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Sengrim the Wanderer
A Friend

Sengrim the Wanderer

Sengrim, at your service.

Im not one to talk. Neither about someone else as myself. I like silence. I like to watch, observe.

If you would observe me you would forget me soon. Im not beautiful, or ugly. The proud of my face is the full beard with a light visible attempt to keep it under my cheeks. The only thing that stands out is the scar from my eye to the mouth in a frayed fashion.

Other people will tell you I'm lightly muscular. Or that I like to go barefoot. Unless my path goes straight through the woods I'm barefoot if I get the chance.

As I grew up I learned from the people around me. The villagers, a passing stranger or the children I played with. I heard there words, I saw their vision and I created my own.

Now I'm ready to take on the world. Be a help for the ones in need, a reliance for the people I love and a fear for any enemy on my path. I won't back down. I won't look away. I intend to stay on the road of justice, for the greater good.

I want to explore this planet. See myself under the service of good men, to fight or protect. To achieve true knighthood and overcome my fears.

My journey begins…

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Sengrim the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Sengrim

Advisor Description

The stare got my attention at last. First it looked like it was just a momentarily gaze. I turned my head the other way and back again.

Still there..

Now I was curious. I just arrived in the town. This big place that people still mentioned with a vague sense of pride and that seemed to fail utterly at first sight was unknown to me. I don't know anyone here, is he a burglar? Someone from the local street gang that is looking for easy prey? Maybe he confuses me with someone else?

The man was in his mid forties I estimated. Some small grey strokes of hair above his ear and in full clad armor. Why? It was the middle of the day, he does not fit for a guard and his stance is not the bored posture of someone who stood guard for ten years of his life in the same spot with the all repeating forever actions of watching and breathing.

As I stride down the muddy street he gets up from his leaning position and steps out of the corner that kept him in a shady shadow. His stiff march indicates an army life. With a slow and steady pace he shoulders himself through the crowd without slowing down.

I turn right, with a last look at him just before I cut around the corner.

He clearly sees that I have noticed him. An empty look on his face, no anger or gladness.

I reckon I have around ten seconds before he is at my previous place. I should surprise him, see what he is up to. As there are considerably less people in this street I strive towards a nook with a wooden door in it. Setting myself with my back towards the door I wait for him as I hear footsteps and the light rattling of his armor.

As soon he will step right in front of me I will pummel his face! For a moment the sound stops abruptly for a second, before continuing.

Now! As I consider myself fairly fast I punch with my right hand towards his face, aiming for his cheek. No hard damage will be done that way, and I can still make an impression.

As my arm travels suddenly there is an elbow and arm, lined up with a piece of armor knocking away my arm with ease. Swiftly I bring my left hand up to speed, intending to uppercut his chin to knock him back.

Stop it boy is said in a fast response, full of authority and force. I'm standing speechless for a second. Never had something like this happened to me, and I notice my body is open. He could have pummeled me to death without anyone hearing about it, I realize.

After a short introduction things become rapidly very clear. Once, an old friend of my parents and now an almost retiring captain in the royal army he made a promise in an emotional moment that would obligate him to watch over the son of his now past away female friend, if they would pass away without anyone caring for Sengrim.

As I heard this, I only had one question. An advisor? Isnt that what only kings and queens have?, maybe the mayor for that matter, but me?.

As the Captain explained his duty and promise, the importance of it transferred to me. The value of his reaching out to me was enough reason to say yes to him, to accept his counsel and judgement, to trust him if I couldnt see the different outcomes yet and to accept a helping hand in this complex, dirty, and dangerous life.

For an evening we talked in the tavern, and I learned this man sooner then I expected. The small glimmering in his eyes when I talked about my parents, my mother and my youth did something to me I hadn't felt in a long time.


He could show me how to care for people! How to keep true to my hearth and justice. And his experience in his soldiers life could proven to me invaluable.

I would undertake my journey, with Captain Byron standing behind me.

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Sengrim the Wanderer
A Friend

Sengrim the Wanderer Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Lady Fluke
Are thou an angel, fallen from the heavens?
A star, weighted down by its beauty

How thy moves, and dance
How thy laughs, and talk
A touch of sunlight
A ray of diamond

The hair as golden water
The eyes as crystals, shining

Your words that are like waves on the beach
Soothing, deepening and like no other

How can anyone withstand you?
Who would oppose your looks?

