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Lia grins at Poljen. " Your mother was - Page 3 - D&D / Pathfinder PBP RPGs - Posted: 4th Jan, 2017 - 2:49am

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Daishain’s 5th Edition D&D RPG Main Thread Only approved Players should Post here. Dungeons and Dragons
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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 3

The Sage says...

It might take more time than Onwen has to get a full will drafted up. However, given that he's been working with the Blaze for some time, him having a will already established would not seem at all unlikely. And a quick notarized addendum wouldn't take long.

As far as shopping goes, you're in one of the largest trade centers in the world, and can find almost anything. More obscure items may take some hunting and/or a commision.

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread
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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons e Daishains

Cahleth gives the contract a brief look-over, concluding that it all looks fairly standard. Even if it isn't, he trusts in the agents putting it forward.

After signing his name and writing simply, "Mother," in the space designated for his beneficiary, Cahleth looks to gather with his party. He overhears Onwen, Targul and Geoffroy discussing making a provision run. That's when he feels the extra slip of paper in the coin pouch just handed to him. Excusing himself momentary, he slips away to private corner to discreetly read the note.

He quickly returns to the group and says, "Yes, yes. Double checking our provisions and depositing any excess funds would be prudent. I will do the same. I tell you what. Once we set off on our trek, let's try to separate ourselves slightly from the others we travel with. I have something to share with the rest of us (Implying all of the Silver Blaze). Nothing to worry about, just a little extra information that could prove helpful."

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Heartwarder says...

Lia waits her turn then steps up to look at the contract. Scanning over it quickly she nods then signs it. Looking down to the beneficiary spot she looks uncertain for a moment. A pained expression crossed her face for just an instant. She thinks for a moment then writes Cratol's name in the spot.

Setting the pen down she looks at the others. Hearing the others discuss going all together to the market she smiles. " I think that is a good idea to stay together. This is an unusual situation. I would hate for one of us to disappear with our group leaving in such a short time. " She walks towards Targul. " I will go as well Targul. " She walks right by Poljen and accidentally (Or not) grazes his arm as she passes him. " Oh, I'm sorry. Are you coming along as well. I could use someone strong to help carry my supplies. " She smiles at him. She will buy studded leather armor, a tent, rations to last 10 days and a fine silk gown when they get to the market.

Specific Action: Perception check as she goes to the market

Out of Character: : Daishain, I've been torn between the studded leather and scale mail. I feel that the studded leather would suit her style more. I plan on trying to sell her scale mail at the market and buying some studded leather. Is it possible to maybe sell it for half value or something? If not, she will just keep the scale mail in her saddle bags for when needed.

Lia Galanodel Results:
  • Perception on D20 (+5): 25 (1 roll)

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Poljen Son of Nels

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Page 3 Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Cold Fury says...

Poljen thinks it over while the others take their turn signing the contract. He finally steps forward and signs his name, using the big, blocky letters he favors. For a beneficiary, he is stumped. He favors no church, has no relations other than the group with which he travels. He finally decides and asks the men in front of him, "I wish that, should I fall, the Harpers use their judgment to help others in need of food and shelter. How do I indicate that?" They blink once or twice, then one says, "Put 'Aid the poor,' and we will see it done." Poljen grins and does as bade, then turns to the group, just in time for Lia to play up to him.

He has now known her well-enough to see when she is having fun at his expense, and as usual plays along. "Of course, Little Lia! I will shoulder any burden of yours." He turns to the rest and adds, "The offer goes for you two as well, Sar'ai, Elyria. Mother said I should play to my strengths. 'Strong back, weak mind.' Ha!" His infectious smile beams as usual.

Out of Character: : He will buy 20 days of rations, since I intend to always pay double for his rations, as he eats an enormous amount. Also he will buy a few skins filled with ale for the trip.

Poljen Son of Nels Results:
  • Perception on D20 (+2): 3 (1 roll)

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Thread Main RPG Dragons and Dungeons Daishains

The Sage says...

Perhaps by some whim of the gods, or maybe they simply underestimated the young elf, but Lia manages to spot people following her and her companions. She cannot make out much in the way of details, just obscured figures at the edge of her vision.

Two tails that she can discern, one a little further back than the other. They do not seem to be working together, but at least so far they seem content simply to observe.

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

The Quiet Shadow says...

Geoffroy found that most if not all of the Silver Blaze had decided to come, which worked out fine as he was hoping for such. He agreed with Lia, better to stick together then to be ambushed apart.

More, though he would never admit such, having everyone together did help the young man feel more at ease involving Elyria's safety. Though the Morninglord felt he could keep her safe, it was better for his sister to have other who might protect her if he could not.

Looking to Poljen he hushes a bit in a soft tone, "Please my friend, remember our request not to use of her full name in public. Some may take notice." It was not so much that Geoffroy was paranoid or overly fearful, simply that he wanted to keep the truth within their little group.

Elyria laughs softly at her brother's concern, though trying to hide this and her smile Geoffroy turned towards his squire. Still, she was a bit nervous. There were more making the journey then simply the Silver Blaze and yes, admittedly there would be greater risk of those they cannot trust finding out.

The young girl, though her identity hidden, moved towards Lia and places a hand on hers to get the elf's attention to say, "I hope the journey goes well. I do wonder how it will all work out." The squire for now had her attention turned to her friend, allowing her brother to speak with Poljen.

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Zarra Glannath Results:
  • Geoffroy's Perception on D20 (+0): 14 (1 roll)
  • Elyria's Perception on D20 (+0): 19 (1 roll)

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Page 3 Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread

the Quiet says...

Cratol smiles as he signs his name. He looks to the others that are getting to head to the market. He walks over towards them and nods that he is ready to go with them.

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 3

The Heartwarder says...

Lia grins at Poljen. " Your mother was very wise it sounds like. You don't have a weak mind though. " Walking along with the others she thInks about what she plans on buying. She is excited to buy a new gown while they are in one of the greatest markets in all the world.

While thinking about this a sense of unease hits her. She casually begins looking around to see if anything seems odd. Glancing behind them she notices a man walking behind them a good distance off. They make a few more turns and she notices someone else following behind them. She almost starts when Elyria places her hand on Lia's. Listening to Elyria speak she smiles. " It could be very dangerous. I will not lie to you. Never be alone. Always stay with us. With the amount of money they are paying there will be danger. I'm not trying to frighten you. You just need to be aware at all times… "

Lia trails off as she looks behind them again. The same two figures are still following them. She clears her throat. " No one start looking all around or behind us. Keep walking. I've been looking around as we walk. We are being followed. Two different people have been following us for some time. I thought it was a coincidence at first but not now. I am absolutely certain they are following us. At least two. I can barely make them out. Looks to be two men I guess trailing after us. " She looks at the others to see how they react.

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Daishain’s 5e D&D RPG Main Thread - Page 3

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