Kurayami the Wanderer

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Kurayami the Wanderer
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Kurayami the Wanderer

Kurayami, stands around 5'6 with a buxom body. Kurayami has grey hair with almond shaped, brown eyes. Kurayami has caramel skin and a hardened appearance in general. Kurayami has chosen to see all the sights of the world. Kurayami views alliances as beneficial, but never be too trusting. Kurayami intends to overthrow the corruption by starting with common things and slowly gain footing in higher stations in order to become the next Ruler of Kings.

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Kurayami the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Kurayami

Advisor Description

As it was still early in the day, I decided to peruse the shopping area of the town. While eyeing some delectable fruit I hear loud voices. Turning slightly I notice a shopkeep struggling to snatch his valuables away from a thief. A knife was pulled out and with a strangled cry the shop keep let go off his item, cradling his bloody hand. Wasting no time, the theif sprinted off towards a dark alley. I don't know what possessed me, but I decided to chase after him. We had only ran a couple feet when he looked back and snarled at me. He abruptly turned on me with the knife; I barely slid to a stop in time enough to dodge his attack. That, however, made me realize that I wasn't carrying any weapons; I had to improvise. Looking around a saw a rusty pipe and moved to grab it
As he moved in for another swing I ducked under, kneed him in the stomach, and quickly smashed him in the head with the pipe. He fell to the ground and I moved in for another blow, but was stopped by a sharp kick to the ribs. Apparently there were now two attackers. I give a self-depreciating laugh, of course I die from one moment of random bravery. I await their choice, a quick blow to the head or maybe that knife will make another debut, either way this was probably my end… that's what I thought before I heard the unmistakable swish of a sword. I opened my eyes to see one of the town soldiers, the hard faced one that was strolling through the shopping area. He quickly dispatched the thieves and then turned and stared at me. I was sort of nervous, did he think I was with them? I quickly began explaining myself when he stopped me. He told me that it was a brave thing that I tried to do, could have been done with a big more… everything. We shared a laugh and he introduced himself as Gaius. He informed me that he as soon as he saw me take after the thief he followed us and watched; He was moderately impressed and offered teaching tips and tricks to improve my fighting skills. I was slightly unnerved that he sat and watched, but he did helped when it mattered so I accepted him as an advisor. I can see no disadvantage in having someone with street smarts and more immediately knowledge of the sword helping. Within that short time he had my respect and within a few lessons we became friends.

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Kurayami the Wanderer
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Kurayami the Wanderer MMORPG Text & RPG Text

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Dear Lady Fluke who is quite fair.
I only wish to touch you golden hair.
With eyes like emeralds and lips red as rose.
You are far out of my league, I suppose.
Some nights I sit wish of romantic walks by the sea.
Only to wonder if you even think of me.
How can any resist such adorable dimples.
Not to mention your body, a holy temple.
A delectable treat, seen from across the way.
I hope your in my life to stay.
But not only beauty, my lady has heart for all.
Even for those like me who come to call.
I adore the way you sashay
Makes me eyes go your way.
Your slender legs and shapely body
Remind me that you're a hottie.
Your subtle features makes my heart patter.
Though I know you don't think they matter.
They way your eyes twinkle at night
Makes me think the stars aren't so bright.
The smile you give to the world to see
How I wish it was only for me
I believe you know my love is true.
Cant you tell by the way I smile upon you?
Oh Lady Fluke cannot you see?
That you cannot put all your cares upon me.

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Kurayami the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Kurayami

Reflections on your mother

I have always truly loved my mother above all else. She was the one who there for me when no one else was. The one sang me to sleep and told me tales of great heroics. Of knights who served faithfully and fought against evil. The one told me, even as a small child, that I could do something great. She never spoke on Father much, so there is still much I don't know about him. She always said he was a good man, but what exactly does that mean? Did he keep mother and I safe or did he turn tail and leave us alone. Mother never answered my questions, but she would always tell me his stories. Like how he once out of a thousand man army, killed at least 500 himself. Or of how he gallantly traversed scorching deserts and dense forest to save her when she was kidnapped. She always looked rather sad when she recalled those stories, but she was also quite jovial when she recalled some of the happier ones. I assume mother loved him very much, I hope it was mutual.
However, mother and I never focused on Father for too long. Sometimes she would come outside to play with me or, when there was nothing to do, we would sit around and read together. Mother was always quite intelligent and she taught me many things. The only reason I learned to cook is because she forced me and I'm so glad she did. Even when I had to clean, she always seemed to have something amazing to say or turned the chore into a fun game! She just had a way with people in general. The staff and towns people adored her, and she them. She was greatly respected throughout the town.
My mother was truly my role model; A smart, confident woman who was beautiful until death. The shoes she has left behind out too big for my feet currently, but when I finally achieve my destiny I hope to rule with the compassion and intelligence she had. I would never dreamed of letting her down in any capacity.

