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Thomaslee Blog

This is where I will be posting what is on my mind or particular subjects that interest me.

Which it appears my well be starting with superheroes, and how it seems things are going for them. Especially my frustration with how well Marvel is doing and how poorly I feel DC is doing of late. Chuckles, though I will talk about other things. I just want to get this off my chest.

Why are so many superheroes becoming dark, violant, less in inspiring and so much more deeply flawed or troubled? Especially with many of the decisions by DC and their live action Cinematic Universe. That is what I wish to know. More, is that I cannot help but ask the question of whether or not there is anything that fans can do about it or if fans like myself frustrated by certain choices are just going to have to accept that directors, creators, and writers are looking to a difference audience.

I find myself worrying that some superheroes are losing their essence, that they are losing what actually made them heroes in the first place. By making them darker, more cynical, more violent, and more "Realistic"... I think people are forgetting just how fantastical the superhero genre is or its foundations. Admittedly, with this a fair bit of relatability to the struggles a lot of people are facing.

The fact remains though you have characters with fantastical powers and abilities, able to do that which is impossible by many of. The ability to fly around power, the durability to be thrown into a wall or through buildings, the power of telekinesis, magic, the elements, advanced technology beyond what we can do, those alien biology or artifacts, mutations, and so much more.

Even the so-called "Mundane" superheroes like Batman are actually quite fantastical or beyond human capability. If one looks at all the things accomplished and all of the foes that they have faced. Perhaps from audacity, mere courage, co-operation with others, or simple brilliant of strategy and planning.

With this the consideration as well of how much darker so many superheroes are becoming. They were supposed to be heros who inspired people, that saves lives even at the risk of their own, and sacrificed so much of their personal life or happiness. No matter their methods, what drew people to them is the fact that the majority of superheroes were actually quite moral and upstanding individuals even if their methods might differ from each other.

Part of this I felt had to do with trust, that if superheros started killing people left and right or started forcing their beliefs on others they would lose the trust of the populace, the government, and law enforcement. That even if there has been friction from time to time so many still looked up to the superheroes and turn to them for safety, because without that trust how are people supposed to believe that superheroes will actually have their best interests at heart?

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