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Kell the Wanderer
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Kell the Wanderer

I must begin by saying: this journal belongs to Kell the Wanderer, to serve as a record of my thoughts and deeds in my travels as I attempt to fulfill my mother's hopes for me, and perhaps more importantly, discover myself and what I wish to do with my life, which she has given me. If you find this journal, please return it to the young adrogynous lady dressed in black and other dark colors. I have tanned skin, dark hair and brown eyes. I am typically found in my practical hunting gear and boots, often donning a long voluminous cloak for warmth or concealment. I am not the tallest one in a crowd, but am leanly muscled, stronger than I look, and light on my feet. Now that you know my appearance, you should find me, return this journal posthaste, and cease snooping.

That said, I must confess that I am feeling so lost with the death of my mother. I have never seen myself as ruler over anybody, yet her greatest wish was for me to become Ruler of Kings. No, "wish" is the wrong word. It was her conviction that such would come to pass.

I wonder what my father would say. My mother always claimed to be following his instructions, yet I never really knew the man. I have always been resentful of his lack of care, but I find myself yearning for his guidance in my mother's absence. She always said that he was the one I took after.

However, I cannot help but be grateful that no one here knows me or my intentions. A fresh start is exactly what I need in the wake of my mother's passing, and I am eager to put past troubles and embarassments of my childhood behind me. There are so many paths laid out before me. After living in relative seclusion, it is dizzying. Thrilling. Exciting.

I wonder what trade I should take up now that I am here. In my lessons, I trained to hone my Body, Mind, and Soul, and I did quite well - but there was never any obvious area I excelled at. I am fascinated by all knowledge in equal measure, which is why I thought the life of a traveler might suit me - for there would always be more to discover around every corner. In my youth, I often snuck off during leasons - not to escape my studies, but to find some time away from the tutors! I always thrived in solitude, in the quiet. I have many fond memories of hiding in the forests surrounding my childhood home… I learned the lay of the land well, and with my keen appreciation and awareness of nature, none could ever find me if I did not want to be found. I passed many days in the peaceful forest, practicing my sword drills or archery, reading about history, geography, government, arithmetic, languages, art, and the rare tomes of prized arcane knowledge. I cannot say I never skulked about in the shadowy hollows of the woods to play tricks on the other local children, either. On one notable occasion I stayed there through the night and only came home in the morning, my stomach cramping from hunger, teary-eyed at my childish reluctance to hunt and kill any of the cute woodland critters for food. I was punished quite harshly for disappearing for so long, discouraging any more overnight stays.

I wonder if any of these experiences will assist me. In any case, I am already getting ahead of myself. I must visit the tavern to gather information about my new surroundings. Then, perhaps an opportunity may present itself.

Signed, Kell.

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Kell the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Kell

Advisor Description

I can hardly believe it - I have a stepsister. Nadia. She is everything that I am not: feminine, worldly, charismatic. I always felt that there was a hole in our little family. I believed it to be my distant father, but now I wonder if I had been feeling the void of a missing sibling all along.

I should start at the beginning. I met her as I was still familiarizing myself with the town. Exploring the many streets and sights the town has to offer, an unsettling chill down my spine alerted me that I was being watched. At first I tried to shake it off as merely paranoia, the anxiety of being away from home for the first time in my life. But the instinct did not subside. Before long I had a plan, though it was reckless if someone truly did have ill intentions towards me. I stepped into a secluded alleyway and snarled a demand for the stalker to show their face. I may be of smaller stature, but I can make quite the intimidating face when I feel the need.

She stepped out of the shadows. I felt the dagger in my sleeve. I had come fully prepared to fight for my life, but there was no need. The woman, a few years older than me, had dark skin and bright, finely made clothes. Every nail was painted and her hair was elaborately styled. As a child and adolescent, I had never been friends with the lads and lasses who took the care to seem as fashionable as her. They were all obsessed with the trends in the big cities, but I was more likely to be found wrestling in the mud with other children, or in the library poring over books beyond my years, or deep in the forest meditating… Fashion had always seemed petty, compared to the strict doctrine of Mind, Body, and Soul that my mother taught. So in the moment I first saw my stepsister, her appearance inspired only contempt.

Then she started talking.

She has a way with words, my stepsister. She directed us to a nearby diner, where we could sit and discuss serious matters. She properly introduced herself as Nadia, my father's daughter from his first marriage. According to her, when my father learned of Mother's death, he sent her to comfort and aid me (Though I must wonder, if he is so concerned, why he did not simply come himself) While I was shocked, she filled the air with much talk - gossip, rumors, jokes.

The longer we spoke, the more natural her presence felt. She made me laugh. While I want to be suspicious of her, she managed to impress upon me her good will. She says she was only following me as a way to test me, and look out for me. Still, there is something mysterious about her, and I am sure she has many tricks up her sleeve. That does not mean she will not be useful as I get settled and learn my way around. She has an uncanny knowledge of the ins and outs of this town, and seemingly a good understanding of the outside world as well. She has connections, which is much more than I can say for myself.

I won't be letting the stalking thing go any time soon, though.

Signed, Kell.

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