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Aldaris the Patriot

They call me Aldaris, the Patriot, and I suppose that is as apt a description for me as any. Aldaris was my given name from my Father, Captain Arthur, a Paladin. He was not there at the time of my birth, but had left my name to be with my beautiful Mother, Alexandria. Patriot seems to be the best way to tell who I am, because in essence… that is the truth. For I am a patriot of the realms - living only to unite the factions under one King, and bring peace and prosperity back to the land and people I serve.

As I sit here in the tavern of the Town I have arrived in writing; I know there will be those who wish to know more about me. To that, I stand just over 6' 3" tall with a lean body of muscle and fair skin. I would not consider myself a specimen of the massive warriors, but more of the kind which rely more on speed and agility than pure strength. Black hair adorns my head in waves kept neatly about shoulder length. I have been told from time to time how my emerald eyes are truly mesmerizing… even piercing, but I will have to take their word for it. Some of the maidens about at my banquet believed me to be rather handsome, and I can accept such a judgement. For all I know, it may even be a true statement. My clothing tends to be of deep greens and blues - especially emerald and deep royal blue. As I sit here, currently that is with a deep emerald plain wool robe over my tunic and trousers - both the casual soft tan leather others often wear.

A paladin - that is my highest desire, and that is how I see myself. This comes less from my Father being one, and more of a sense… a calling if you will to become one. Naturally, this requires patronage, training, money, resources, and experience - of which I have little of at the moment. Thus, I know alliances will need to be made - though cautiously I would think less I end up slain or betrayed to some other doom. Trade will be necessary from time to time, and I shall have to keep an open mind in order to further my goals.

I cannot see myself being a tyrant in order to become the Ruler of Kings my Mother wished me to be. Even royalty cannot rule the land without the help of the people. So, I will do all I can to gather those to my cause by being kind. In helping others who have little to no hope; I end up helping the whole. I believe in doing it this way I can spread my righteous cause to the rest of the smaller realms in time, and eventually take my place to unite and lead them.

As for romance - well, I have not as yet met the woman who can capture or enchant my heart, mind, and soul. I am certainly attracted to women, but none of them have as yet touched me on that deeper level which I seek. For the one I seek will be my equal - able to stand her ground, fight beside me, help the people, and rule with wisdom and grace. Of course, I want her to be physically beautiful as well. Only Heaven can say what is in store for my future with regards to a female companion.

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Patriot Aldaris

Advisor Description

No sooner had I left the Tavern was I approached by a woman I had not even realized was there watching me. She was quite fair in appearance, and certainly dressed as one of the nobility with gorgeous silvery blue dress that conformed to her gorgeous frame quite nicely and complimented her fair skin. She had the softest blue eyes I had ever seen, and yet her hair was as red as blood. The woman was nearly as tall as I was, and though I could see no weapon on her - there was an aura of power to her which could not be denied. Magic was my immediate thought, but I had only suspicions - not facts.

"So, it is as they said… ye have ventured forth, and now seek to make a place in the world. Ah, but not just any place, hm, Young Aldaris, but Ruler of Kings to be thy destiny. Well, we shall see if the stars have told truly, yes… I am Kahlina, and it has been given to me to watch over ye as best I might. Thy days ahead are filled with danger and adventure, but if I may help - I will."

Her tone was one of interest and genuine curiosity. I wonder, naturally, who has sent her to me, and who I am that she would be willing to guide me in my goal to become the Ruler of Kings. It is clear she hopes to help me on that path, but there is also doubt there in her soft blue eyes. I confess to being slightly unnerved - for now it seems clear she has been following me until the time was right to approach. Though I am uncertain - she seems somewhat familiar to me from my Coming of Age banquet. Yet, if she can help - I can ill afford to turn such aside.

"Thy help will be greatly appreciated, Lady Kahlina," I answered after bowing low and without mockery. I could only hope she was indeed able to help.

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Aldaris the Patriot Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

See ye not the Lady's wonder?
So fair the heart doth sunder.
For here resides one true and rare,
With beauty for all to spare.

She shares of her gentle heart,
Wise attend her at the start.
Eyes so fiery and crystal blue,
Which often pierce and see true.

