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Theodora the Devil

Despite the name I bear, it is a tad bit ironic that some have chose to attach the title of "devil" upon my person. Theodora is the name of one who intends to be good and honest in the eyes of mortals and gods. Mother wished for me to be this way, but then again, being good and honest almost always ends badly. So, in saying this, I've decided that maybe being too good and too honest is something that I will not see myself doing in the future. The world is no place for those that smile and nod while allowing themselves to be trampled on as if they were an insignificant bug at the bottom of one's boots.

Mind you, proving this way of thinking was no small feat. People tend to raise eyebrows if they see a short, and equally as scrawny individual such as I attempting to gain their respect. This is why I concluded that being the confrontational brute who puffs out their chest and draws their sword before thinking is not for me. After all, one must make use of their stature.

It is of no surprise to anyone that the short and scrawny tend to stick to the more.... Shady parts of life. I am rather quick on my feet and nimble with the hands. Others prefer a sword or a magic spell, but Theodora prefers her wit and of course, a few "tools", one should say. Tools that may or may not include the occasional lock-pick… or dagger.... And in turn, may or may not include finding her way into places that she shouldn't be in, along with relieving the owner of their most interesting valuables.

Very early on, I noticed that many of the village children would avoid me, despite my mother encouraging me to go out and play with others of the same age. In time, I realized that I prefer my own company. Unless I am in dire straits and absolutely need another person, I keep to myself. After all, swiping valuables that do not belong to me does tend to require planning and silence. Including another individual means risking both factors.

I am not above selling my services. In any case, lending a… dare I say-- "helping hand" for a few nice shiny pieces of gold does allow me to make temporary friends with mutual interests. Oh, how mother would detest to see me now, but alas, I have no home… No money, and no connections at the moment. My days are spent pilfering what I can, and practicing my not so honest art, in hopes that I may catch the eye of someone with a bit more power than the common housewife risking her meager allowance on stealing into the dwellings of a rival, suspected of midnight tryst with her husband....

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Devil Theodora

Advisor Description

I was very much in a wary state by the time the day ended. The sun was dipping low on the horizon, my bones ached all over. Indeed, I am young, but that does not mean I didn't get tired. I spent the whole day going to and fro, seeing this or that person in the Town. Home was far away from here, and I lacked a horse. Having made my way on foot, I practically stumbled into the guard on my shaky legs. Straightening myself up, I followed the throng of peddlers, farmers, and other folk passing through the gates.

In that first half hour, I realized I hadn't the faintest idea where I was headed, and promptly asked a passerby for directions to the nearest tavern, mainly because I was famished. Manuevering through even more confusing narrow streets with the only thing to guide me being equally puzzling navigation instructions, I finally made it in front of the tavern.... Only to slap my forehead in frustration. I didn't have any money. I was about to turn around when a brown-haired woman stepped out from some hidden corner of the establishment.

"Greetings. I see you ran into a bit of trouble. Theodora, is it?" She cocked her head to the side, her almond shaped eyes glittering in the dying light of the sun.

I pressed a hand into the inside of my cloak, fingers curling around the emerald green fabric, "How do you even know my name?" I brushed the fingers briefly on the cold blade underneath and quickly retracted the hand, patting the outside to make it look like I was merely adjusting the cloak.

"No need to get suspicious. Name's Lynsia. Been watching you for a while now. Actually, a long long while. You just weren't in the position to notice me just yet," The woman, now identified as Lynsia, tapped her nose. I blinked and narrowed my eyes. What in the world did that mean? How could she possibly know who I am?

Giving her a sweeping glance, I saw that she wore an apron over the simple white dress, which hugged her figure. Her face was homely, and rather plain. Indeed, if she hadn't revealed herself to me, I probably wouldn't have even given her a second glance, given that she possessed one of those rather.... Plain qualities. Forgettable.

"However, you're a bit older now, so I thought to myself-- 'she could use someone like me right about now.'" Lynsia went on with a careless shrug, "Your momma's dead, you're penniless, and not everyone's got a generous heart. Can't really guarantee that my help could be of much use… But.... "

I waved a little, interrupting, "But… ? But what's the catch? What do you want from me?" The fact that a strange woman appeared in front of me as if from thin air, spewing nonsense of having watched me for a long time, offering help without wanting something in return? That just wasn't possible. No…

I shuddered at the thought of being observed without my knowledge. And I made it my business to be the one in shadow, watching, not being watched.

A twitch curled Lynsia's mouth upward, "All in due time, my dear. First, I have a debt to repay with a certain someone that you may know, and I intend to honor that. Anywho--" She gestured at the door, "Supper?"

I huffed, undecided for a minute but the rumbling of my stomach snatched that opportunity out of my hands.

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Theodora the Devil Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Breath of life comes to Theodora the Devil. I, Theodora, have died but am alive again! I am no undead despite this 1st mythology.

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