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Sengrim the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Sengrim

Reflections on your mother

Mother… Mom..

Your face is fading. Moments have more value but are harder to remember. The softness of your hands are so alive in my mind, but when I look up to your face its vague.

I wish we would dance and sing like you loved to do. I was shy, in the corner and you sung me out of it. I tripped, your hand tried to grab my hand but slipped and I fell on the back of my head.

And I laughed. Oh mom, I could see the worry in your face as I lied there, and then you joined in the laughter. And then we danced together, and you hugged me, and now I am older, but nobody hugs me.

I miss you.

Sengrim, you named me. What does it mean? You never told me. You only said Alardus.
How was dad, mother? I remember even less of him. Why didnt you tell me more about him?

Maybe I should have asked..

Where are you now mom? With me? Around me? In a better place?

You believed in a better place, didnt you? But sometimes you where shouting, and scolding the world for its unfairness, and saying everyone goes to [crap] anyway. Why? It cannot be both, right?

I wish you where here to help me, and I could ask all these things that I come up with if I think about you. Could I ask for you? Ask you, if you're a possible spirit or something to visit me one time?

I hope so. Please come.

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Sengrim the Wanderer
A Friend

Wanderer Sengrim

Reflections on your father

This is to hard… I say out loud. Why does that strange woman want me to reflect on my father? Our relation was.. Complex. Maybe Ill keep it to what I did learn from him.

I look down to the tiny scar on my wrist. On both sides of the wrist. Some wild flesh in the middle. What happened that night?. I was so angry. Dad told me to do something, like he always did. I was so tired of fighting for my own voice.

Before putting away the shovel he said something again, the words stung and I lashed out in such a flash of rage. Right into an iron spindle, to keep some wooden planks stored. I yelled! From anger and pain. Blood came quickly, fell to the ground. The iron bar was pinned right through the fleshy part of my wrist, I was stuck and just stood there in shock.

Father came in and saw my condition. His face went from shock, to irritation and then to a softer expression. Son, what did you do? He asked with a deep voice. I let out a little sob and kept quiet. He just stept closer, laid his hand on my arm. In one move, okay?. I nodded. One, two, three and he dragged my arm out of the pin, steady and keeping it the same height, as not to burden it any more. Im sorry dad I said. Dont be, just say something. Dont hold back for me.

Thats my memory, strange woman. I cannot think back to my father withour remembering sadness, pain and a warmth and power at the same time.

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Sengrim the Wanderer
A Friend

Sengrim the Wanderer

I yawn. Its late, Im tired. A day of training is behind me, and I walk down to my abode in the late evening sun. I have been in the town for sometime now.

I see a couple of acquaintances that I made and I greet them back. Sengrim! Hold up I hear from behind. Its Byron, my advisor.
heading to bed?
yes, tomorrow another day. Lets talk a bit on the road, shall we?

As we stroll and walk with our boots in the mud I'm feeling content. Here with Byron, and finally things start to get in to place. I talk about my day, what my plan is for the next one and Byron gives me a good laugh with a recent army story about a soldier not admitting he was asleep.
and now Im almost yelling in his face to have him admit he was asleep, but hes soundly saying that he was just checking his lace and it was all just an unlucky occurrence
What did you do?
well I didnt want to punish him without admitting, so I changed his amercement to something creative, see, he was checking his lace. So I send him on his way to check every soldiers laces and I forbade him to say what his assignment was

I laugh heartily well I try to counter his story with one of myself.

If you keep this up, and I can get a leave of absence I plan to take you with me to my birthplace some day, Sengrim
I would be honored, I think I add with a smile.
We arrive at my front door and Byron turns around to give me a soldiers arm.

Suddenly his face changes, his eyes are wide open and in his mouth a soundless scream. Blood spatters on his face. I feel something. Itchy. An arrowhead sticks out of my chest.
I fall down. I cant breath!
I try to scream. To shout for help. Byron is near my face, protecting my body with his armor from the presumably shooters direction.
My vision starts to blur.


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