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Ragnar the Raider
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Ragnar the Raider

Ragnar, a young man with the first tell tale signs of a dark beard growing and a shaven head. Strong, with keen blue eyes.

Ragnar is not one to take things sitting down. If he falls then he is quick to jump back up. Motivated and headstrong, stubborn and prideful. This youth has a temper that matches his iron will.

These are all things that describes the young man, but most of all, he is ambitious. His ambition stretch further than just the ordinary lives of the young men and women in his village. Although The Town is a good starting point to launch his career, Ragnar has much greater dreams than becoming just another laborer. He will be a conqueror. Those who dare stand in his way shall feel his wrath. Those who aid him will be richly rewarded and most of all the weak will remain where they are. Ragnar despises the weak mewling mentality of peasants. Complaining about everything but never doing anything.

When you want something you must be willing to do anything for it!

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Ragnar the Raider
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Raider Ragnar

Why Am I Ragnar?

The girl called him bad. Ragnar sees how she can say this. It is forever the opinion of sheep that the wolf is bad. Good and bad are moral divisions created by the poor fools who know they will never amount to more, so they label those who have drive and ambition as bad. The only really bad and good there is in this world is either you are bad AT something or you are good AT something.

I will not let it keep my mind occupied for this girl will most likely never even leave her village.

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Ragnar the Raider
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Ragnar the Raider Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Reflections on your father

My father was a kind man. This I could see in the men that served with him. However, my father carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Always subjecting himself to the wills of others even when those wanted him to do things he resented. I respected my father when I was younger. He always seemed to have the world's wisdom hidden behind those wrinkled and tired eyes.

Now that I am a bit older and I have seen some of the world for myself, I realize that he was not wise. He was a great fool and he either knew it and hated himself for it or he could not bring himself to be like those others who ruled over others. This was perhaps guided by some misplaced ideology in what is good and what is bad.

I have tried talking to him on this the last time he visited. He got so angry and it shames me that, that should be the last time I saw. I love my father and I know he loves me. I will find him, but I will also show him the world for what it really is and neither his good nor the other people's bad has any bearing on the greater scheme of things. Life is what we make of it now. We only have what we take by our own wills. I will make him see...

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Ragnar the Raider
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Raider Ragnar

Meeting the townsfolk

The towns folk are pleasant enough if not a little docile or downtrodden. Yes sure they are happy and content in their little lives, but I wonder how it bothers none of them that they will never achieve more with their lives than this meager living.

The Town will be a good place to start my conquest and the people here are easily used to help me achieve this goal. The politics in the town has had its effect on the people and they are tired of the unrest and yet none of them are doing anything about it.

Hopefully however they will fall in behind a strong leader. Someone to lift them up from their misery and perhaps give them a true taste of what it is to be alive.

Perhaps, even though they do not understand me, they will follow me...

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Ragnar the Raider
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Raider Ragnar

Wish I could change this about myself

The woman in my dreams had asked my what I would change about myself.

This is a difficult question to answer for I have always been at peace with myself. However, one thing that I have noticed since I started working in town is that when I am performing menial tasks in the hope for a daily wage, I too often get distracted by thoughts of conquest or I get too frustrated at the degrading work that I do that I do not give it my all. This has often cost me the proper daily wage for that work. This is perhaps the only area I wish I could change. I wish I could put more heart into my work even if it is just to get my proper wage at the end of the day.

This however is not an issue when it comes to the battlefield. Once I am swinging my axe and cutting limbs from bodies the amount of soul I pour into the activity matters not as this is pure joy in which I revel!

Post Date: 30th Sep, 2016 - 6:56am / Post ID: #

Ragnar the Raider
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Ragnar the Raider

Advisor Description

Ragnar met her on one of his first nights in Town. It was meant as a sort of a last initiation into manhood by the soldiers who served his father. Walking into a brothel for the first time is always awkward for the young and uninitiated. The night was short and sweet, unforgettable even, but not for the reason people might think. There was a connection between himself and Gebrielle. She seemed to take a liking to him and saw something in his eyes, as though looking into his soul. She saw a sense of purpose there.
From then on he knw he had made a friend in her and visa versa. In the coming weeks she told him many things about the world. Where to go, who to see and also, who to watch out for…

She has a knack for knowing things. Ragnar knows this. Sadly nobody else cares and treats her like an ordinary whore. He will not. She will help him on his path to success and in return he will look out for her. A mutual friendship. As Ragnar rises, so will she. She knows this about him. She knows that if she helps Rganar rise, then she will have a chance to lift herself out of her circumstances.

She will provide him with necessary information. She will keep her eyes and ears open. Ragnar will know things. Secret things that are only whispered in the dark and he will use this. Use this to conquer and subdue…

Post Date: 5th Jan, 2017 - 1:20pm / Post ID: #

Ragnar the Raider
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Ragnar Raider

Familiar Description

To call him my familiar is perhaps wrong. It would be better to say we are familiar with each other.

This beast from the wild is a black as the night with eyes of molten gold. Had it a pack it would undoubtedly be the alpha, but he is a loner. He depends on no other to support him. By the strength of his own body and the cunning of his own mind will he survive. However, he has taken a liking to me. By no account does he follow me around and lie at my feet like an obedient dog, but it would seem that whenever there is trouble he would appear like a shadow, almost as if detaching itself from the darkness. It is as if a mere mere thought would sending him dashing towards the foe.

On other nights I can see his eyes glowing in the treeline or hear the distant lonely howl. However in the morning there is no trace of him. Like he was never there. Had it not been for the blood soaked field of carnage left in his wake, then I might have believed him a figment of my own imagination.

How this beast has came to me is still a mystery and yet it is always there. I would never presume to command or tame such a majestic beast and yet it seems to always be there for me and know exactly what it is that needs to be done.

I need to speak to a mystic about this. It goes far beyond my comprehension and understanding.

Post Date: 9th Mar, 2017 - 1:37pm / Post ID: #

Ragnar the Raider
A Friend

Ragnar Raider

Relation Description

I first saw her as a companion to my Advisor, Gebrielle. A slender, pale girl, no! Not a girl, a woman! She moves with a grace that enchants the onlooker. She seems to float as she walks. With her eyes of emerald she seems to pierce the veil of secrets that men try so desperately to hide.

A hint of a smile and my body aches. Yearning for her embrace.

She acts playful and shy around others so as to entice the hunter to pounce on the prey.

She does not fool me however. I know what she is. Her art of beguiling men is is phenomenal and she nearly always gets her way.

Yet the desire to be close is overwhelming if only to take in her scent.

This wolf has noticed its prey and it's time to move in for the kill…

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