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Discuss  Don' t Break New Player' s Enthusiasm
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Don't Break A New Player's Enthusiasm - Page 5

You know that saying the customer is always right? Kind of applies in gaming too. Treat us good if we play your game because there are thousands of others out there that we can switch to in a second!

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Don't Break A New Player's Enthusiasm - Page 5

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Don't Break A New Player's Enthusiasm
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Don't Break A New Player's Enthusiasm Reviews RPG & Card Board

I do not abide well [with the] saying of the customer is always right. If they are not right then I tell them. If they go elsewhere then so be it. Rules are there that clearly spells out what is expected.

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Page 5 Enthusiasm Players New Break Dont

I can sort of see both sides here being a new player myself who just had to create his second character after only playing the game for 24 hours… because I died 7 times by level 3..

Yes there are rules, yes one should be patient when reading those rules, and diligent when following them. However, one must not forget that at the end of the day people play Role-playing Game's because they want to be (At least mentally) adventurers. As an adventurer you can't be afraid to take a step forward just because there might be some danger. You boldly take action when you think you should and try your best to deal with the consequences when they happen.

As a new player to this game, no matter how much the initial welcome paragraphs try to caution you and tell you to tread lightly, this is not some stealth game, it's a fantasy themed role playing game based on Dungeons & Dragons. Ofcourse many of us are going to STILL go and attempt to explore our adventurous imaginations.

The problem I see is that when we do, not only are the consequences "In game" extremely harsh, but also when you bring this up in forums all anyone tells you is "Why didn't you pay attention to the rules or advisor" and this kind of response is really not helpful. Anyone who plays Dungeons & Dragons at all is already not some normal no imagination non-reading individual, such main stream people would never be attracted to these kinds of games. You aren't talking to normies here, you are talking to hardcore nerds who are just as interested in new experiences as the next guy. It would be nice if people didn't try to make you feel like an idiot just for not playing the game the precise way that's prescribed. Who ever plays a game the precise way it's fed to you anyways? Again, when you come into this kind of game you sincerely expect that you'll be able to completely be the kind of adventurer you want to be, in reality every corner you turn down in this game might kill you and you know what, it takes some deaths to really understand how different this game is.

So instead of making people feel stupid, you could always just mention that this is a normal process in this game that many others have also experienced and provide some positive advice that doesn't make the player want to rage quit. That's my 2 cents. If I had to summarize my understanding of this game now on my second character. I wouldn't really say the game is stupidly hard, rather as someone who has played Baldurs Gate on PC (Where you literally can party wipe from fighting the very first monster you run into at level 1), this game feels like I'm playing that game but without a party. When I think of this as basically Dungeons & Dragons being played where the situations you get put in are obviously meant for entire parties to deal with (Or they would be in Dungeons & Dragons ) but in this game you will deal with those kinds of situations by yourself. And that makes this feel like a super hard version of Dungeons & Dragons that I've never played before. No type of cautionary introduction will prepare you for it. You just gotta find out by playing and then pick yourself up when you destroy yourself and try things differently *laugh*.

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Enthusiasm Players New Break Dont

Constructive feedback, however I think you are mixing your experience in ROK II with the other Role-playing Games here that this Thread covers. This Thread is about Members who have to create a character for a Member managed Role-playing Game, be accepted into their group and then play. The main problem was the serious lack of communication between the new Player and those current in the game. Thus, this was another Thread to encourage Dungeon Masters / Game Masters / Players to understand that they are part of a Community. Therefore, when a Player joins their game, the way they react to it reflects on the Community.

This will not matter anymore because we are phasing out inviting or having Members being Dungeon Masters / Game Masters running games in their format. There will be just one system of play that does not focus on them but on the game itself. Yes, people will be given the opportunity to run games in the future but it will be done in a way that is accepting, open and easy to implement. Additionally, should a Player not find a current game not fulfilling their needs they can opt out of the game into another or back to the solo system with a few clicks.

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