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Morbus the Malevolent
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Morbus the Malevolent

My name, is Morbus.

My height is six feet, five inches. Sometimes others refer to me as Bones because of my lithe frame. I have glistening red hair with large black eyes. My pale white skin and disturbed appearance is often off putting for others.

I prefer to see myself as a practitioner of the dark arts. Unfortunately, most see me as a necromancer. Furthermore, most them don't care to hear what the difference is. For pragmatic reasons I often wear a hooded cloak and half mask when I'm walking around on public. Often this help keep me out of trouble with commoners even if they are sill wary of me.

My main goal in his world is to achieve immortality or at least something close to it. To achieve this goal I am ,and will always be, willing to use whatever means necessary.

The idea of a partnership as something that could be mutually beneficial as long as our goals align. However, as soon as our goals diverge paths so will we.

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Morbus the Malevolent
A Friend

Malevolent Morbus

Advisor Description

The day Morbus and Jane met was a tragic one indeed. One of the most reliable tutors around had recently passed away, due to old age, and was being buried that day.

It was eerily quiet as the fog began to set in, and the sky turned into a midnight void. The funeral had ended hours ago. Ofcourse that made no matter to Morbus as he rarely attended such formal ceremonies. The real reason he decided to visit the graveyard was because he had overheard some people talking about the funeral at the butcher shop. Furthermore, he knew fresh graves often the best way to acquire more… components for his rituals. The dirt covering the grave would already looked disturbed so he could dig it up and bury it once agin with little to no suspicion. Plus, the person was already a corpse so why would they care if he borrowed a couple parts.

However something was off, a latern near the grave was still lit. Morbus was slightly afraid as he considered the possibility of someone catching onto what he was doing and the consequences of such an event. Then he heard it, a faint sob coming from the other side of the gravestone.

Jane couldnt believe that everyone had simply leftafter the funeral ended; meanwhile, she stayed and watched as her mentor was lowered into the grave.

That was hours ago she practically had to beg the undertaker to let her stay after hours. She reminisced the man that had taught her everything she knew. He remeniscing turned into crying and then eventually turned into full out sobbing. But then she heard it, the subtle crack of a branch being stepped on.

Morbus couldve sworn he had felt himself internally die when he heard that stick snap under his foot.

Janes head snapped upward as her gaze met the man standing just past the far end of the grave

Who are you, She asked as she wiped the tears out of her eyes.

Morbus silently cursed himself for being in this situation.

The name is Morbus.

Well then Morbus mind if I ask what you're doing in a graveyard this late at night. Jane couldnt help noticing that he was wearing all black and was looking oddly skiddish.

Morbus panicked as he tried to think of something.

Just came to.... Pay my respects. He used to come by the butchers shop he choked out after a few seconds delay. Morbus eyed the girl in front of him and recognized her immediately. It was Jane Meryn, the nobles daughter. She had been talk of the town for quite awhile everyone mentioning her brilliant mind and ruthless negotiating skills.

Jane stood up, looked the Morbus in the eyes, and extended her hand right hand while wiping a tear out her eye with the left.

Well then I wish we could have met on better circumstances but my name is Jane.

The two spent the rest of the night conversion of various topics magical and practical. Morbus realized he had just made a resourceful ally and Jane had finally found someone that left her full with curiosity; maybe one day she will get him to inform her more about himself.

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Morbus the Malevolent
A Friend

Morbus the Malevolent Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Morbus the Malevolent Lives!. I, Morbus, have died but am alive again! I, Morbus, liveth for the 1st version of mine entranced self. Change the ambition and I shall changeth the outcome.

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