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Kurayami the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Kurayami

Most handsome gentleman of Kurayami

I believe that this market place brings me an odd sort of luck; not even a week later and I have made another chance encounter, but this time with someone who peaks my interest in other ways. It was about mid-day and I was strolling through the market stalls on the hunt for the freshest ingredients to cook for my job at the Tavern. The normal hustle and bustle of the market had died down, so for once I could take my time. While I was making small talk with one of the merchants, he was reenacting one of his closer encounters with death, I saw a glimpse of silver streak by. I checked around, but didnt see where that sudden shine had came from. Shrugging it away, I paid for my items and headed back to the Tavern. I needed to get back quickly, time had slipped away from me while shopping and I was certain my wages would be cut for showing up even a second late.

I decided not to risk being late, I needed that gold, so I took a short cut down an alleyway. I was just about half-way there when I hear a scuffle up ahead. I remember what happened the last time I tried to be a hero so I turned around, content to go the longer way nowuntil a meek little voice starting pleading for help. I heaved a sigh and headed back down. It was a younger lady apparently being held up for her coin purse. Oh joy there were a small gang of them this time around, at least eight. While I wasn't exactly weak, eight men with nothing, but my small daggers seemed idiotic. Yet at the same time I had to try. I started thinking of a battle plan when I felt a hand on my back, I swung around only to be held in a tight grip.

Dont panic, came the deep voice, We're thinking the same thing so let me help. I nodded, suspicious, but if it was someone just as bad as the gang I'd need to play along. When I was released I fully turned to see a seriously looking man with silver locks and a strong, chiseled face. I was momentarily destabilized by his handsome features. He had the darkest brown eyes I had ever seen which complimented his slight bronze complexion. His silver mane was long and full and it came down to his broad shoulders.

Shaking myself out of my stupor I told him my plan. We worked together to quickly dispatch the thugs. He came out swinging his broadsword and killed the first man immediately. I followed behind, unseen, and delivered quick stabs to the two men in the back closest to the little lady. I grabbed her and we headed through the alleyway. When we were through she thanked me profusely and offered some coin, I told her not to worry and to get to the Tavern where it was safer. I then sprinted back into the alley, I couldnt just leave him in a battle I had started.

I found them still battling it out where I left them. He had taken out another set of two, but there was still three on him; I was seriously impressed, but theres no time for that. Running quickly, I sliced the jugular of one in the back. They made the mistake of turning to face me and were rewarded with a sword through the guts for their troubles.

When the adrenaline died I informed him of the lady waiting back at the Tavern, that she most likely wanted to reward him. He declined stating there should be no reward for doing the right thing; I agreed wholeheartedly. We stood there awkwardly for a second before I invited him to come to the Tavern anyway. I told him I needed to show my appreciation for his help, there was no way I could have done it alone. He smirked and said it wasn't necessarily; that he had somewhere else to be. My disappointment most have shown on my face because he chuckled and came closer.

Maybe some other time when I'm not covered in blood. Oh yeah, right had completely forgotten about that. He extended his hand Then next time Ms?
Kurayami, you?. I reply shaking his hand.
Arashi, let us meet again without such a scene, yes?

We both laughed and turned to head our separate ways. Thats when I realized that I probably wouldn't see him again. I knew for certain that he didnt live here in town and probably was only passing through, perhaps with the merchants. I was dishearten, but decided to turn and look at him one last timeonly to see him mirroring my expression. He smiled briefly, bowed, and then turned away. Could it even be possible he felt what I did; such a strong connection from the shortest of meetings? I may never know, but I will never regret my decisions on that day.

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Kurayami the Wanderer
A Friend

Kurayami the Wanderer

Why Am I Kurayami?

What the smile child said made me think, why is my aura "free" and how did she know it? Perhaps it is time to align myself...

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