Who Is To Blame For Trinidad & Tobago's Mess?

Who Blame Trinidad Tobago' S Mess - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 28th Aug, 2017 - 1:47pm

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What is the cause of such rampant negativity, crime, lawlessness, corruption, disrespect, etc.
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Who Is To Blame For Trinidad & Tobago's Mess?

Name: George

Title: Not so Archbishop

Comments: Archbishop Joseph Harris is wrong when he says you and I are to be blamed for the adverse situation of this nation. The blame for our present situation lies squarely on the shoulders of the pioneers of of our politics and their successors who adopted the basic bad political principles set by those pioneers after our independence. We must allocate blame to those who for instance demanded we become a republic, introduced armed policemen and started dabbling in corruption setting bad examples of personal discipline,showing lack of compassion and morals. They were the citizens who by the power invested in them set about dividing the nation's politics along racial lines and seeking superiority base on race. They were the citizens who had and still have the power to turn this nation in to a secure, advanced and modern paradise. They are the citizens who are supposed to administer and controlled the police, the justice system,the health service, the municipal councils, the licensing office, educational and training establishments, and all other facilities that offers better living conditions and advancement of this nation. The ordinary citizens cannot be blamed for following the guidance and behavior bestow upon them by wayward politicians.lacking in foresight. Citizens here like in other parts of the world elect their personal representatives to improve their environment and living standards and conditions within their districts. They did not elect them to feather there own nest by squandering and being unaccountable for missing Treasury funds mainly the profits gained from our natural resources,Nor did they elect them to introduce racial division within our politic and nation, thus fueling racial discrimination and inequality within our society or to turn the nation in to a haven for criminals because of their hidden political doctrine and beliefs.which has now produced one particular race as the leading criminals here which include roaming killers, wealthy corrupt criminals, lawless policemen, a corrupt justice system and all in all a society loaded with criminals the majority being of of one particular race. With proper political ethics and our wealth this nation should be by now be a harmonious multicultural nation without the perpetual fear of citizens having to continually look over their shoulders whilst going about their normal daily existence, living in fear that they may end up on a slab at the mortuary. And a paradise for criminals. The nation too,has become a dog eat dog society with little respect for human lives or property and is now considered the killing field of the Caribbean where crime certainly pays. There is now no respect for upholding law and order and our politicians seem to have become immune and accept all of the adversities here as normal human behavior .They have so far failed to produce any meaningful or effective solution to almost all of our repeated and long lasting woes. They just operate in the usual happy go lucky manner, by endeavoring to find methods to finance the Treasury so that they could continue to live the lives of Riley showing little respect by a' don't care attitude' of responsibility for what is wrong here. I don't care what anyone may say our past and present politicians must take full responsibility for the now -a -day attitudes of our people, crime, the growth of lawlessness and especially the behavior of parents and children because of the bad examples they set.to our ordinary citizens. The clear impression given is that they have not only divided our politics on racial lines, they have nurtured the underclass to remain in a state of poverty, deprivation and squalor whilst they allowed the well off and upper classes to become overnight millionaires by milking the nation of its wealth by various means usually by some sort of underhand or corrupt method. These cooperate already wealthy swindlers though being accused and found guilty of the crime of corruption are never imprisoned and in many cases are allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains. The overall impression given here now, is that politicians here are now unable to keep their fingers out of the till and must apply as normal deceit, double standards and speak with fork tongues in order to hold onto their positions of authority. They have stood by for decades and watched the nation destroying itself and took no effective steps to stop the decline. It has now become so bad here that everyone is now demanding a gun to defend themselves.and citizens are now taking matters into their own hands by forming vigilantly groups. Yes I am afraid the Archbishop is wrong .He must face the reality of our situation now.and allot blame where it is due. Politicians are suppose to lead a nation and its citizens to a better standard of living, better personal behavior and self discipline by ensuring that the proper enforcement of law and order and fair justice prevails together which leads to respect for each other despite color class or creed by the examples they set.If there is one country on earth where most of these things are lacking it in Trinidad and Tobago.
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For those who live in the past, there is no future. "If you take no part in the design of your future, it will be designed for you by others." -- Edward de Bono
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Who Is To Blame For Trinidad & Tobago's Mess? Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

There is no one to blame for the mess in Trinidad and Tobago other than the people of Trinidad and Tobago. We can point fingers at leaders and politicians but in fact the power for change is among the people not a few but they must really want it.

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Mess Tobagos and Trinidad Blame To Who

Name: George

Comments: I have repeatedly said that the country is corrupt to its core. However corruption is not the crime that is going to lead this country to disaster. The culture of general crimes especially serious crimes rising lawlessness, headed by the monthly barrage of murders, the growth of a terrorist movement,the rising amount of illegal immigrants entering the country are the main problems in this nation. This has come about by the lack of previous governments dealing with general crime and lawlessness in a sever manner. They failed to nip it in the bud when it first started by turning a blind eye. Corruption has since our independence been in existence though well hidden at the top level of our society. Now it has become highlighted, generally expected,and it can now be also considered part and parcel of our culture. This crime is more associated in our politics and at the higher level of our society.Every branch of the government service is littered with the tentacles of corruption. It is apparent in our police system.our legal court procedures and even practised by our brigade of lawyers and legal professionals and in some areas of our society evading the arms of the law for committing this crime is secretly highly admired. It has now become well established, and I believe it cannot now be eradicated from our nation without outside assistance. The problem is that the high flyers within the administration of our politics are so professionally corrupt and open to bribes, that attempting to find or implement a remedy has now become a mountain too high to climb.They ensure that if the cogs of any any machinery that is set up to investigated and bring to end this criminal act is quickly eliminated. It is however good to see that the Prime Minister himself has admitted that is a major problem in this nation. How the matter of corruption which has been generated and accepted by most of our politicians over the past five decades is brought to and end or controlled, your guess is as good as mine. Politicians themselves must shoulder the blame for what has happened to this nation since our independence,which must include corruption, general galloping lawlessness,the growth of terrorism together with annual rate of serious crimes and murders.
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