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15th Feb, 2016 - 8:00pm / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules, Create Character - Page 15

And The Storyteller says...

You offer some really great ideas Forderz, and for the idea I had for the guild adventure it would really help strengthen the overall choice. Perhaps also, if you are talking about the one where the party would need to go in search of Crucible of Stars and not the expedition to Saddle Arabia, it could be that 'Research Department' is a branch of the Royal Archeological Society. Though I admit also that given the nature of the mission it would be more royal advisers and court magi of both the royal sisters.

Of note, this would make it as much a religious venture not just that of Crown-used origination and thus sponsored by the Celestial Church.

If though you are specifically speaking on the expedition to Saddle Arabia it could also work, with very little change except some details here and there along with some rearranging of what is already there.

On Aquamarine, that is also a good consideration and I would be willing to have such worked in. Perhaps even no matter the choice made by everyone.

BrendanE, again I feel resist but at the same time I don't want to push you away by completely denying what you have. Especially since I don't consider Ultimate Psionics to be unbalanced, no more so then Pathfinder proper when it comes to spellcasting, and it is more just feeling that such is out of place.

If you can come up with a way for psionics to fit is the Equestria and the world it is a part of, as well as how it connects with your character... I will allow you to play a Soulknife. Perhaps play it off as a form of magic, different from arcane or divine but not completely dissimilar. Maybe you can even take a look at Occult Adventures and play it off more like that.

Now onto you Icon. As long as you are willing to have him gain a cutiemark on early on his adventure, we can discuss when this actually happens and how, and you are willing to play young teenager... I am fine with him not having a cutiemark starting out.

Admittingly, perhaps next level up may not be the best time, as level up may accrue within a month's time mattering all that happens. I should point out, that I will be awarding experience per successful encounter not so much battles fought. It will be more based on how a player roleplays their character, on how they use the skills and talents available. Also, in how encounters or challenges are overcome without needless violence and killing.

Keep this is mind, this campaign will take a different direction then mere hack and slash while very much discouraging murder hobo tenancies of some parties and adventurers.

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16th Feb, 2016 - 3:36pm / Post ID: #
Zero Zodiac

Novice / Middle Rear
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Character Create Rules RPG Ponyfinder Thomaslees

And Unmarked says...

If there's a point in the story when you think it's good for Zero to earn a cutiemark, you can go right ahead. Otherwise we can discuss in the future.

I should have enough non-combat skills to be useful, but probably not in diplomatic situations, being rather timid. So can I start by hiding, looking at the noticeboard from afar and the ponies starting to gather by it?

Post Date: 17th Feb, 2016 - 3:42pm / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules, Create Character
A Friend

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules, Create Character Reviews & RPGs PBP Anime / Comic

An issue that will likely arise with Zero Zodiac is that it will be quite hard to integrate a timid, reclusive youngster with the type A characters that everyone else looks to be playing.

If he's too timid to interact with ponies by a notice board, how does he become part of the group? Will we be planning an expedition without him? Is he hoping if he just shows up and tags along he'll just be brought on board?

There's nothing wrong with playing a shy character, but in an opening scenario where none of the characters know each other and have a reason to believe that you'll be useful, especially considering that many ponies will consider you an actual child without a cutie mark, it seems to me that getting you as part of the party will be forced at best.

This is the start of an adventure. Now is the time to be bold. Your character can be extremely uncomfortable and akward with putting himself out there, but I think it has to be done. There needs to be some spunk and spark there.

Again, stressing that I don't have a problem with your character, just his introduction as you've presented it.

18th Feb, 2016 - 7:23am / Post ID: #
Zero Zodiac

Novice / Middle Rear
Character Sheet

Page 15 Character Create Rules RPG Ponyfinder Thomaslees

And Unmarked says...

I just don't know how else to do it. Wouldn't it be more forced to accept a child to go adventuring, no matter his boasting?

I was imagining a moment where nobody else can find a solution to a problem and heroically jumping in to help. I don't think anybody took Disable Device for example, nor does anyone else have a tiny-sized familiar.

Or, of course, I can disguise myself as a short-leg or flutterpony or griffon (Thomaslee, is that last one allowed?) and just approach the party. If I must.

EDIT: Added Heightened Awareness, Silent Image and Summon Monster 2 to spellbook at the cost of a scrolls. Total 200 gold. Just shout if you want Spellcraft rolls.

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Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules, Create Character
A Friend

Character Create Rules RPG Ponyfinder Thomaslees

You're correct in that you will be quite helpful, and jumping in to save the day would work wonderfully if our first adventure were to happen locally.

But, if we are to start in Canterlot and then head to, say, Saddle Arabia, how will you be in Saddle Arabia?

I suppose you could just be local to wherever we head.

I'm probably over thinking this.

18th Feb, 2016 - 10:15pm / Post ID: #
Lightning Strike

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Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules, Create Character

And The Wandering Blade says...

At this point, we aren't even sure how Thomaslee is starting the game. Perhaps whatever plot we decide on, the person who gives us our marching orders says 'take along this little ones. The seers say he'll be of use.'

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19th Feb, 2016 - 3:04am / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules Create Character - Page 15

And The Storyteller says...

If anyone has any questions involving my most recent post, please ask and I will try to answer without giving too much away.

On ICon's character Zero Zodiac... Maybe that can work out itself. Though whatever is decided, something needs to be worked out. Personally, I offer that maybe when others leave the board he moves forward to see what is there before then tagging along while trying not to be noticed.

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Post Date: 19th Feb, 2016 - 4:26am / Post ID: #

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules, Create Character
A Friend

Thomaslee's Ponyfinder RPG Rules Create Character Comic / Anime PBP RPGs & Reviews - Page 15

Thank you for posting the quests. You have given Star Walker a real quandary. How are everyone's characters progressing? I look forward to going on a grand adventure with all of you.

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