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T&T War On Crime
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Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem - Page 13

Name: George

Title: The pot calling the kettle black

Comments: Everything here is now upside- down. The country is in the biggest mess it has ever been in. This is reflected in the latest event including Mr West and his obvious enemy Mr Michael Seales. It is a situation where the pot is calling the kettle black, ie a situation in which one person criticizes another for the fault they have themselves. I remember not long ago reading the following:- ' Police Inspector Michael Seales is now under investigation for claiming that the government was attempting to provoke the police, so that a State of Emergency would be declared in order to delay the general election. The Police Service says Seales has been suspended immediately from duty.' The problem here is, we just can no longer distinguish right from wrong and as I have said many times before certain individuals are protected by our police, politicians, and the judiciary by implementing one law for one sector of our population and another for the other. It is just the illogical reasoning, spitefulness and mentality of those in positions of authority on this island and it seems that nothing can be done about it.

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Problem Crime Tobagos and Trinidad

Name: George

Title: Dealing with crime here

Comments: I really cannot understand what is going on it this nation with regards to dealing effectively with crime and criminals. Our law enforcement officers are not making any headway in solving crimes or detaining criminals. The criminals are on a galloping rampage here. We have so much crime and general lawlessness it is becoming difficult for citizens to even remember what crime took place a week ago. We have a fireworks problem, an arson problem as the new trend now by local criminals is the set fire to premises then rob them of their contents. We have the daily occurrences of personal spitefulness between citizens which leads to more crime. Murders, kidnappings and an overall increase of living in fear because of general lawlessness whether it be drivers breaking the law, of ordinary pedestrians being attacked or assaulted whilst going about their normal business. This nation has now become a country not suitable for habitation by civilized and decent human beings, as it seems to be taken over and controlled by savages. As for the governance of the nation by our elected representatives, they may not be here at all. Yes, they say a lot, but do nothing .They have simply run out of ideas of how to deal with our lawless scenario. They have abandoned any plan to deal with our crime problems and have passed the buck to the local police lock, stock, and barrel who have already become a law onto themselves. They have now adopted the same principle as the politicians of playing a wait and see game, hoping that things might change in their favor. We are a nation falling to pieces with no one is trying to pick up the pieces, or showing any inclination of fixing anything, bearing in mind the promises made by our politicians and the police. There seems to be no respect of civic duty by our elected representatives.We are on our own, and must now deal with matters as we see fit. If nothing is done soon to halt the decay then 2017 could be the year that may hasten the politicians to wake up to what is really going on here, with regards to high -class corruption and low- class criminal activities which is driving this nation to the breaking point. Then they may, at last, do something meaningful and constructive about our plight A good start would be to restore the death penalty.

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Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Name: Harry

Comments: re our development and crime situation in paradise Trinidad and Tobago as Dr. Eric Williams said it.
Basdeo Panday promised to weed out the corrupted police from the force if his party win in 1986 except there was more corruption in his government instead.

When the Trinidadians decided to march and be vigilant PM then despise them and said if you want to catch a thief then you have to put a thief to catch a thief, nice to say or to write but will not work in practice.
When Kamla Persad Biessesar was asked about crime in tnt she replied that the crime in tnt was crime of passion.
If those two bad brothers in Caroni Rafeek and Joe Phoolul was pushed to the point to commit suicide, Abdul Malick, hanged, Boysie Singh, Boland Ramkissoon, and Dalip Singh hanged, in those days the police men were riding 3 speed bicycle and armed with only a piece of wood, a bateau which every body say police bootoo. Why has murders gone so high since Eric days. Is the corruption starting in the government and trickling down and the hard working citizens have too pay buy getting a bullet, is our law allowing criminals to be protected, how about Lawerence Maharaj telling the criminals sell your house, borrow money, prostitute your wife, mother sister, daughter and I will bribe the magistrate and you will win the case, No foreign crime expert cannot help with crime in tnt. If our govt is local, our law is local, our police service is local, our criminals are local and our NATIONAL ANTHEM SAYS EVERY CREED AND RACE FIND AN EQUAL PLACE, then we have the knowledge to fight the criminals and put them where they belong just like magistrate ALGERNON JACK did, he clearly told the criminals, when you come to my court is not JACK AND JILL IS JACK AND JAIL.