Her laughter alone brings joy,
Better than any silly toy.
Skin so soft and lovely fair,
I don't blame those who stare.

Nature obviously loves her deep,
Her mane of green she neatly keep.
One of style and grace to show,
Allowing us all to learn and grow.

Have you all seen her smile?
Taking pain away by the mile.
With warmth to share and care,
Always being true and fair.

So, stare at her if you wish,
Be not such a cold fish.
She is wondrous and kind,
Learn from her lovely mind.

Diamonds shine in the night sky,
But her treasure is her pie.
Her lips so inviting and red,
"Don't kiss and tell," she said.

Time may cause all things dust,
Yet, her soul thou may trust.
For beauty is not just the seen,
But, with soul eyes so keen.

Writing this so all may know,
And, see what she can show.
Her beauty constantly shines,
Even as I make these rhymes.

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Patriot Aldaris

Reflections on your mother

The Dream Whisper has come to me even as my first day comes to an end here in Town. She has bid me remember my Mother here within the confines of the journal given to me on my Day of Ascension. I do miss her sorely as this is my first time away from her in the sixteen years I have been alive and writing of her here will only help others to understand who I am better. So, I write of my beloved Mother: Alexandria.

Alexandria had the most noble and beautiful of emerald eyes I had ever seen, and it is where I got my own set of orbs from. She was tall taller than many men it seemed, and though she was not broad or showed any exceptional strength; Alexandria was quick and agile with a strength hidden from others. When I was only seven, I remember three ruffians attempting to rob the estate. When confronted with my Mother; they seemed confident she could not hinder them. Sadly, for them, nothing could have been further from the truth. My Mother killed all three men with her ability to fight using only a staff. The foolish robbers never had a prayer. Despite this, I remember her voice offering a prayer for the dead; for my Mother was a gentle person with no love for killingeven when it became necessary. I asked her about it later that week, and her answer surprised me:

Never forget the worth of all souls, My Son. Few are truly evil in this world. Most are merely misguided or desperate. The taking of a life should never be done casually.

I have never forgotten that lesson since then.

She had the most amazing silvery blonde hair I ever thought to see on anyone. It came down in to the middle of her back in a vast array of ringlets and curls usually of some complex pattern she made depending on events for the day. In truth, it had a rather unearthly beauty to it, but I did not inherit such hair from Alexandriamore is the pity. Some said she had Elven blood in her, but I doubt such is the truth. People tend to try and explain things they do not understand. She did have a rather enchanting voice when she sangsomething which spoke of a divine energy about her I never quite understood. So far as I knew, m Mother was a woman who owned her own estate not some priestess of a deity. She did always have a concern for the souls of others, and often reminded me to always find ways to strengthen my spirit. Alexandria had a great love for cooking, and it is from her I learned the basics of such things.

Cooking can be quite relaxing, Aldaris, but more so it can serve ye in good stead when ye have need of a good meal, or even for a position to fill so ye be in need of gold.

With such advice, I learned how to cook with Alexandria, and indeed learned to love it. Ah, but cooking was not the training she wanted most for me to learn. For the Ruler of Kings was always in her thoughts, and the destiny she believed I carried for such a path. In this, my Mother made sure I was worked hard on the sword field with a private tutor. Books and scrolls she placed before me often to read, learn to write, and to sharpen my mind. My soul she reminded me often enough to keep building, and while I tried to please her in all things my mind is not as sharp as she would have liked. I took to sword training with great zeal often imagining myself wielding a blessed holy sword against some monster or demon. Prayers came easily enough for me and learning of the various philosophies and religions.

Not long after I began my training with my Mother over the increasing of my spirit did I have a dream that has remained with me to this day. It showed me on a divine white charger in the most splendid and radiant silvery chainmail I could ever imagine. Light surrounded me, and a sword I held thrust up to the Heavens which burst into holy blue flames. Around me were gathered men and women armed for battle, and on the field ahead of me were dark things I could not entirely make out.

When I told my Mother about this dream; she replied, Thy vision is a good one, Aldaris. Only a paladin can unite the smaller realms against the growing darkness. Remember it well, My Son, for the Ruler of Kings is thy path, and thee must be a paladin if ye hope to achieve such a goal. There are wizards and clerics enough about, but the people need a paladin.

