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Daithi the Ranger

I was given the name Daithi because it means swiftness. My father understood that speed and tempo are essential in war and wanted to ensure that I understood this. The fact that it can be associated with pagans may not have been his intent, but also leaves a healthy doubt of the Church in my mind. Physically imposing to most of the population in both height and broad shoulders, the constant time spent in the wilderness has kept him wiry instead of hulking. The thick red beard and unkempt brown hair gives me the appearance of an uncivilized brute, but my piercing blue eyes reveal a mind that is razor sharp. This is due to books being my constant companion on long forays. I see myself as beyond the pale and more comfortable sleeping in the dirt than on a bed. Although I prefer the wilderness to people, I understand that the route to change the world requires armies and even politics. I intend to leave behind my love of independence and freedom by leaving the woods to begin my quest. In order to become the next ruler of kings I will make friends in both low places and high places.

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Daithi the Ranger MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Advisor Description

I was at an Inn, after spending thirty days in the wild trapping, and it was not food or shelter that I was seeking. I was just walking towards the door with this lovely barmaid, when a fierce, hooded woman emerged from a dark corner, barged in, and pretended to know me! With a few, quiet words and a glare that could petrify, Morgen had the barmaid excusing herself and fleeing in terror. Morgen, grabbed me by the arm and walked me outside. Her iron tight grasp on my arm, guided me through the streets of the town. When she removed her hood, I could see, to my surprise, that she was beautiful. She showed me a modest home with a married couple cleaning dishes and preparing for bed. Morgen said, "The simple life has many rewards, but this is not to be your life." Cruelly gripping my arm that I had injured while working, she said, nor should you be spending your blood earned money on loose women. Still refusing to explain who she was or how she knew I had hurt myself, she guided me to the local barracks. Here, men were still training despite the dark hour. Morgen recited,
"Wake early
if you want
another man's life or land.
No lamb
for the lazy wolf.
No battle's won in bed."

Pulling her hood back over her head, Morgen walked me to the wealthy part of town. As we approached a gated estate, she winked at me and playfully said, "Thanks for walking me home." I gripped her wrist intending to demand answers, a knife quickly flicked to my throat. "Careful," she whispered. Trying a different tact, I responded, "Why?" "Your father saved my father in battle, and my father swore to provide for you. However, he has since died, and he made me swear to do it," she said shrugging. "It won't be very fun for me though if you waste your potential on wenches and beer."

At that point she left me. She claimed to be oath bound to provide for me but she only ever trades barbs and offers advice to me. At first I was uneasy about her knowledge of me and her ability to stalk me, but she does seem to want to educate me and I could use someone who understands high society. And so far, is seems that she is quite sage or at least well read.

I have not been able to learn much about her background except that she is an aristocrat with seemingly no family left alive. She also has made it quite clear that she has no romantic interest in men. Should I have ever gotten that idea in my head.

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Ranger Daithi

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Golden Hair
Maiden Fair
Luscious Lips
And talk, about those hips!

Pleasing Smile
Classy Style
Soulful Eyes
And then, those lusty thighs!

Glowing Skin
Laughing Grin
V-shaped Back
And an, enormous Rack!.

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Ranger Daithi

Reflections on your mother

My mother raised me while my father was off fighting in the wars. It was she who fed me, taught me, and counseled me as I grew up. No matter her faults, she always ensured that I had enough to eat and clothes on my back. I will always honor her for that. She taught me to love the forests and the fields and she taught me how to read. She loved words. She did not always follow her own advice and at times we fought, but in the end we would always go for a stroll and work it out. I miss her. I must make her proud.

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Daithi the Ranger

Daithi died in the tunnels. Eaten by bats. Now his flesh is bat flesh. Now he is a bat roaming the tunnels looking to eat. Learn from Daithi. Do not explore the tunnels. Don't become bat food. Unless you too wish to become a bat and roam the tunnels looking for food. It can be quite circular, no? Just like life.

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