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Page 13 Problem Crime Tobagos and Trinidad

Name: George

Title: protection of the corrupt here

Comments: Yes, one of the main reasons for the development and of the expansion of serious crimes here in the last five decades including murders kidnappings, and other serious crime is corruption. This was generated and accelerated here by our political pioneers after our independence.

Politicians here found it easy to feather their own nest from Treasury funds. Subsequent governments polished and improved the techniques in the art of corruption. The politicians of the PNM and their loyal brigade of Civil Servants and other associates became, and are still the masterminds of political corruption on this island.

They having spent more time in the corridors of power and thus, having had more time to improve the methods used in stealing and squandering public funds. They added certain attachments to the techniques such as 'kick -backs' which is now the key aspect of the art of political corruption here.

The techniques and opportunity for corruption within our political system became part and parcel of our politics here, and all other political parties accepted and have indulged in the business of corruption. They too have added miscellaneous other aspects to the art of this crime.
The newly found art of corruption was later spread to the police, the civil service, individuals in positions of authority, businessmen, and lawyers. Today every Tom Dick and Harry is at it.

It is now a quick way to becoming an overnight millionaire. It is now running equal to murders and kidnapping as the leaders in our crime scenario, but because of the underhand and hidden aspects used in implementing this form of crime, it is not as prevalent in the murders and kidnappings.

Over the years several politicians and other have been caught dipping their fingers into the till from jumping on the bandwagon of corruption.

We are now labeled as a leading nation of corruption in the Caribbean and to some extent worldwide because one or two of our well- known citizens became involved in international corruption scandals.

The situation is even made worse by the sort of Mafia cartel of protectors that exist here, that prevents those caught and proven guilty offenders of this crime from ending up behind bars.and are allowed to walk free being defended and personally assisted by the helping hands of our corrupt and bent lawyers.

This is reflected by the fact that although all the caught corrupt citizens here were of status, not one has paid the deserved retribution for their crimes.

In the long run, corruption with its association to most serious crimes here will be the main cause of the downfall of this nation. Mark my word, for despite the decades of lip service offered by politicians of different administrations to stop this crime on this island, it still stands hidden to some extent, but is the pinnacle and the main generator of serious crimes here.

Source: Personal observation.

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Problem Crime Tobagos and Trinidad

Name: George

Title: Aiding the prevention of crime here

Comments: Well here we are in 2017, and despite a strike looming. I hope our politicians especially those in the corridors of power come to their senses and introduced the draconian measures that are urgently needed to stem the flow of murders, corruption and other serious crimes here. Let us hope they do something meaningful to halt the spread of crime, terrorism and expanding lawlessness on this island. They could for instance start with the introduction of the restoration of the death penalty and at the same time start hanging all those murderers already convicted for murders who are hiding behind the iron curtain of the Privy Council's legally enforced protection.

They could also now bring to justice, and name and shame the leaders and members of our local Muslim fanatical movement now that they have the names of the leaders and members of this fanatical local movement. They could too, start an immediate process of reforming our justice system and stop the implementation of one law for the rich and another for the poor. Generally speaking, they could do a lot more to stop the rise of poverty in this nation.

They must stop the habit of asking the public to tighten their belts, when they at the same time, are making announcements of spending a massive sum of public money on projects of grandeur. They also could deal severely with those caught in the act of corruption by applying the correct retribution they deserve. Most of all they should now stop the habit of public wrangling and seek combined methods of integrating the main races of this nation by the introduction of a Race Relation Act in order to deter racial discrimination and inequality on this island.

Finally, they should, take full control of the police and security system of the nation and act immediately to reform the police system.They must stop supporting the police in making untrue statements of local crime statistics and stop the monthly announcements by the police that crime has fallen.when in fact it hasn't. These false statements only assist the public in the belief that the police and those in the corridors of power are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. They urgently need to consult overseas crime experts in drawing up a rigid and workable crime plan which could be applied here now. I am certain that if our politicians from both sides of the fence really cared about our citizens they could successfully achieve most of the measures mentioned above in the period of one 5 year term in office, thus gaining much respect and admiration from a large majority of our population.

