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Adriana the Mercenary

I am Adriana. Even at the young age of sixteen, I stand 5'10" tall. Growing up working as a farmhand has giving me a lithe, toned form. I have dark skin, short black hair, and light brown eyes.

Mother used to tell tales of my estranged father's campaigns with his company of soldiers. Some of the town's guards have even fought along side my father, and once they witnessed that spark of interest in my eyes, they offered to teach me how to become a great fighter like he was.

I spent all of my life just living in the moment. No goals. No aspirations. I just wanted to be me, free, and explore the land with an almost childlike wonder. But when my dear, sweet mother passed, a strange coldness came over me. By taking away someone so dear, it showed me how unpredictable and cruel this strange land could be.

After that, I closed my heart off to those that tried to get close, because I never wanted to feel
the grief that I'd felt for my dear mother ever again. I keep everyone I draw in with my charming smile and boisterous laughter at arms length.

Selfish? Perhaps.

I will continuing living in the moment as a Mercenary.

Thus, I now start this path towards living.

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Mercenary Adriana

Advisor Description

The first time I saw the hooded figure was at my mother's burial. I noticed them as I was receiving condolences from those that had attended, standing under the shade of a tree. They didn't approach, simply giving me a nod of acknowledgment before turning to leave.

At that time, I thought nothing of it.

When I took up the job of a bodyguard, I attracted some less than savory people who tired of my meddling affairs. One rainy night, they caught me off guard as I rounded a corner with a heavy sack over my shoulders. I could do nothing but protect my head as they attacked me with heavy kicks and harsh words. I thought I would have to endure the beating until they were satisfied until a clear voice called out over the downpour of rain and rumbling thunder.

"That's quite enough."

The sharp edge in that voice made even me freeze. The townsfolk jumped back, all turning to the new voice. A hooded figure stood before them, towering above with their tremendous height. The figure said nothing further, but walked forward, waving them aside. My assailants didn't wait around, scurrying off into the dark and stormy night. The figure stopped in front of me, and then a hand slipped under my arm to help me up.

"You're shivering," the figure assessed. I was, indeed, shaking, but from cold or fear, even I could not tell. "Come," they said, before heading towards the direction I knew to be the tavern. I quickly snatched up the heavy sack I was tasked to carry before following.

In the tavern, we seated by the warm hearth. Once settled, my savior pulled down their hood to reveal a woman with fair skin, long blonde hair, and cold blue eyes. She introduced herself as Elaine. She was a childhood friend of Mother, who had received a letter from her just before her passing. Apparently, my mother had asked Elaine to watch over me since she would no longer by able to. I was suspicious of her until she recounted some of the things she has sent to me and Mother over the years. Many of the things I thought were sent to me by my father on my birthdays were actually sent by her.

Even though she has a social standing as an aristocrat, Elaine made a vow to be there for me, and to be a worthy advisor. Henceforward, she would be my guide, but would respect the decisions I made, and how I chose to live my life.

Though I detected sincerity in her words, I suspect that Elaine has high hopes of me becoming a Ruler of Kings, just like my dear mother did.

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Adriana the Mercenary Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Reflections on your mother

Mother was harsh at times, but I could see the love she held for me in her eyes. My favorite moments with her were when I was a small child, on nights when my dreams were plagued by false monsters, she would have me aloft on her knee as she weaved wondrous tales. I knew not if these tales were true or simply exaggerations of life, but at that age, in body and mind and soul, I believed. Mother would tell tales of knights and dragons, heroes and villains, dark and light, false kings and cruel queens. The stories were vast, every tale told new, taking my breath away as I imagined it.

Sometimes, with a faraway look in her eyes. Mother would tell tales of either a man or a woman. I once thought if the man she spoke of was Father. I knew not who the woman was. Though the tales were vastly different between the two, the abundant adoration, and the underlining resentment in her voice when she told the tales of this man and woman where practically similar.

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Mercenary Adriana

Most beautiful lady of Adriana

I was leaving the Palace of Parody, my thoughts clouded by the looming threat of striking a deal with that ghastly figure, when I bumped into someone. A feminine gasp sounded as the young woman fell onto her behind, and a basket of fruit and vegetables dropped, causing the round items to roll out everywhere. Flustered, I quickly chased after the runaway items, garnering a few laughs from those who'd witnessed the incident. I apologized profusely, as did she, and we hurriedly tried to gather everything before someone stepped on something.

Saving all that I could, I returned to the woman with half a dozen apples and a few potatoes. I waited, the food bundled together in my arms, as she stored her own findings back into the basket. Once finished, she stood, lifted her head, and when our eyes caught, I froze, my heart leaping in my chest.

As the woman gathered everything from my arms, I stared, taking in her features. She had olive skin that was blemished with dark freckles and sun kissed, and full lips I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of. Soon, she was finished with her task. She'd looked back up at me, then, and I dropped my arms.

The woman tucked brown hair that had falling out of the headband behind her ear, out of her green eyes, and grinned. "You saved me a lot of trouble," she said, hefting up the basket to indicate it. "I appreciate it."

I nod, unable to find any words. When the woman turned to leave, I speak up. I offered gold pieces, stating that I would repay for the bruised items.

The woman looked grateful, but declined my offer. "Thank you, but Ole Dolly won't mind the bruises."

I didn't know what else to say, so with a disarming smile, the woman walked away, soon blending in with the crowd. I placed a hand against my bosom. It took a moment for my racing heart to calm back down.

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