Thus, my desire to become a paladin king came from her, and to this day my goal has never changed. I was only eleven at the time. The days wore on blending from one to the next, but ever Alexandria was there to ensure my safety, training, and laughter. Yes, even laughter was something she believed in giving to me. She believed no person could survive the trials of the world without laughter and joy. Thus, it was I learned to dance, to play various games she taught me how to play chess, personally, and to never forget to laugh.

Laughter is the healing medicine for the soul and mind, Aldaris. Without it, thee will become bogged down in the cares of others, and the weight of thy destiny will crush thee like an avalanche.

She was certainly one to laugh, and it would at times ring through the house in a most pleasing way as if to drive all the shadows and sorrow away. One of those sorrows was her loneliness. She deeply loved my Father, Captain Arthur, a paladin who served leading a company of knights against evil forces. He rarely came around the estate and was never there for long periods of time. Indeed, I think I only saw him twice. Yet, despite this loneliness, my Mother never ceased to have joy in her heart, and never ever forgot to laugh. She was truly incredible.

The day after my Age of Ascension banquet saw that laughter come to an end. The strong and beautiful woman who was my Mother was gone. She had died in her sleep sometime late that night after making sure I had enjoyed my feast and party. I grieved for herthe loss is still keenly felt even a week later now. She was always there, and nowshe was gone. There would be no more words from herno more laughter. The world seemed a darker place without her, but for herfor AlexandriaI went out into the world to prepare for the destiny she had given me: Ruler of Kings as a paladin. Ah, but I miss her.

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Patriot Aldaris

Reflections on your father

The Dream Whisper has come to me again as I prepare for sleep, but it seems she believes it best if I first write of my Father: Captain Arthur, a paladin. I have never denied her the things she has asked of me, and I see no reason to now.

Captain Arthur is a paladin in service to some deity; though which I have no clue. My understanding is he leads a company of knights, and is in service to no particular lord or commander, but serves only the deity and temple to which he belongs. Sadly, I know neither of these things. I do know a couple of things without thinking too much about him. One of them is I got my name from him. Though he was not there for my birth; my Father's wish to my Mother, Alexandria, was for me to be named Aldaris. The other was I have this midnight black hair from him. Beyond that, the rest is mostly a mystery I'm afraid. I have heard he is fearless in battle, and has never lost a single engagement. Truth or not, I confess that is rather impressive. I would love to know more about him; as it is my hope to become a paladin as well - despite my Advisor hoping to make me a mage like her. I know my Mother loved him very much, and so at least I know he was not just good for fighting holy battles, but was able to win the heart of someone as beautiful and wonderful as Alexandria. I do wonder, of course, if he found out about her death yet. Has he heard she died the day after my Coming of Age banquet? Does he know I had to sell her estate? Does he even know where I am, or what I am doing at the moment? I don't even know where he is, or even how to reach my Father at the moment.

I pray he is okay, and that I find him one day. I hope he will be proud of the path I have taken. Whatever deity he serves - I hope they are watching out for him.