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Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem

Name: George

Title: Annual rate of murders

Comments: It was reported earlier today, the third day of the new year, that the amount of murders carried out in Jamacia was eleven. Please bear in mind that we still have several hours to go before the day ends, so this figure may even be more. The annual rate of murders there last year was 1350. Jamaica has a population of two million eight hundred citizens.We have a population of around one million three hundred citizens. In comparing the annual murder rate here with that of Jamacia's we are in the lead. There is, however, a glimmer of hope for our nation, so far for 2017 there has only been one reported murder on this island. If this trend continues 2017 could see an annual rate of fewer murders than that for the past few years. Now this hopeful prospect should in no way deter the politicians on this island from doing the two main things that are urgently needed to stem the flow of murders here.They should go ahead with the restoration of the death penalty, and get help from outside criminal experts in drawing up an effective crime plan that will be effective here The sooner the better.

Source: Caribbean 360/Personal observation.

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Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem - Page 13

Name: George

Title: Crime statistics

Comments: You have to laugh at the contents of the statement made by ASP Micheal Pierre, the public affairs officer of TTPS as reported in the Newsday newspaper this morning,although it is not funny at all. In which he says that in comparison with the 2015 figures on crime that in 2016 there was very little difference. This guy is a joke. It would appear in his eyes the slaughter of 53 more citizens in 2016 does not count as an important aspect when considering the serious crimes committed here in 2016 in comparison to those committed in 2015. Moreover, in comparing the figures for kidnapping in the two statements made below one by Mr Dillon on crimes committed here in 2015 and the latest report by Mr Pierre on crimes committed here in 2016 .It would appear that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing with regards to statistical reports especially in relation to kidnappings. In Mr Dillion's report he says that there were 98 kidnappings in 2015 whereas in Mr Pierre's report he says that there were 106 kidnappings. Most surprising is that Mr Pierre says that the were 72 kidnapping in 2016. I could only remember reading reports in the local press concerning about only four kidnappings here in 2016. The strange thing about this kidnapping business here,is that it would appear that our professional kidnappers are still just kidnapping citizens here for the fun of it, not for ransoms as is the usual case, since there were no reports of kidnappings for ransom by the police in their 2016 stats. In my opinion one should take the police statistics with a pinch of salt, and I believe that kidnapping is still a leading criminal money making business on this island, and is still undertaken and operated by the person or persons who started this trend decades ago. I believe that the threat of death to kidnapped victims are now being used prevent the public reporting of kidnappings here,and that this is supported by senior police officers and other government officials.There just can't be any other logical explanation. I have got the impression that some senior police officers,some politicians, and other government officials are well aware of who the leader of the kidnapping business is on this island, and is still protecting the culprit,and that is why the official police stats reports keeps omitting kidnappings for the monthly statistical reports on crime. After all kidnapping is a crime that should be reported.just as other crimes. [..]

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Trinidad & Tobago's Crime Problem Trinidad & Tobago / Caribbean - Page 13

Name: George

Comments: Yes, it is me, I am back. I just can't resist making more comments about all this ado about the recent conference being held which included Mr Dillon the AG and Mr Williams. Look, man, all that was said is all repeated thrash. We have heard practically all of it before, All they have said is what we already know, and their intentions to spend more money. It just a lot of nonsense. These men are thick and have lost their way, they haven't a clue. It all amounts to the blind leading the blind.They really believe that spending more money by meeting the police demands are going to resolve our crime problems.They still haven't got the message that this does not work here, despite the fact it is already costing the nation and arm and a leg. They are failing to take the bull by the horn by restoring the death penalty and start hanging convicted killers. As for Mr Williams stepping down, that is most unlikely to happen asTTPS has become a law unto themselves. There is actually no one to replace him.. Mr Williams does exactly as he is told to do, and meets the requirements of his masters. That is why he is still at the helm.He has till not gained any merit to be worthy od substantive rank. He has no individual say,or sustained leadership qualities. His statements are well prepared by his masters before he appears in the limelight to utter his regular repeated statements about how well the police are doing and that crime has fallen. Nothing is ever likely to change here regarding the daily rate of murders unless we have an effective deterrent or ask for outside help.Putting killers behind bars here for life has made absolutely no difference whatsoever to the annual murder rate. The criminals now have the upper-hand are running this nation.At present crime pays here, and Trinidad has become a haven for criminals. All we have to wait for now, and it is already happening for the police to join the criminal bandwagon in toto. Perhaps the politicians too may decide to also join the criminal brigade. Anyway, with things as they are, we could again look forward to more or less the same rate on annual murders for 2017.Just to remind our policemen.The killers must be caught in the first place in order for the police to claim any success in deterring the daily slaughtering of our citizens.

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