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Zephyr the Swordsman

I was given the name Zephyr by my mother. It means soft gentle breeze in the language of the Greek, she had given me that name because on the day of my birth a gentle breeze filled the air after days of heavy rain. Perhaps she had seen it as an omen.

I had gotten most of my personality from my mother so it was only natural that I follow in my fathers footsteps and become a noble swordsmen as he was once.

I stand at 5 foot 9 inches and have a lanky frame. I take after my mother with my black hair and brown eyes. My brown skin is one of the few signs I am my Fathers daughter. The training to become a swordsmen has left me with a rough appearance.and at first glance I would seem to be a skinny man

I want to follow in my Fathers path of becoming a noble swordsmen. Helping those who are weak and rooting out evil. And maybe hopefully die for a noble cause which would give my life meaning. But in order for me to do the I need to find my own allies and connections. You cannot fight a battle alone

I will become the next Ruler of Kings though acts of good wills and forming bonds with other potential allies. Noble or commoners. Because to achieve my goals I have to strive to go to the the top. I shall start my journey with my ideals by my side.

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Swordsman Zephyr

Advisor Description

After a long day I decided to go the tavern for drink. I was taking a sip when I noticed a women out of the corner of my eye. She seemed to be nervous. A big hulking man came next to her and started angrily shouting at her. I couldn't make out the words as I was on my third drink. But whatever was happening was unacceptable. This fiend was harrasing a weak innocent women. I had to step in and save her. I grabbed my old sword

"Stop" I slurred
The man paused in his shouting
"This doesn't concern you kid, I suggest you go you go back to your drink"
I was fuming. How dare this man use his physical power he had been given to prey on the innocent
"It does, leave that women alone" I tried to make myself sound though. It was hard considering the meanI was facing was much more muscular than me
"What's it to you? Don't tell me your with her" he seemed angry. He took out his sword. I in turn took mine out too. I was not going to let this man terrorize any more people
"Be prepared, fiend" I charged at him with my sword. In the process breaking lost cutlery and dishes.

He easily parried the blow. I tired again. He blocked. He started attacking. At first I could hold my own. But his attacks became more and more heavy. I couldn't compete directly with his physical attacks. So I did something that wasn't noble. I took a glass of something hot that was on the table and threw it at him. He flinched. Now was my chance. I rushed to attack, but I slipped on one of the plates that were on the floor. I had forgotten about that wreckage. I landed hard on my back and fleet my breath stop. Had I broken something
The muscular man seems angry. He wiped off the liquid on his face and was about to deliver a blow on his sword when a voice shouted out.

"Stop at once Eiran"
A tall man appeared wearing armour. He seems to be in his late 40s. A scar ran across his face. His greying hair made him look all the more scary. Was that man part of the towns guard? But how did he know this fiend

Eirian, the muscular man flinched.
"I told you to do it discreetly, trashing a traven and getting into a sword fight is not discreet" The man had a deep voice that commanded authority
"Captain, I would have took care of it but her comrade interfered" He said pointing to me.
", Is helping someone is considered a crime then so be it" I groaned
Now that I noticed the women was nowhere to be seen
"that women you you so graciously helped is a thief and a swinger. She's stolen from dozens of townsmen both rich and poor, young and old. I had set up an trap to catch in the act yet you interfered and now she's gone again. So thank you almighty hero"
A thief? I had just helped a thief. How could I betray my ideals like that. I was not worthy to cal myself a swordsman, I was not worthy to follow in Father's footstep. As I lay there fretting over everything I believed In the Captain said to Eiran
"If you had not lost your cool you wouldn't have lost track of her. How many times must I tell you to think before you draw your sword. But what's done is done. Report to the office when you get back and clean the stables. Perhaps that will give you some time to cool down"
Eiran grimaced but accepted his punishment and left
The captain glared at me. Is this it? Was my journey going to end before it really began.
"You stance wasn't proper and you used up all you stamina in the beginning" He helped me up.

Was he not going to kill me? Or throw me in prison

"You have got talent. But talent its useless without the proper application. Keep practicing and you might become something err-
"Zephyr" I said
"Zephyr, now why don't you clean up the mess you made and tell me what your story is"
I accepted, it seems he was letting me live for now. I began cleaning up. The travel owner was angry reasonably. I gave him some gold to replace the dishes which made his mood lighten up a bit. Afterwards I sat down with the Captain whose name was Malakai and told him my tale.
The captain said nothing and just ordered a drink
"Ambitious goals. Noble even. But do you think that you can help the weak and innocent when you trash there belongings"
I look down he had point
"I cansee you mean well kid. But words don't mean anything if your actions back them up. I'd give up if I were you"
I breathed in. It was true I may have been reckless. And caused damaged. But my ideals were true. My goals are true
"No. I know my faults. I know what I did here was not noble or heroic. But I want to be better. I want to be a person people can look up to with love and respect not with fear. I want to my father. I have to be like him"
Captain just stared at me
". Can't fault someone who wants to improve. Tell you what kid. I think you may be onto something. I have lived a life. And I've learned a lot. If you ever need help or advice just come and find me. I would like to see where you go"

I thanked him. I had gained an advisor. Captain Malakai of the town guard.

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Zephyr the Swordsman Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

The Resurrection of Zephyr the Swordsman. I, Zephyr, have died but am alive again! No Lord, no Knight shall be my scourge fer I have returned this 1st time to continue this adventure.

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Swordsman Zephyr

The Resurrection of Zephyr the Swordsman. I am no undead despite this 2nd day dream.

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Swordsman Zephyr

Reflections on your mother

My mother was a saint. She had to be to raise me by herself. She taught me common life lessons that at that time seemed foolish and time wasting but would help me on my journey. Perhaps in her heart she always knew I would want to follow in the footsteps of my father. I wonder if I can make you proud Mother? And be the person you'd want me to be while still keeping sight of my goals.

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Zephyr the Swordsman

The Resurrection of Zephyr the Swordsman. A title of Swordsman did not protecteth me from my 3rd bewildered death. No more must mine calling bring me to this point.

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