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Bibhinn the Merchant

My name is Bibhinn and I was named after my father's grandmother. I am 5 ft. 7 inches tall with a lithe figure. My hair is as black as a raven's wing, waist long with soft curls through it. My eyes are of an emerald green framed with long eyelashes. I have pale skin with a comely appearance.

I would consider myself to be an aspiring merchant but I know my way around a dagger and I can try to defend myself in a fight. I wish to establish myself initially as a merchant, trading in various goods but hope to establish a strong foothold and eventually become wealthy and renowned. To me, alliances are very important and I don't take betrayal kindly. I intend to build up enough fame and fortune to allow me to become the next Ruler of Kings.

It should be known that I have a love of fine foods, drinks and other things.

I now start this path towards fortune, fame and victory over all!.

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Merchant Bibhinn

Advisor Description

Bibhinn met Juliet through a chance occurance on a warm Summer's day. The harvest festival was underway and everyone was out and about in their finest clothing. Bibhinn and Juliet ended up beside each other while watching the archery tournament. Juliet's necklace fell from her slender neck and tumbled to the ground. Bibhinn picked up the necklace, examined it and called after Juliet. Bibhinn explained what happened to the necklace and offered to fix it for free. Juliet was delighted with the result and since then have been firm friends(Well as firm as an Aristocrat and a merchant aspirant can be!)

Bibhinn is glad that Juliet is acting as her Advisor as she feels due to Juliet's links with the Aristocracy, that she has an "in" or a contact that will potentially make it easier to become the Ruler of Kings although she has some doubts about Juliet's ability to advise on issues facing the lower classes but feels that Juliet is still a beneficial ally despite this. Bibhinn thinks that Juliet agrees with her plans to become the next Ruler of Kings and will provide aid as and when its needed.

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Action: Quest


Bibhinn the Merchant MMORPG Text & RPG Text

Reflections on your mother

Thinking back, my mother was a kind and loving woman. One memory in particular stands out to me, we were in the kitchen in our house and I was ravenous, as I tended to be as a child. Unfortunately, money and food were tighter than normal so Mother was trying to stretch out our food for as long as she could. I remember that day where she gave her meager dinner to me instead of eating it herself. I can still taste it to this very day, vegetable pottage that was more water than vegetable and bread that was so hard, it could be used to hammer nails. At that age I didn't realize the enormity of what she did but as I got older and started to understand, a hot wave of embarrassment would rush over me and I was determined never to do that again. Luckily things were never as bad since that day but it is the one moment I never forgot and it is the main driving force for me today.

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