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Aldaris the Patriot

Most beautiful lady of Aldaris

Today, I can't believe what just happened! While I was on my way to the Tavern from the Palace of Parody I saw the most beautiful woman ever! Mind you, I have always considered my Mother to be exceptionally gorgeous, but this womanno, not even Alexandria could hold a candle to her beauty. I did not even know such beauty could exist, and even now I am not completely convinced she was not some kind of dream. She didnt even look mortal!! Certainly, no mortal woman could ever compare to her, but if she was not mortal who was she? And, if she was mortal, then the standards other consider as sexy is truly underrated!
Yet, how do I describe her she who has pierced my heart and mind with such loveliness as only a goddess should have? For her hair was a mixture of silver and gold in perfect blend as the sunlight hit her mane of complex ringletsstretching down to just past her shoulders. Her skin was appeared to be so soft, and as fair as ivory without blemish for what little I could see. The figure of her body was enough to entice any man or woman she could ever wish for, and none would be worthy of to ever touch her. For she was sleek and curved in all the proper proportions what I have heard described as Elven grace. Perhaps she was an Elf, but I have never seen one so I have no point of reference. Her arms and legs were slender and trim, and yet there was an underlying strength in her movements of smooth agility. Every step had a purpose, and I could feel she was awarevery aware of her surroundings. It was as if she had this constant vigilance of the spirit and mind completely in sync with one another.
Ah, but her eyes! Never have I seen such sapphire blue eyes in all my young lifenot even in my wildest fantasies!! I am sure there are sapphire gems which would be envious of her eyes if they could be allowed such an emotion. I would have gladly given up all I had to have those eyes on me forever. They were so softinviting and kind, and filled with emotions I do not understand, and yet causes stirrings within my body, mind and soul which sets me ablaze. Should I ever be so fortunate to court her; I think I would indeed be Ruler of Kings, and she would make the fairest and most fantastic of Queens. For there is something else about her eyesthe mirrors to her soul which I only briefly glimpsed: intelligence, sharpness of mind and spirit, compassion, depth, and moreso much more. Yes, she would be a Queen if she was not a Goddess. To have her lips on mine is something I fear should not ever cross my thoughts, but such a desire is within me, and much more besides.
Who are you, Fairest of Ladies? Are you my Goddess which I seek to serve? My future Queen for all eternity? Who are you, and will our paths ever cross again, I wonder I do?

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Aldaris Patriot

Message to Advisor

Today has been a very busy day, Lady Kahlina. I can only hope you find it pleasing to the destiny which awaits me. Several things I have accomplished this day. One of these things is I have helped the Jeweler and Lady Alana from the Temple of Solace. A pair of ruffians attempted to take the ring and money from me on delivery, but both ended up slain with no real harm done to myself. Sword training has continued apace, and I feel I have gained some experience since last we spoke. I have learned how to Bless others, increased my reflexes, and been of aid also to the Market shopkeepers against other ruffians trying to rob them. It is my hope to continue building my skills, and help those around me in my quest to rise as Ruler of Kings. Naturally, I look forward to hearing your own thoughts on my actions thus far.

I did have a very strange encounter today. This one is hard to put into words - though I have attempted to do so in my journal. I met simply the most divinely beautiful woman I could ever hope to lay eyes on! She was simply perfect in every aspect… meaning no disrespect to your own charms, but she was like a goddess. For all I know, she might have been. I just know that if I ever have even a small chance of courting her affections - I would do so without hesitation. I believe she would make the most fantastic of Queens to rule at my side - assuming she really isn't some goddess.

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Aldaris Patriot Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post

First time in the Town

I suppose I should tell about my first experience here in Town. It began with me coming to the Tavern where I made my first entry into this beloved journal chronicling my life. Not long after eating and preparing to explore the Town was I stopped by a woman that had apparently been following me. Her name was Kahlina - and aristocrat and mage apparently who wanted to make sure I was taken care of. She did not explain her desire to aid me, but she made sure I understood her desire for me to become like her - instead of a paladin as I had desired. I did not waste a great of time with talking to her at that immediate moment, but went off in search of supplies and skills to start acquiring. Among the first of the skills I learned was how to improve my reflexes and cooking. With this, I made sure to also acquire some protection: a longsword, scale mail, and a steel shield. It wasn't long before I made myself useful to the owner of the Tavern, and took on a job as a cook for him to help out… and keep a steady of funds coming in.

The Tavern was certainly noisy - more than I was use to. Such commotion never happened on my Mother's estate. Thus, the noise was rather unpleasant, but as it was where I could be the most use - I kept at my job, and found ways to improve the skill of cooking which my Mother had began teaching me. Of course, sleep was a necessity, and without an abode of my own - I rented a room from the Tavern owner. Yet, on my way to sleep, I was interrupted by the Dream Whisper… a woman of unearthly quality and mystery about her. She bid me write about my Mother - whom I missed sorely, and this I gladly did. I have not yet quite figured her out, but I certainly hope to. There is something strange there… as if she is someone that will be constantly watching out for me like a guardian angel. Of course, for all I know, she might be my future wife, or the voice of some goddess. I know not who she is, but it is something I am resolved to learning more about.

As I lay down, I began to think of exploring the town the next day… the Jeweler, the Temple of Solace, the Palace of Parody… those were the places I knew I needed to explore first. The Temple for my own reasons in the hopes of finding out more about becoming a paladin.

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