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Discuss  3 5 D&D As Character Role-Playing Game Main Thread - Approved Players should read the story here. Dungeons and Dragons
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3.5 D&D You As Character Role-Playing Game - Page 374

Runner of trails says...

After helping clean things up all day Rachel is ready to forget about it. She rides Ghost out into the wilderness a little further. Climbing a tree, she will survey the area and just try to forget what happened. Ghost paces around for a moment and then sits at the base of the tree.

Will she ever get the din of battle out of her head? So much death in such a short amount of time. Luckily, it was almost all the enemy dying and not us. What if we would have out scouting when this horde rolled right across us? She shivers in the dusk even though there is no chill in the air.

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Game Role-Playing Character You Dragons and Dungeons

The Storyteller says...

Watching in amusement, I consider Jason and Grant as much as talk focuses on one of scientific ideas. Why are you had a passing interest and Science in my youth, much of this fell to the wayside do I being focused on reading and literature. A lot of what they had in mind, I personally wouldn't have a clue on how to do or really where to start. I more just faded to the background it seems as they became absorbing in their discussion.

Yet I will take interest as Grant offers to do the filigree or ornamental design and marking on the cross, admittedly appropriate for one of more celtic design though I was fine with Jason not feeling required to do it. Considering is work, I will remind the two of my presence by saying, "I say it looks appropriate, much better then leaving it plain since its design was as a celtic cross."

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3.5 D&D You As Character Role-Playing Game RPGs PBP Pathfinder / D&D

The Guardian says...

The stench of the dead still lingered but from day to day Jonathan continued to slowly accept that he wasn't going home anytime soon. His intense divine intervention on the battlefield left him certain of the deification of the blessed Bahamut. All his life he'd participated in religious ceremonies but having felt the direct influence of a divine source he was living his life with a confidence that in this world the gods influences were real and could effect everyone. Also, knowing it was the Platinum dragon answered some questions. Yes, this a world that somehow is askew or directly related to a Dungeons & Dragons seting. He was most familiar with the Faerun setting, but this little town would have been no where on the map, he longed to see a larger map and try to make heads or tails out of where they were outside of a few square miles. When Pathfinder came out, they kept Bahamut and Tiamat, but created a whole new slew of deities. Since he only had Pathfinder books on him when he came across, there was no way for him to identify any Dungeons & Dragons deities other than those he remembered, mostly good deities like Melieki and Horus. During his downtime from schlepping bodies around, Jonathan would take time drawing an outline of a dragon's head on his shield. He would try to acquire some paint later. He still wasn't completely certain as to the intentions off their hosts. Per the books, red was usually a symbol of chaos. Red wizards and Red Dragons were known to be evil, any chromatic dragon, the reds, greens and blacks, would follow Tiamat and evil while the metallic dragons, the bronzes silvers and golds, worshipped Bahamut.

Out of Character: I'm here and check in at least twice a day. If people aren't directly addressing me though I've been staying out of the conversation. Since we got the XP, I'm going to roll for the HP for level 2.

Jonathan Results:
  • Level 2 HP on D10 (+0): 1 (1 roll)

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Page 374 Game Role-Playing Character You Dragons and Dungeons

Ignoble says...

Jonathan reroll as I do not accept a 1 when rolling for HP. When you reroll hopefully you will get a better roll if not I will roll for you.

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Game Role-Playing Character You Dragons and Dungeons

The Guardian says...

Out of Character re-rolling HP, praying for better than half :P "Let my body retain some of the durability of Bahamut's Brilliant scales"

Jonathan Results:
  • HP Reroll on D10 (+0): 5 (1 roll)

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3.5 D&D You As Character Role-Playing Game

The Engineer says...

After some more conversations, eventually I'll tell the two with me, "This is going to take all night. This ring should keep me from needing to go to bed for a good while, but you two need some sleep, especially after the day we've had."

After ushering them out of my room, I'll buckle down on the badge, enchanting it with the effect I hope Thomas will put to good use.

When that is done, I'll get the last few hours of sleep before dawn, and present the badge to Thomas at breakfast.

Afterwards, I'll look into Jonathan's situation. "So, I gather that you've been granted the skills of a warrior. I presume heavier armor is in order. How much restriction on your movements are you willing to live with?"

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Page 374 3.5 D&D You Character Role-Playing Game

The Guardian says...

"Oh, hey there Jason, during the battle I was I was trained by a warrior in many ways of combat, but I have to say that when the time comes I'll most likely try to find myself in some fine plate and riding the baddest horse in the land. Obviously I don't expect to start out with that stuff, it's expensive as hell and if it wasn't for the belt I doubt I could have fought in it for extended periods of time. I was barely able to deflect blows but knowing that it would it would stand up to anything short of of anti-armor rounds or some serious bad hombre's was seriously comforting. That being said, it's good for combat, not necessarily adventuring. Until I really get good at this, the encumbrance may also be too much to risk without a horse to carry the load. I mean, I've learned a few tricks, but without further divine guidance, it's a toss up. If I ever get as good as that Knight, for sure, plate all the way, try to find that enchantment that teleports your armor on to you for sure, but until then, it's hit and miss. Frankly I like the idea of studded leather. Minimal encumbrance, the way the studs deflect slashing damage." He put down the shield he was drawing on, "I wouldn't rule out plate, it appears you guys have had a very random bit of luck here, that golden scale mail that one woman has looks amazing. What was her name again?" he pulled out a pad of notes.

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3.5 D&D You Character Role-Playing Game - Page 374

The Engineer says...

I nod, "Her name is Rachel, and it was a gift from the druid who trained her. Most of us received gifts of some manner. I got a large chunk of mithral that I've been making armor out of, that's where Thomas got his shiny breastplate. Unfortunately the other one I made was lost. When Dennis disappeared, his armor did as well. There's a third in the works that I was making for myself when Grant and Vickie came onto the scene, and just enough mithral left over for a fourth if I can ever find time."

"As for the moment, full plate probably is a little beyond what we want to just go out and buy. I'd be inclined to craft that for you regardless. How about a middle ground? A simple breastplate would provide notably more protection than the leather."

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