Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Trinidad Tobago Politics - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 18th Apr, 2017 - 11:06pm

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Best of  Trinidad & Tobago Politics Government Politically motivated actions Reviewed
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Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Trinidad & Tobago Government, Politics

What do you think about the service level outputted by Trinidad & Tobago Government, Politics?

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics

When there are two conflicting versions of the story, the wise course is to believe the one in which people appear at their worst. --H. Allen Smith

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Although most governments are going ahead in a positive way I am concerned about the amount of money spent to get there. The amount of money spent is not 'seen' by just fixing some infrastructure especially in areas where there is no infrastructure to fix.

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Politics Tobago and Trinidad

Specific Threads about Politics in Trinidad & Tobago can be seen here: T&T Politics.

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Politics Tobago and Trinidad

Name: George

Title: The Budget cuts

Comments: It looks like the government is heading in the right direction where monetary cut- backs are concerned. The reduction in the expenditures of the President and the Chief justice is a good sign. It is about time these two men living the lives of Riley be placed among the inadequate contributors to our society. The president has contributed nothing of interest to our nation or our ordinary citizens,and the Chief justice has failed to hasten the dealings with a multitude of burdensome amounts of criminal cases on the books neither has he had any effect on putting right our corrupt justice system or our galloping crime rate. He has stood aside and watched the politicians from the two main streams of our politics battle in an attempt to reinstate the death penalty without saying a dickie bird. In the meantime, our innocent civilians continue to be slaughtered daily at an alarming rate. In the interest of this nation, the question is do we really need these individuals of status as part and parcel of our constitution. In my opinion, the President position should be abolished and the Chief justice should be replaced .His position should be subject to an election of a new Chief justice every three years.This would avoid personal familiarization with politicians and other senior members of the legal profession.

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Name: George

Title: Mental test for police recruits and politicians

Comments: The intended mental test suggested by Mr Dillon in respect of new police recruits should now be also applied to candidates seeking to become politicians here.Moreover, it should also be applied to many of our now serving politicians who do not meet the criteria of what is expected from politicians. The impression given here, is that most of our past and present brigade of politicians have no real personal pride or political ambition. They are only in politics for the money it offers and the opportunity to become overnight millionaires. Not one of of politicians since our independence bar one the late Eric Williams has been recognized as a true statesman in the eyes of the outsider .Almost all our other leaders have left their political career with black clouds hanging over their heads. Whilst in positions of political authority they seem to wallow in the access to Treasury funds, which they either squander on are unable to account for its disappearance.All this missing money is at the expense of the ordinary citizens who appears to be blindfolded. Laventille has set the example of other districts now on par with this district as a recruiting ground for local criminals and deprivation are good example of this nation's decline especially bearing in mind that Laventille is a stronghold of one of our leading political parties..and the trillions of dollars having past through their hands over the last five decades Other examples are the failure to enhance the living conditions of our ordinary citizens or improve the environment or the needs of welfare and other essential amenities which are now noticeable by the galloping rate of poverty,and neglect to our destroyed roads,lack of recreation facilities and good drinking water in many of our districts. Who benefits from building new roads that offers massive 'kick backs' here? .Only politicians and building contractors be it foreign or local. What is the point of building new roads using cheap materials and unskilled labour that offers long lasting maintenance contracts. Just look around you, and see the state of our roads. Look at the our capital Port of Spain, a capital falling apart,where is the patriotic pride of our politicians in trying to raise the status of this nation?. Furthermore,politicians here have handed the responsibility for the control of crime lock, stock and barrel to a police force, thus allowing them now to become a law unto themselves. Yes politicians have wiped their hand clean of the crime scenario but keep offering useless lip service. They continue to be at loggerheads with the opposition and cannot agree to reinstating the death penalty. The only deterrent now left to halt the flow of the daily murders of our innocent citizens. No, I am afraid that most of our current politicians do need a mental test in order to continue as politicians governing this nation,otherwise we can all look forward to a worsen situation by having to endure more of the same for decades to come.

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Name: George

Title: Election time?

