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Grimnpoldt the Charmer

Fixed square on my face are the eyes of a gambling man and soon to be, a winner. In whatever trade I come across I plan to excel. I know I am not the mightiest, and I've been told I'm not the smartest, but the path to victory in this world is found not by hitting the hardest and definitely not by reading the most dusty books.

...I actually don't know what the trick is. Nobody does! So why shouldn't it be me that seizes it!
I'm ready for extraordinary things. I'm done with toiling in the fields. Nobody worth remember got that doing what everyone else does.

If you want to join the adventures of Grimnpoldt the charmer, you may find yourself in straits a saner man wouldn't, and I can't guarantee you'll come out alive, but life isn't about stopping death or leaving a pretty corpse. Ride with me, and we'll find the fortune that comes from victory, or the fame that comes from a glorious end!

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Action: Living


Charmer Grimnpoldt

Reflections on your mother

Reflections on your mother....

Suddenly, there is a sadness in me. I don't show it, at least I don't think I do, not like my mother did. But I understand it. Life is finite and death is forever. She had all brothers, all soldiers. And then her husband too went off to war. Now they are gone, between the lines of someone else's song. She understood death. Better than most; the purpose for it. That's why sometimes she would sit, staring off into the wind. There was nothing to be done for her. Her life had become fuel. The truth of it is not easy to take. But she could take it, she just had to let time wash her. And then she would be her cheery loving self again. Or was she being herself when she was alone. Was she herself only underneath the cheer and the love? Is that the lie that mothers must make up, to give up their own lives to time so that their children may live; so that I must live? I don't blame her if it is. How could I? She was who she chose to be and that is why I am me.

Her way was not the wrong way. But I reject it. I won't stand and stare so that others may live. She toiled with her hands and toiled with her heart to give me what I needed to grow. Thank you mother, I now choose to put the strength you gave me to good use. No one will look to my life and sigh. I don't want a sad maid sending forlorn looks my way. No mother, you raised me for a reason, not to be you, and not to be father, but to be better. I have to believe you would want no less from me. You sacrificed your life, not in the ways that soldiers do, but in a much deeper and crushing way.

You also taught me of evil. Be not afraid that I am thinking only of myself. I know what good is I thank you. And I plan on marking my path with good deeds so that you can find it from the stars.

I feel the feeling of you fading. I know your strength is in me and it is why your memory feels so weak. I don't know if I will feel or remember you ever again as strongly as I do now. If I never see your face again, in my dreams, or in afterlives to come, keep with you this moment, when I knew all that you gave.

I feel her now slipping away, am I still asleep and only waking, or am I becoming a person more removed from my childhood self, and from her? It doesn't matter now. Let love transcend knowledge and time and life, and let hers reflect on the glint of spyglass. I am looking forward now.

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Action: Living


Grimnpoldt the Charmer MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Advisor Description

"Are you stealing my shoes… ?" Grim would murmur as I slunked him into bed, "I may look crooked with drink, but I can still meet a challenge straight up." He would then raise his fist straight up in the air, which to him on his back probably felt like forward to his foe. And through it all, every time I let him think that when he awakes he fended off some boot-hungry brigand. I have found him in pools of mud and pools of blood. I tuck him away somewhere for the night, so he can get up and go onward into the fray the next morning. As long as he does, I don't have to. His want, his need, his lust for adventure, I have it too. But I am a coward. It is why his mother chose me. I ran into their home like a rat to a trap, behind enemy lines, a deserter, a child, in the home of the enemy.

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We interrupt Grimnpoldt the Charmer to share wisdom from days of old:
HistoricToday is: 21st March (GMT), in history on the 21st of March, 1969 AD the following death happened:
Gerhart Fritsch: Writer, dies at 44

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