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Julius the Veteran

My name is Julius, but those closest to me refer to me as the Veteran. I received this name after shadowing under my father, who was a lesser-known commander of a small battalion of men, for the later half of my childhood. I am the tallest member of my family, besides my father, as I stand at 6 feet tall. Being under my father and near soldiers, I have managed to earn myself a slightly muscular appearance, but it is nothing to be intimidated over. I have also achieved a decent level of proficiency with the sword because of my shadowing. I resemble my mother slightly more than my father, as I have darkish-blond hair with medium-sized, dark blue eyes. I am slightly tanned, and many of those I know say I have a slightly approachable appearance, meaning I do not come across as an aggressive, cold person. I am also a bit shy, but I have been told I can hold good conversations. Some have also told me I can be a bit protective. I admire good fighters, and hope to be a great one myself, but I do appreciate intelligent scholars and mages when I meet them. I plan on becoming a great warrior, or even a commander, by furthering my sword-training that my father began and my military knowledge. By becoming a great warrior, I hope to become at least moderately wealthy; I do not have a desire to become extravagantly wealthy, although it would still be enjoyable to perhaps reach that status. I tend to make alliances only with those I have come to trust, but I am not entirely opposed to forming alliances out of thin-air. To become the next Ruler of Kings, I feel a diplomatic approach is more favorable at first. If this fails, I will resort to a rebellion. I consider myself to be decent at reading the emotions of people, but I still need work on this. With all this said, I now seek to start my adventure.

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"Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Julius the Veteran MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Advisor Description

Isabelle and I met through family connections. Although my family was relatively poor, my father was very close friends with a wealthy commander. The commander had a daughter named Isabelle, who is older than me by about 2-3 years. We first met at a celebratory party of my father's friend's recent victories when I was about 10, and we became well acquainted afterwards. Although she has a wealthy background, Isabelle tends to dress modestly. She was actually a bit interested in learning how to handle a sword, so I taught her the basics once before. She is very intelligent with regards to addressing other aristocrats, but struggles with understanding the poor inhabitants of the lands. She primarily learns about these struggles through me. We are very close friends as of now, and we are playful towards each other in a sense. I see our relationship developing further romantically as we age further. Being 16, I see this taking a few years to develop at the minimum.

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Action: Living


Veteran Julius

Julius was killed in combat with a band of goblins that he came across near a chain of mountains. Isabelle, his friend from childhood and also his advisor, came across his corpse shortly after the goblins looted him. He was found to be scorched, presumably by a shaman, and stabbed in multiple places. Isabelle, being closely associated with Julius, was heartbroken at the loss of a dear friend whom she had faith in from the start.

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