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Hunter hears Charmaine and comments, "They - Page 77 - Text RPG, Text MMORPG - Posted: 16th Jan, 2018 - 9:36am

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Role-play chat
For ROK II Player Characters to enter the Tavern you must first Create a Character via ROK II.
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The Town Tavern Chat - Page 77

The Town's loud Tavern Wench yells out that no coward should take up the Hand wrestling competition of which Kelic accepted. In what could be considered a magnificent feat, Kelic pulls Wilbur's arm down to the table in victory. Kelic triumphs in the Hand Wrestling Skill with success and amazes those around them. Bets totalled 10 gold pieces on your Hand Wrestling. Everyone sings "Hand Wrestling is no match for Kelic." Kelic received 33 experience points.

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Level: 10
Action: Sleep


Chat Tavern Town The

Merlin approaches the man and says,, "You must be one of the chosen. The townsfolk don't know about these thing so you shouldnt speak about it so loudly." He then leaves the stranger for his challenge.

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The Town Tavern Chat MMORPG Text & RPG Text

The Town's drunkard Tavern Wench yells out that no coward should take up the Jump Tavern stools challenge. Of which defiant Merlin accepted. Showing off some skill, Merlin jumps clear over to the other side in stylized fashion much to the amazement of those watching. Merlin uses the Jump Skill successfully and blows their fingers while rubbing it against their clothes. Some were betting, so a total of 8 gold pieces was collected for Jump. A loud roar of joy errupts as they say "Merlin is a champion of Jump, who can do greater?" Merlin received 23 experience points.

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Level: 10
Action: Sleep


Page 77 Chat Tavern Town The

All this jumping makes a man hungry. He calls over a wench and asks for a meal and a drink for the man that claims multiple lives to which he says "we can talk but whisper."

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Action: Living


Chat Tavern Town The

Kelic sips his ale in a corner worrying about old age and raising his leadership skills, and gaining recognition, enough to raise an army.

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The Town Tavern Chat

The Town's Tavern Wench yells out that no coward should take up the Reflexes competition of which the noble Kelic accepted. Sharp on the move Kelic stands at the ready as all the mugs go up into the air. Without much hesitation all are caught! Kelic executes the Reflexes Skill without failure and is delighted at how it turned out. 7 gold pieces is given to you for Reflexes success. Many clap and raise their mugs in your honor. Kelic received 30 experience points.

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Level: 7
Action: Living


Page 77 The Town Tavern Chat

As Charmaine walks in she hears the chants for hand wrestling and her name. She stops and sternly says, "How many times do I have to tell you all… hand wrestling is not my thing!" She shakes her head and decides to just grab a mug of ale and leave.

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Level: 15
Action: Explore


The Town Tavern Chat - Page 77

Hunter hears Charmaine and comments, "They would love to see a woman arm wrestling and I would too- its a good change of pace." He winks and takes a few gulps of his ale.

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