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Thomaslee's Ponyfinder Campaign Review

Ponyfinder: Age of Adventure

Go here to start: Thomaslee's Ponyfinder Role-playing Game Rules, Create Character

Equestria is a land of magic, joined by the allied Crystal Empire in more recent history, a nation built upon the principles of Harmony, Unity, and Friendship. Where ponies and other races may join together for a common cause, bringing about grand cities and close-knit towns. Where ponies may discover their destiny and pursue their dreams, show by a cutiemark that guides their lives. Following the three Divine Lights that are the holy sisters Celestia and Luna, joined by the crystal princess Cadance.

Yet this land is also a place of danger and uncertainty, with a long past where legends and folklore can prove true with the appearance of many threats long forgotten. Also, not all believe in the ideals taught by the Divine Lights, that of Harmony and Friendship, selfishly following their own path without concern for others. With power to be gained and ancient secrets discovered not all is as it seems. Celestia’s divine Light hiding many things over the millennium she ruled alone as well as time before with her beloved sister. The Times of Discord, that of Eternal Night’s Fall, the Tyranny of the Shadow King, this and more that have revealed themselves to but a few.

Now, with such examples as the Paragons of Harmony and heroes older still record in lore, adventurers and others have come forth in to find adventure and fortune. To gain fame or infamy, uncover knowledge and lost artifacts of the past, to fight monsters and villains that others would tremble in fear at.

Will you follow the call? That of adventure in an age where friendship is taught yet darkness and regrets can be found, of dangers and monsters, secrets and mysteries. So much can be found for the curious and strong of heart, the timid and the brash, the elegant and the hardworking.


This campaign with be using the Pathfinder Roleplaying System alongside the Ponyfinder Campaign Setting, another book that will play a major role are Spheres of Power. All other books allowed and available are listed below. One note though is that while I am using many of the mechanics of the Ponyfinder Campaign Setting, the campaign itself will be set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as such a general knowledge of the show is encouraged.

In this campaign players will be able to play as ponies such as earth ponies, pegasus, unicorns, and crystal ponies along with the likes of griffens and zebras. More exotic races such as purrsian, sun ponies, sea ponies, changelings, flutterponies, and even deer will also be available. All pony races have what are called cutiemarks, which are symbols emblazoned on their flanks and are a visual representation of their special talent and even destiny. In this setting less emphasis will be placed on combat, violence, and killing whatever is before the party with instead more focus on exploration and coming up with more diplomatic or non-violent solutions to challenges faced.

Step 1 – Determine Ability Scores
Players may decide which of the three methods will be used,
The Focus and Foible Method (Modified): Choose a Focus, an ability score at which you excel. You receive an 18 in that score. Choose a Foible, an ability score that is your weakness. You receive an 8 in that score. The other four, roll 1d10+7 four times in order. There are no rerolls, though you may decide where the rolls go. These are your other four scores.
Other Methods: Roll 4d6, reroll 1s and 2s once or 5d6, reroll 1s once and drop the lowest. These are you stats, though you may decide where the rolls go.

Step 2 – Pick Your Race
Only Ponyfinder races from Silver Games LLC are permitted. There are certain races that will be more difficult to play in this campaign or rarer in a given area, so discussion may be required. Dungeon Master reserves the right to deny certain choices from players. I will provide race information for player use.
It is possible for certain races such as the kitsune or dampir be picked if discussed, with some refluffing and a few modifications though such a choice by players can only be chosen once. Having a party made up of such races would defeat the purpose of playing a Ponyfinder Campaign.

Step 3 – Pick Your Class
All Core, Base, and Hybrid classes, as well as Archetypes are permitted except for the Alchemist, for reasons detailed later*. Unchained replaces monk, summoner, barbarian, and rogue with 3rd party alterations involving such in effect as well. For example Everyman Unchained: Monk Archetypes I & II allowing players to take Monk archetypes using Unchained Monk. If such is desired ask and I will provide such information. Otherwise use, for information involving classes.

Step 4 – Pick Your Equipment
A player is not allowed to spend more than half of their character's total wealth on any single item. For a balanced approach, PCs should consider spending no more than 25% of their wealth on weapons, 25% on armor and protective devices, 25% on other magic items, 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands, and 10% on ordinary gear and coins. Different character types might spend their wealth differently than these percentages above, such as arcane casters might spend very little on weapons but a great deal more on other magic items and disposable items.

*All spellcasting as it was will be eliminated and replaced with the Spheres system through the appropriate archetypes from the Spheres of Power books, at least as far as PCs and NPCs are concerned.
Monsters may be a bit of a challenge but I will deal with that as it comes, magic weapons and equipment may likely also see change. Again I will deal with that as it comes.

Lastly, as there is yet no 'Alchemy' related Sphere or an Archetype that could allow for it, the Alchemist will be completely unavailable in this campaign. The Investigator will still be available by way of a custom archetype put together by myself in which the class is given access to spheres instead of alchemy, becoming a Mid-Caster.

