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Only Players who have created approved Characters can Post here. The main game is also updated here. Falrun is your Dungeon Master.
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Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG

The Watcher from the Aether says...

This Thread is for Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Role Playing Game. This is where the actions and responses will be posted once the game is ready to begin.

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* Caves of Chaos (74kb).

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Post Date: 12th Jul, 2015 - 7:11pm / Post ID: #
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RPG Dragons and Dungeons Edition nd Falruns

The Watcher from the Aether says...

Bookkeeping: I am going to try to post at least once every 24 hours to keep the game moving along. I'll try to never let it go later than 48 hours. If everybody hasn't replied by the time I'm ready to post their character's action will be controlled by myself or they will remain action-less for that post.

The story thus far (Condensed version): Gervase has discovered in his research that one of the lost chapters of the Liber Feymarn is reputed to have been placed into the alter of an evil sect in the southwestern territory of the Yeomanry.

Grevase shared this information with his long-time friend Oberon who works as a blacksmith and does frequent business with Grevase's family. Oberon agrees to accompany Grevase in his search since he recently was asked by his clan to deliver a consignment to Kendall Keep, which is in the Southwest corner of the Yeomanry and seems as good as anywhere to start looking for the lost chapter.

As they are preparing to take the shipment to Kendall Keep, they are approached by Yousiem, who asks to travel with them. Yousiem has learned that his mother was sold to some slavers who were also heading to Kendall Keep.

Agreeing to take Yousiem along, they set out with Bamber, a senior member of the blacksmith guild for whom Oberon learned his trade and now works. Bamber's responsibilities are to drive the wagon carrying the consignment of weapons to the Keep, complete the transaction when he arrives at the Keep, and to return the wagon to Longspear, with or without Grevase, Oberon, and Yousiem.

It's a long and uneventful journey of about three weeks for the party to make it to Kendall Keep. The journey takes them across most of the Yeomanry giving them the opportunity to share tales and learn about each others skills and abilities.

Early on the final day of the journey, the party is within six miles of the Keep, close enough that they can almost smell the fires from the tavern and the Keep's kitchen.

Their thoughts of soft beds, hot meals, and strong drink are melted away as you round a bend in the road and see a short halfling standing in the road, blocking your progress. The horses, not trained for war, pull up 10 feet from the halfling who calls out, "Kind merchants, I would make the standard offer of 'your goods or your life', but I find that I have not use for your lives as they lose value once you have given them up. I would rather just get your goods. And, don't worry, I'm not alone which you soon shall see should you not take me seriously."

You can tell from where you are that this is a lightly wooded area. There are trees and shrubs every five to ten feet, starting about ten feet from the road. You can't see anybody else, but your heightened senses tell you that he's not alone, even though you can't see anybody else.


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Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG
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Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

Yousiem quickly and slowly exit the wagon from the back, garbs a rock on the ground and throw it over and behind the halfling. If the hafling turns, he will silently run into the wood and hide. If not, he will wait to see what the other do. In the wood, he will scan it to see any other people.

Out of Character: : tell me if these roll are correct and/or if you want more/other. Also, I don't have my thief skills yet as I am not finished with my skills. Assume the base

1st roll: moving out silently of the wagon
2nd roll throw the stone above halfing
3rd roll: move silently into the wood

Post Date: 12th Jul, 2015 - 11:45pm / Post ID: #

Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG
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RPG Dragons and Dungeons Edition nd Falruns

In Character: "Good Sir, you've been most honest and direct with us, let me return the complement." Gervase stands and throws him his beltpouch - more copper than silver, and very few gold - total less than 7gp). Look at these patched, exhausted clothes. Look at my dwarf-friend's bright red skin. Look at the stringy horses, long-in-the-tooth. Are these the trappings of wealthy merchants? We are but poor freight handlers. You could take our wares but they would cost you heavy hauling for little profit. Do you want to become as poor as us?"
Gervase offers a silent prayer to Hieroneous for failing his ideals so miserably.
Instead share wine and a meal with us and tell us how such a bright-looking fellow comes to be holding up hauliers on this Gods-forsaken road. By the look in your eye you can tell a good story or two over a shared flask of Furyondy Red;"
Specific Action: Gervase tries to work the typical halfling traits of love of story-telling, food and drink to make friends with him, spare their stock (Without a fight) and learn more.
Gervase has a +2 Charisma reaction bonus, but I can't remember reaction rolls in 2nd ed (2d10?) so I'll include various options, you choose the right roll, if I need it.

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RPG Dragons and Dungeons Edition nd Falruns

Ignoble says...

Oberon snorts at his friends actions, and the halfling's size. "I doubt he could lift one of the halberds we are shipping, let alone run away with it. Even with his friends the only way they will haul the weapons if they take the wagon, and to take the wagon the will have to kill us. I'm not sure we can stop you, but I'm sure my axe", he unlumbers it from his back to show its finely honed edge to the halfling, "Can cut you in half before your friends have succeeded."

His axe in hand, he prepares to make good on his threat if things turn that way.

Post Date: 13th Jul, 2015 - 3:28pm / Post ID: #
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Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG

The Watcher from the Aether says...

Although Yousiem's aim was true and throw was good, the handling doesn't seem to be phased by any noises he hears around him. As such, Yousiem's holds his ground by the wagon, not taking the chance of being seen darting into the woods.

The halfling smiles at Grevase's offer and politely responds, "I may take you up on your offer some other time but for now I'm going to have to insist on you giving up your wares. My time is short, so I'll give you till he count of three."

The halfling takes a breath and as he utters "One..." Bambur in one smooth motion pulls out a hand axe from his belt and throws it at the halfling with a shout of, "darn BANDITS!"

On reflex the halfling tries ducking the axe but badly miss-judges the trajectory. He ends up ducking into the throw. His body crumples to the ground with the axe buried in the top of his head, almost cleaving it in two.

At that point you become aware of four others, two on each side of the wagon, as four arrows streak out at Bambur. Three of them bounce harmlessly off of his fine dwarven chain mail, but the fourth catches him in an unprotected spot between his neck and shoulder. Bambur howls with rage but does not appear to be badly wounded by the arrow.

Post Date: 13th Jul, 2015 - 3:53pm / Post ID: #

Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG
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Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG

Yousiem starts casting Audible Glamer and aims it in the forest behind the two man on the left side of the wagon. He make the noise of four man running from the forest towards the road while yelling. He will then use the distraction to run into the wood and position/hide himself behind the two man

Post Date: 13th Jul, 2015 - 4:11pm / Post ID: #

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Falrun's 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG

Ignoble says...

Oberon hops down from the wagon, settling his shield on his arm as he closes with the nearest bandit to him swinging if he can get close enough.

Ilthin Results:
  • To hit on D20 (+0): 20 (1 roll)

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