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Kai the Wizard
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Kai the Wizard

My name is kai. Thats right, the wizard kai. Ho Ho! Not quite what you wanted huh? Were you expecting a well built tower of a man, clad in silver robes and holding in his hand the fabled eye of Razokh? You do know that doesn't exist right! Had you believing me didn't i?

What You want to know my story? Of all the people in this tavern and you come to me.sigh fine I've got a couple hours to pass. I, am Kai alright. Why was I named kai? I don't know why do you call someone dopeyfreyagurj, because my mother chose it. Ever since I was a young child I was an active scholar, why wasn't I allowed to go to study with the rest of them? Well that's because I realised that their ways were outdated, the way those sorcerors manipulated magika seemed as though we were playing a [..] game. I'm not about that type of flashy lifestyle, ill chant a few words, tap my spear and boom goes that mountain in the distance, I am not called a wizard for nothing young lad, magika isn't just for a fireworks show.

I might not be a giant as my reputation describes but ill have you know I am still 6ft 5 and yeah I keep my body in shape, sure I am no Gazef Stronof with his muscle within a muscle creepiness but a wizard must know how to keep his distance during a fight when casting long winded magika draining spells, remember spells can disintegrate someone in a heartbeat but they can also have a knife on your throat within that heartbeat. They say those with blue eyes have a direct link to the ether, well I guess that's why mine are the brightest; Ho ho! Why the leather? Well you see robes aren't really made for running or dodging and those tights sorcerers wear.. Just asking for frostbite during travels. A good pair of enchanted leather armour will make you as nimble as a thief, now imagine that thief with a cannon attached to his arm, yeah that's right, thats me ho ho!, apart from that I use a spear and hands to shoot stuff than a cannon.

Why the spear? Well its more like a staff with razor edges, I guess you could call it a Spell Spear. WO just came up with that on the spot, sounds so cool (Laugh). Anyways to answer your question, you know that saying where the only way to beat a magika caster is to get close to him, well fundamentally that's true, casting takes time and that's time your enemies have to get close and interrupt your cast and possibally impale you (Laugh). I decided to seek out a school of those temple battle monks closed up within the mountains, the locals rumoured they had an very unorthodox fighting style that mimicked fundamentals of what you would need to do when channeling through a staff. So hey why not spend a few weeks learning and implimenting them into my own battle mage like style of fighting, my mother always did show an expression of shock at how quickly I learned and adapted new things. Call me crazy ho ho! Now now little one, I cannot show you as I am keeping low at the oment but if you ever do happen to see me fight just pray that isn't the last thing you see.

You get too close and ill flip my spear, slice,poke swing and dodge keeping you at bay whilst I blow you up from within ho ho! I love a challenge.

My aspirations? Well since my parents passed away I don't intend to go back to the past but keep moving forward even if it kills me.. I love watching people, analysing their unique personalities, their oh so predectable routines and characteristics, getting work from them assassinating, cursing etc and then gambling away all they pay me (Laugh). Dont get on my wrong side or you're payingh for your own assasination.

King of kings? Bah. What a over glorified title, I have no need for the stress of ruling over a kingdom, see, its allot more fun to watch that kingdom from the shadows, blow up or freeze as I cast a blizzard spell over their capital. I intend to have fun, I work alone, people naturally use you for their own personal gain, sure ill do work for someone but when it comes down to having an companion, well, ill kep that reserved for my familliars.

Anyways kid, its time I stop indulging in myself and go on my next fun task, you know the executioner right? Watch his neck closely tomorrow ho ho, my gift to you for passing so much time. Guards he stole all this coin, look he's running away!! And so my story continues.

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