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Kelic the Wanderer - Page 2

Familiar Description

Grey-white fur covers my familiars body, intelligent dark blue eyes always aware of his surroundings. He is called forth by a mental incantation that he was bound to long ago to serve some other master in some far away land, and once offered to me by the familiar instructor, was bound to me through a blood ritual. The familiar, having age beyond my own offered meaningful looks with hinted meaning on his expressive face, gestures that sometimes seem unfamiliar on his wolfish body occasionally catch me by surprise still. He is fiercely loyal, but not blindly obedient. We have a new budding friendship.

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Wanderer Kelic

Relation Description

She had hair that was mussed, tangled, and completely unmanageable. Glasses for her eyes from years of reading. Thin from forgetting to eat because that took time away from other things she could be doing. A mouseie appearance over all from caring more for books, knowledge, and learning then going outside to play or tan. That would truly be the most beautiful lass I ever did see, and there she is.

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Kelic the Wanderer MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Relation Description

Kara, a wandering druid. She is pretty, I'll give her that. She is wise, and has a leith build, but is less knowledgeable on the writings and histories of man. An opposite to Amee in that regaurd. She wears plant fibers grown to look something more like a hide, a brief brush with a hand would confirm it's near indistinguishable from the softest and warmest of furs only the green and yellowish hues give it away. Her outfit allows for full mobility. She carries a bo staff with her to aid and protect on her travels. Her eyes are light green with hawk yellow flecks around the outside, similar to her light brown hair having it's flecks of yellow. She would tell you it's a natural camouflage her body built durring her travels to break the color and blend in. I'll need to ask where she's been that yellow is found so common. She holds a diffrent appeal to me then Amee. Where Amee is an ideal lasting romantic love interest, Kara is a burning flame of passion and heat that would be as quick to anger as it would be to quelch the hostility in the fires of love.

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Page 2 Wanderer Kelic

Message to Advisor

Dearest loving sister,
I enjoyed our.. Talks as of late. I am writing just to keep in touch. I now have a familiar, and it only took the better part of my life to get in touch with my magic. I am honing my skills and trying to make up for my slow start in life, however humans being such frail beings with limited lifespans, I don't know if I'll ever make it to being the ruler of kings.... Yours truly Kelic.

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