Comments: Although I am not a supporter of the UNC, I agree with Mr Moonilal that a general election should be called now. The government has so far failed the stem the flow of murders,kidnappings, serious crimes and the expansion of galloping general lawlessness here since they came to power. They have no crime plan, no control over TTPS who has become a law onto themselves. The government has handed full control of our crime scenario lock, stock,and barrel to the judiciary and police who seem interested in the protection only of the upper classes here. You don't hear anyone from this group being murdered,or even being imprisoned for committing their favorite crime that of corruption. The government has even failed to call a State of Emergency or restore the death penalty and commence hangings here to save the lives of more innocent citizens being slaughtered. The National Minister for Security has now turned to issuing untrue statements in respect of crime here in order to deter the anxiety of our citizens.This is evident by his latest apology to the electorate about his recent statement made with regards to crime during the carnival period. This pattern of misleading statements by politicians and others in authority here have become noticeable by many ordinary citizens which have played a part in leading many to believe that the government and some of its officials are no longer able or fit to govern the nation with honesty and the dignity expected of their elected representatives. I really don't think that it could get worse than that. Well its now obvious that the Minister of National Security and his political colleagues haven't got a clue about what to do to halt our spiraling murder rate. The politicians within the PNM appear to be lacking in morals and compassion. They seem within the role of politics to be only interested in money matters. The country is falling apart and these guys have continue to live the lives of Riley at the expense of the public, including the daily slaughter of more of our citizens. I really do not see how they could stay in power for much longer by perpetually turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the calls by the majority of citizens to restore the death penalty or do something meaningful to stem the flow of our murder rate. They are lucky to be still in power bearing in mind the continuous and present escalating evils of this island and doing nothing whatsoever to stop the situation from worsening. The government has even failed to call a State of Emergency or restore the death penalty and commence hangings here in order to prevent more innocent citizens being slaughtered. The politicians within the PNM appear to immune to what is taking place here, and lacking in morals and compassion. They seem within the role of politics to be only interested in money matters. The country is falling apart and these guys have continue to live the lives of Riley at the expense of the public including the daily slaughter on more of our citizens. I really do not see how they could stay in power for much longer by ignoring the present and growing crime situation and the demands of the public to act by doing something meaningful to on this island to stop the situation from becoming uncontrollable, which in the end could lead to internal unrest.

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics

Name: George

Title: A nation corrupt to its core

Comments: I refer to the article in today's edition of the Newsday entitle 'Opposition not perfect either'. Its now quite clear that after over 50years of independence that almost all of our politicians are to eager to dabble in corruption by using underhand methods to feather their own nest.This has come about because of the initial adverse procedures and techniques applied by the pioneers of our politics which has been adapted by other political parties here. It is simple what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. This mentality is made easy to apply here because of the easy access to money via our oil and gas resources. Today despite of all the signs of depletion of our oil and gas resources there is not one good sign of diversification despite all the promises and lip service offered by politicians. Politicians here are still willing to spend all our present treasury funds in encouraging the oil and gas companies to search for more oil and gas .May I remind you that they are not doing all this searching and drilling for oil and gas for free, not without upfront payment. Here politicians have stood by and watch our agricultural potential fall apart and have assisted in the eradication other good and possible profitable industries all for the sake of the profits from oil and gas. Profits which have been squandered,stolen or simply disappeared and cannot be accounted for by our politicians. The results has become noticeable by the creation of many corrupt overnight millionaires. Looking at the state of the nation it is no better that when we were a colony. At least then there was respect for each other and our people had ambition of honest progress and had good morals and showed compassion. The adverse manipulation of the wealth gained for our oil and gas resources has turned the nation and its people into natives with an attitude of ferocious acute personal greed even if it means killing their fellow men in the process to become rich overnight. We are now classified as a haven for criminal some coming here from all over the globe. Any honest minded citizen joining the brigade of politicians here soon become part of the crooked set up within our politics. It is simple a matter of do as we do or resign. Looking at the past record the clear impression given is that our politicians and their band of so-call loyal civil servants,and other heads of government departments such as the police, dabble in all forms of anti political adverse procedures. They are seen to be involved in practically all forms of corruption,such a cronyism, bribery,nepotism.embezzlement, patronage, influence peddling and in some case hidden extortion. This is generated by the lack of accountability and transparency which is past on for one administration to the other on successive elections.There has been continuous talk about getting us back on the right track. However this now seems an impossible and a mountainous task as the evils of our society is now embedded into the souls of almost all of our citizens. Each and every one of those mind set individuals seeking to become wealthy by hook or crook. The only way out of our predicament is to hand this nation back to the UK or dismantle our so-called political system, replacing especially the police and the justice systems.,and distributing important positions of government authority to citizens on an equal racial basis.Without doing so our future is already seen by what we now experience and accepted. A nation corrupt to its core.

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Trinidad & Tobago Politics Trinidad & Tobago / Caribbean

On TV6 News they were talking about the government's plans to run with Manning past vision for first world status for Trinidad and Tobago. Dreaming! Now they want to have it set at 2030. They cannot get the most BASIC things right in this place and they want first world status as a title so they can be the 'Europe' of the Caribbean?

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