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Malesh the Mystic

Malesh is a tall, lanky boy with a shock of black, unkempt hair and striking blue eyes. Pale of skin, and slightly sallow, Malesh is quite an ordinary looking fellow, who always seems to have a dark, sour expression on his angular face. He does not easily trust others, and sees alliances as little more than useful short-term connections with little use beyond accomplishing a goal. Thanks to his intensive studies, Malesh has chosen the path of mysticism and will seek to build up his knowledge and power however and wherever he can. He sees the blunt force of powerful magic, and the fear it breeds, as his path to becoming the Ruler of Kings.

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Mystic Malesh

Advisor Description

"Barmaid, another ale," Malesh called over his shoulder as he toiled to scribble some ideas on a scrap of parchment balanced on his knee. He dipped his quill into his ink pot on one of the tavern's back tables, his bony fingers ink-stained.

The ale soon appeared, placed on the table by someone who was decidedly not Anna, the buxom barmaid. The woman, dressed in a light green dress and thin cloak, proceeded to sit at the table across from Malesh. She was pretty, with lightly tanned skin, a small nose, sparkling green eyes and long auburn hair. She slid her slim figure into a chair in the corner, eyes focused on the young scribe.

Malesh was dumbfounded.

"Malesh," she addressed him by name, "I have news for you, and I know not if you will take it good or ill." She paused. Malesh slowly placed his scrap of paper and quill on the table and swallowed hard.

"I am Mallissande, you step-sister," she said, Malesh's eyes widened in shock. "Your mother and father took me in, adopted me, a few years before you were born, raised me as their own after my kin were killed by bandits. They sent me on to live with a kindly family soon after you came into their lives, and I am forever grateful for their aid and their love."

As Malesh uttered a sound, Mallissande raised a hand to stay his words. She continued, "Your mother and I have passed letters back and forth over the years, more so in these last. She asked that, when she had gone to the beyond, I should seek you out, and provide you what help and advice I may. That is why I am here."

The scribe's mouth opened to speak, but no words came. The revelation that he had an unknown step-sister flabbergasted him. Composing himself, Malesh ruminated: 'This woman claims to be my family, my only family left in this world. Could it be true?' His eyes turned to slits as he looked at her sidelong. "If you are who you say," he said, coming across haughty and untrusting, "then tell me, where did my mother keep father's prized Grinwold hunting tapestry when it was not hung in the great hall?" A smile played at the corner of his mouth as he imagined his own success at proving a scoundrel.

Mallissande, unphased, answered promptly. "The tapestry of which you speak was never stored. So adored was it, by our father and the whole of the house, that it was always on display, and even cleaned in place, though it was dangerous for the charwomen to do so."

Shock overtook Malesh's face once again, for it was as she had said, and something no stranger to the household would know. "So you are, indeed, my step-sister!" Though he projected always a feeling of mild resentment and superiority, this news laid Malesh somewhat bare. He reached for Mallissande's hands across the table, and simply said, with some joy in his heart and a genuine smile on his face, "Welcome."

They spoke into the evening, telling each other their tales. Mallissande told Malesh that she would always be available for him as his needs dictated. They bid a fond farewell, and, for the first time in many nights, Malesh slept well.

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Malesh the Mystic Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Oh, she of the curled flaxen hair,
Like rays of sunlight her head adorn,
And eyes of cloudless shimmering sky,
Innocent as of a babe new born.
Her ears, as seashells
Upon a crystal shore,
Thine skin, as alabaster
That doth implore
The touch of a suitor for its soft affect,
Made the more profound as she does direct
With dulcet tones from ruby lips
And a lithe caress of fingertips
To make thrall of many, their love forever sworn.

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Mystic Malesh

Reflections on your mother

My mother, a saintly woman if ever there was one, had learned to manage on her own. With father off to war more often than not, she became, in effect, lord of the manor. The warden and his groundskeepers seeked her out for orders, and even the local pig farmers sought her advice, so practical was she considered.

Through it all, through her stately dealings with all and sundry, yet I saw a sadness and loneliness that even her child could not vanish. There were nights when I saw her I tears, but I stayed out of sight and did not comfort her, for I knew not how. She never espied me in those moments, or never let on that she did.

It was she, however, who raised me, who made me the man I am. All but the darkness inside me, that born of my lack of a father, he who considered more the bloody railings against enemies than the comfort and needs of his own kith and kin, his own blood, his own son. Would that I could bring my mother back, and make her whole. She was the best thing in my life, and got little enough thanks for being so.

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