Sadly, there is no current support for the new Occult Adventures so this too cannot be allowed in the campaign.

I will also be using a homebrewed resource put together for Prestige Classes being converted to Spheres of Power, which will allowing for much more attractive multiclassing potentially.

All information involving such will be provided though Prestige Classes will only be provided On Request.

All Books That Will be Used/Allowed in this Campaign
If you are interested in learning more about some of the books below, or would like information from them you may request such and I will help you get what is asked from them. Also will provide most of what you need from Paizo proper.
Paizo: Advanced Player's Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Campaign, Weapon Master's Handbook
Silver Games LLC: Ponyfinder Campaign Setting, Ponyfinder: Forgotten Past, Tribes of Everglow, Griffons of Everglow
Drop Dead Studios: Spheres of Power, Spheres of Power: Expanded Options.
Everyman Gaming: Everyman Unchained: Monk Archetypes I & II.

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28th Jan, 2016 - 3:40am / Post ID: #

Review Campaign Ponyfinder Thomaslees

Good on you for starting and laying out your expected rules from the start. Here are some things to consider:

1. What if someone wants to play but is unfamiliar with the Pathfinder system?

2. What if they are familiar with Pathfinder but not the Ponyfinder setting, will they have to purchase online manuals or is that open like the rest of Pathfinder stuff at Piazo?

3. Do the Ponyfinder people mind their characters being used in a Play By Post format?

4. You should go over to the My Little Pony Role-playing Game Thread and let them know you have started this one with a link to it so further references to your prospective Role-playing Game can continue here.

28th Jan, 2016 - 3:52am / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder Campaign Review Reviews RPG & Card Board

If they are unfamiliar with the Pathfinder system I would be willing to go over the basics as best I can, though also direct them to d20pfsrd since it has most of the information they would need even a 'Getting Started' and Character Creation... That is if such would be okay?

On Ponyfinder, all that information was supposed to have been added to d20pfsrd though it is slow going. It would not be required for them to buy the manuals, especially since the fluff or 'setting' of Everglow will be replaced by that of MLP:FiM, but having them would be a plus. I am willing to provide what is needed though under your direction on how to set that up.

They do not mind, or more David Silver the creator doesn't mind as I have talked to him about setting up a roleplay in the past. Like Paizo it is OGL, so there shouldn't be a reason for problems.


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28th Jan, 2016 - 3:54am / Post ID: #

Review Campaign Ponyfinder Thomaslees

What level are you planning to start people at, Thomas?

The only reason I ask is your equipment section seems to imply people will have enough funds to buy magic items, which is unlikely at level 1.

Also, Ponyfinder Races are Open Game Content, and are listed on the PFSRD under 3rd party content for Silver Games. It's fair game for sharing those game mechanics as long as it's credited.

28th Jan, 2016 - 4:09am / Post ID: #

Review Campaign Ponyfinder Thomaslees

Ah yes, that detail was because I was going to offer the idea that the party started at level 5 unless players preferred to start at level 1.

Yes, though not all of the Ponyfinder races would be available such as Leather Wings, a.k.a. Bat Poniesl and which would not even be on there that I would be offering. These being Kirin, an eastern race that I homebrewed, and Deer... Which is a race from the upcoming Forgotten Past resource not yet to be released. Griffon are also unavailable on d20pfsrd, as to all feats, archetypes, and other details.

Hmm... JB would there be any chance of me being able to create a Google Doc resource for everything Ponyfinder related that I would be allowing and offer that? It would be the simplest solution but also technically breaking the rules given how I would have to link to it.

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28th Jan, 2016 - 4:16am / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder Campaign Review

A potential sticking point is Spheres of Power. I can't find it on any of the online SRDs, so I don't know how much of the content is Open. I mean, it's published under the OGL, but they aren't really sharing it, and from what I can tell from the reviews, it's a whole new magic system, with new classes and the like.

Anyone who doesn't own the book isn't going to be able to make intelligent Systemic and Character building decisions without a lot of help from the Dungeon Master, should they opt to play a caster.

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28th Jan, 2016 - 4:21am / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder Campaign Review

Honestly I am not sure how to get using Spheres of Power to work myself though I do feel this magic system would be appropriate for a roleplay like this. Heck three of the spheres Nature (Earth Ponies, Deer), Telekinesis (Unicorn), and Weather (Pegaus, Griffons) even being fitting as as racial spheres.

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28th Jan, 2016 - 4:29am / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder Campaign Review Board Card & RPG Reviews

You'd have a much easier time encouraging players to build to the MLP stereotypes rather than trying to modify and explain a whole new magic system, especially as complicated as Pathfinder can be for players.

Heck, let Pegasi take Craft:Weather as a skill to represent them flying about and moving clouds and the like. Huge weather effects are a really high DC.
Give Pegasi At Will: Mage Hand. It won't unbalance anything.
Let Earth Ponies have a bonus to a given Craft or Profession skill equal to their level.

You can make small tweaks to give you more of the thematic feel/flavor you want without reinventing the wheel.

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