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Julius the Wizard
A Friend

Julius the Wizard

Ever since I was a child, Mother had always told me to get out of the house more often. She complained about the way I seemed to shut out the world, and encompass myself within the makeshift study I had set up in my chambers. She said while I poured over tomes and read through manuscripts, the other children raced through the streets and got into wonder filled mischief playing Find the Troll, or seeing who could get away with taking the most apples from Old Hadvar's tree without the crone noticing. It's not that I wasn't social, however. Despite my scrawny stature, most of the kids enjoyed my company; a bit of clever wordplay here and a well placed jest there saw to that. No, the main reason I secluded myself wasn't due to an antisocial nature, but because of a thirst for knowledge. I enjoyed reading, gaining the information of the past. But now that Mother is dead, I can no longer tell her that.

Now that I am older, about 20 summers now, I have gotten quite tall. Mother wouldn't be able to recognize me, with my new height of 6'00" and my wispy jet black hair now grown so much I almost have it down to my shoulders, with a beard to boot. I think the only way Mother would still realize who I am would be by the hazel eyes we share. The faint scar I have on my pale white cheek would give it away also, I guess. She almost had me flayed when she saw the wound and forbade me from saber fencing with Damian again, and didn't let me near him for the next fort-night.

After a while, I had found out I had a proficiency in magic. Not inherently however, as it took weeks of practice under a tutor just to read even the simplest spells and incantations. I've decided to continue the studies despite the difficulties with help from the coercion of various friends around town and fancies of conjuring wicked powers to suite my needs and desires. With this path, I hope to find a life of knowledge, power, and most importantly, comfort.

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Julius the Wizard
A Friend

Wizard Julius

Advisor Description

Ever since Julius' mother died, he's been all the more distant and even more secluded. Apparently he even left town two months ago and went to the one across the river. I only noticed after the mates and I went to ask him about a supposedly magical trinket Lydeon bought. He insisted we ask Julius with him being knowledgable with such matters, and Lydeon wanted to be sure he wasn't swindled. We checked the local inn, and the barkeeper said he had left with a grim goodbye and a somber expression. Being the great friend that I am, I've decided to go and find him in order to cheer him up and help if needed.

I arrived just two days ago, and I've yet to find him. I asked around the town square but was met with silence or glares, sometimes both. Out of options, I decided to check the library and look for town records referencing either his name or his general arrival.

Yes! I found him, although not in the way I intended. With hours of pouring over countless scrolls and scraps of parchment with no end in sight I saw three figures in the back. Two of which being cloaked in black, with the third in the common garb of a library book keeper, his back towards me. They all seemed to be quietly arguing, gesturing, and madly pointing. I ignored it with none of it being my business and turned back to the pile of numbers, letters, and drawings supplied to me. After a moment, I heard a scuffle,and turned, seeing one of the black clad figures pushing the book keeper against the wall with a thin dagger at his throat. Now able to see the book keeper's pale face, despite the sweat on his face and terror in his eyes, I recognized him as Julius, the scar on his right cheek confirming his identity. Should've known he would be a library clerk, with is love of reading and all. I decided to stay seated and observe, as none of them have noticed my presence. Julius, at dagger-point listening to the thug's demands, silently nodded and handed each of them a pouch presumably filled with coins and handed the pair a leather bound book. After being handed their goods, they shoved Julius aside and strode off past my table and out the door. Julius, however, seemed positively sick. With a groan he sat down against the wall, sweat trickling down his face, breathing hard. After a couple minutes, he regained composure and returned to work, shaking all the while. I pretended to read for a couple more hours, fell asleep, and the library owner woke me up and sent me off.

After the initial encounter with Julius, I managed to make a schedual of his activities and where he went through the course of two weeks and made a plan to confront him. He was in pretty bad shape with no home, little rest and the small amount of coin he could make.

When he had one of his few breaks in the town square he sat on the fence of the inn and pulled out a book and read for three hours before he had to get back to work. It was in those three hours that I chose to jump him. It was around noon when he went through his usual routine of stretches, eating a small snack, and finally sitting down to read. I snuck over behind him, crept up inches away, threw my arms around his shoulders and with a heave, toppled the both of us onto the street. With a gasp, a couple curses and avid name calling, he clambered up and reached for something inside his sleeve and with a start, realized it was me. "Gods be damned, Damian! Ye nearly stopped my heart!" "Good to see thee as well Julius." I chuckled. "I came to see if ye needed a companion, an advisor to guide thine fine self out of trouble." Julius, brushing the dirt off of his clothes sighed and leaned against the fence, a hand rubbing his eyebrow. " I have no need of thy assistance Damian. I'm doing well enough for myself. Go home" "That's not what I have observed Mr. Book-Keeper. Ye seemed to need some help dealing with two thugs a while back haven't ye?" I snickered at the expression Julius gave me then, his eyes going wide and his mouth agape. "How do ye know of that?" "Well," I chortled "I simply followed you for about two fort-nights and observed. The lads and I were worried about you back home." I pulled out the locket Lydeon bought and tossed it to Julius which he caught with a fumble. "This is Lydeon's, by the way. He wants to know if it's magical, or has some enchantment." Julies examined it for a moment or three and handed it back with a wave of his hand. "Nay, it's as magical as a pile of bricks." "Ah well, can't be helped. Isn't my coin that was wasted." I sneered at the locket in gleeful disgust. "However, Julius I will not sit idly by at home as ye struggle to live. I'm going to aid thee no matter what." And with that we both embraced in a manly hug, and clapped each other on the shoulder, ready to face the world.

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