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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Dazrin the Wanderer

Born as hope for a senseless world, Dazrin the Wander walks roads less traveled. His purpose is to gain and share knowledge with and between the peoples of this realm, to stand for justice against the unjust and to bring strength and skill to those yet unable to defend themselves.

His lean frame and average height belie an unyielding strength, while his tousled hair and rugged good looks would make him charming if not for the intensity of his presence.

Dazrin will stand alone if needs be, but his goal is to bring together people of open hearts and inquisitive minds that they may build and defend their communities in combined strength and spirit.

He begins his journey as a messenger, trader, tinkerer and teacher - traveling from community to community bringing news and wares as well as technology and cultivation. Along the way he plants seeds and builds bonds - preparing for the day when, if called to do so, he will rise to become the next Ruler of Kings.

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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Dazrin

Advisor Description

Today, after a brief meeting with the builder, Dazrin was approached by an old priest named Krynus. At first the priest seemed simply friendly - asking Dazrin what brought him to the Town and from where he hailed. But upon hearing Dazrin's replies he became confused and apologetic - asking Dazrin if, by chance, his mother was faring well. When Dazrin informed the priest that his mother had recently passed away, the priest nearly choked. Recovering, Krynus extended his sympathies to Dazrin but continued to look startled. Feeling strange about the encounter, Dazrin thanked the priest for his concern and headed off.

About an hour later, as Dazrin was still exploring the town, he got the distinct feeling that he was being watched. It was a feeling he had felt earlier in the day but dismissed. This time he looked about him and discovered that the old priest was nearby and seemed to be following him from a distance. Not knowing what else to do, Dazrin approached.

"Oh, well, hello again… " Krynus said somewhat sheepishly. "I suppose I should explain my odd behavior to you." Before waiting for Dazrin to reply, Krynus continued, "I've been having a… feeling… that a stranger might be coming to visit this town - an important stranger." When Dazrin looked stunned, Krynus continued, "I wonder if you might be such a stranger." Then Krynus looked down at his feet and said, in a hushed voice, "Not just a feeling really ... Dreams. Seen a young man, someone a bit like you - an orphan. I'm not quite sure what to make of it all myself."

After several moments of silence, Dazrin inquired, "What made me, or what made this stranger so important?" At that the old priest laughed, "Well, let's not get the cart before the horse now, shall we? I didn't say 'so' important - just important. And it's just a feeling, hard to explain." Seeing Dazrin's face fall, he added, "Well, before things get too awkward, let's just say you are someone I'd think I'd like to get to know. You are new to this Town - you could use some help getting yourself oriented I'd wager… I'd be happy to lend you some advice. And you can be so kind as to humor an old man with troubled dreams. What do you say?"

Despite the oddness of the situation, Dazrin agreed. "Great," said Krynus, "I'll be keeping an eye out for you then. And you should feel free to come and see me if you have any questions." At that Dazrin thanked the priest and headed off once again on his own. As the feeling of being watched departed, Dazrin mused to himself on the strangeness of the encounter. Priests had always given Dazrin a bad feeling, but this one seemed different. This one seemed like someone Dazrin could trust. Dazrin had never had a spiritual mentor before - perhaps Krynus was exactly the sort of person Dazrin needed to meet to help unlock his full potential.

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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Dazrin the Wanderer Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Oh Lady Fluke of handsome grace
What beauty in lies thine chiseled face
What destiny thou has set on
With a visage brighter than the dawn
Who could ignore thy sultry stare
And saunter by without a care?
Eyes the colour of the ocean
Nose beyond all prior notion
Bow shaped pouting lips of fire
Arresting hearts in strange desire
Rays of golden sun cascade
Atop thine head from out thy braid
Ears thou surely know are smart
Adorned with trinkets bright and sharp
Chin so strong, breaks men in half
A smile to win the hearty laugh
Skin as pale as Aspen trees
Flush with rosy melodies
Brows and lashes dark and fierce
Allowing thine eyes of blue to pierce
Soft velvet draped along
Thy shoulders shapely, square and strong
Strength thou must have to great degree
To carry with thou such unique beauty

Bosom friends thou dost create
Which ample bosom celebrates
A friend to both the poor and weak
You lend your courage to the meek
You lead without the arrogance
Of those who've never taken chance
You bring hope to those who were alone
And offer up to them a home
I think that thy most attractive part
The goodness filling up thy heart.

