew I was hitting the far wall. I guess my dad was behind me at that time. I picked myself up and walked back to my room. I did not have to be told I was grounded by this time. It was all good. I had a stereo and headphones. I tuned out the rest of the world. My uncle came for a visit the next week. HE is the one that got me into police work. HE was a sheriff deputy in Springfield MO. He was in the area to question a suspect. SO he had his lie detector machine with him. We had some food that disappeared and again I was the guilty party. This is a time in my life I back talked a lot. I told them that if they thought I was so guilty then hook me up and ask me while I was hooked to the lie detector. Guess what they did. I showed them that I had never lied to them. Once I was unhooked I said now get my brothers and ask them. They both refused to be hooked up. I was like YESSSS I made a point. It got me another week of grounding. Guess they did not want to be proven wrong. I told them both the day I graduate from high school I would be out of the house.

My graduation day was on mothers day. That night I was on a bus south. I moved to Arkansas. I lived with my grandparents for about three weeks. I entered college that June. I found many things there. One of them was one of my best friends to this day. We have a great bond. I also found out more about nature. I climbed the mountains down there in the Ozarks. I free climbed cliffs. I had a very good attitude because I was free from my parents. I guess I was too free. I dropped out of college with 20 credit hours. I joined the military. Once in there I was able to work out to my hearts content. Plus they paid me to play in the woods. I got to the point where I could walk away and come back unnoticed. I was told that they were going to hang a bell on me so they knew as the put it "Where the hell I was" because I frightened them. It was during my military that I learned I was bigger than most people. Not height wise People acted differently when I was around. I talked softly and I was listened to. It was great for my Ego. Gave me a swelled head at times too. But I now had a good firm grasp on who I was. Granted it took some bad things to help lead me there but I am who I am today because of all of this.

Yeah there is some things I have left out. But you can get the general idea of who I am now. I still see my parents. I live less than one mile from them. I saw them back in February. I average seeing my dad about once a month. My mom about 3 or 4 times a year.

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