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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Dazrin

Reflections on your mother

In the days since her passing, Dazrin has tried not to reflect on his mother as it has been too painful. But now, during his first night in a strange town, he can no longer keep her from his thoughts. She was a strong and courageous woman, and Dazrin never felt the lesser for being raised by her alone after his father's death. Her strength was tempered only by her kindness. She was always teaching Dazrin to try to see different perspectives and to empathize even with those whom he may have disagreed. He misses her, and yet it is his love for her and her memory that helps him continue on his quest to become all that she hoped he could become.

Dazrin wonders what she would think if she could see him now, alone in thing new house, new town. He thinks she would be proud. But she would also wish for him some companionship. She would like the fact that the old priest has taken an interest in Dazrin - peculiar though that encounter may have been. If there was one thing that Dazrin's mother wished for Dazrin while he was alive that Dazrin never acheived it was that she wished him to show a greater interest in spiritual groups and advisors. But the priests and holy men for his boyhood home never appealed to Dazrin. They all seemed insincere and too caught up in their own pretensions. Dazrin never understood why his mother couldn't see this as well.

Perhaps Krynus will be different. He seems different already. Dazrin believes his mother would have liked Krynus right away. She would want Dazrin to spend time with him and listen to him.

What else would she want for Dazrin? What would she think of Lady Fluke and the time Dazrin is spending with her? There is actually something about Lady Fluke that reminds Dazrin of his mother - the way she looks out for those in need and opens her home to strangers. Dazrin's mother was much the same way and Dazrin has found memories of the many visitors who would come to stay with him and his mother from time to time. These visitors taught Dazrin many important lessons and helped him see and understand all sorts of different perspectives.

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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Dazrin

Message to Advisor

After my dreadful death within the riddle room of the labyrinth, I have come to enjoy a certain rhythm to my days. Today was a long and I spent it using my remaining pretty pebbles learning to swim, jump and climb - as well as increasing my hardiness at the Body Club. I have learned most of which I seek to learn in the Town. Soon I will be moving to Llafair to see how it may aid my progress. First, however, I will take up the quest from Stefan. I pray that I am ready.

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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Dazrin the Wanderer

Reflections on your father

I do not often think about my father. Sometimes I like to believe I hardly remember him, but that is not exactly true. When I really try to remember him, I can with great vividness. But such moments are few and far between - usually only coming during periods of great fear or doubt. When I was trapped and dying within the riddle room of the labyrinth, I thought of him then - how I'd failed him - how he had failed me. There is much anger I still hold against him, even as, rationally, I know I should not blame him for his untimely demise.

Even though we have only just met, Krynus has become like a father to me. I value his council and seek his approval. What is more strange is how different Krynus is compared to my father. The former patient and wise, the latter fierce, strong and silent. Yet despite their differences, my growing relationship with Krynus is somehow helping me to let go of the pain and anger that surrounds my memories of my father. And when I seek to win Krynus's approval, I know I am seeking my father's approval as well.

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Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Dazrin Wanderer

Why Am I Dazrin?

While off on my first adventure, a small child stopped me to ask me why I am good. Such a simple question, but it stunned me. So often I find myself asking the opposite question of others, why are they not good? I suppose it comes to a matter of purpose. I choose to live my life for a greater purpose, not merely for myself. To me, that is far more rewarding.

Post Date: 13th Mar, 2017 - 6:28pm / Post ID: #

Dazrin the Wanderer
A Friend

Dazrin Wanderer

Message to Advisor

During my first patrol I encountered both a bear and a giant ant. I was able to defeat the bear, but, already being sorely wounded, I decided to flee from the ant. My comrades were not too harsh on me, knowing that I was wounded and had earlier aided the party against the bear - but the retreat left a bitter taste in my mouth. I returned to the Town with the mind to further train myself and then exact revenge - remembering the giant ant in the secret garden the Mystic had told me about. I thought I had prepared enough, but I was wrong. The ant slew me with its crushing jaws.

Again, I was revived, but this time much worse for the wear. Still, I was not daunted. I began training once more, and this time it proved enough, though just barely. I killed the monster but only just before it finished me off. As it is I am sorely wounded and lying low till I recover. Once I am again able bodied I shall return to patroling.

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