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ROK II RPG Character 724 Medieval Text Adventure
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Azrael the Wizard

Greetings it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Azrael. It is a little ominous to be named after the angel of destruction but I find it is quite suiting. After all there will come a time when complete annihilation of a person or a thing is preferable than allowing them to exist any further. My study of the arcane has given insight into powers that can benefit any friends and I will hold my tongue there after all it is not wise play your entire hand in the first round. Well let us move on to more general information. I stand at a even six feet with a skinny build. My eyes are neither big nor small and are bright yellow with a grayish tint to them. My hair is black and slicked back. My skin is a light brown. Lastly I have a Gothic appearance. My desire is to build a nation that is the envy of all and an aspiration to those who decide to build their own. I intend to accomplish this by building trade networks and spy rings in various places of power or strategic importance. The trade networks will be built by merchant-ism and mercenary work done personally or done by others on my behalf. Lastly I believe it is better to hunt together than to be picked of one by one.

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Wizard Azrael

Advisor Description

It was mid-day in late summer. The sun shined so bright that it deprived the air of any moisture; it was essentially unbearable outside. Azrael had gone to the tavern to escape the sun's tyranny. As he sat there in the tavern mulling over about what to have for lunch.He was soon interrupted by the man sitting across from him who impatiently waited Azrael's response. "Ahem. It's your move "said the man Azrael looked at him for a few seconds and then at the chess board between them without wasting anymore time he played his next move.

This cycle continued on for the next five minutes until the man got up and left frustrated knowing that he had lost the game. Azrael sighed picking up the pieces of the board preparing to store them away he was once again interrupted.There standing before him stood a man in his mid-forties. He had a slender form wearing clothes that were trimmed and fitted to his shape. The clothing besides being well made was also not ordinary; he had a white undershirt made of silk over it he had a blue clothed shirt and blue trousers. Lastly he had fine black leather shoes and on his head he had a purple hat with a peacock feather running through the left said. The man after a few seconds broke the silence and told Azrael "Excuse me young man if you are not in any hurry I would like to play against you." Azrael respond with a short nod of his head and motioned for the man to sit down; then he began to sit up the board. Without much to do the game began shortly after the pieces were in place.

The game proceeded to play like ordinary and after a while his mind began to wander of again. This had continued for only three minutes until Azrael once again had to move a piece; as he raised his hand he suddenly put it back down. The man raised an eyebrow at this and asked him "Is something wrong young man?". Azrael looked up and responded "No nothing is wrong I just need a minute to think.". Then with that he looked back down at the board; what he saw was nothing special but it was enough to surprise him. His opponent had began to prepare to encircle his king and would have succeed if five more turns had gone by, after this revaluation he deiced to turn his attention on to the game. A few turns would go by until it was his turn again and began to ponder his next, then he heard loud slamming of the table and looked up startled.

The man avert his gaze and rubbed the back of neck" Forgive me" he said "It's that ale was very refreshing in this heat and will I got a little carried away with trying to show my appreciation." Azrael shook his head and looked back down, after losing his train of thought thanks to the interruption he played a simple move and the game continued. This would continue every so often that it would come to Azrael's and some interruption would appear making him lose concentration, and force him to plat a predictable move. It was late in the afternoon until the game finished and both parties had to concede and call it a draw. Azrael once again looked up at the and said "How did you manage to escape defeat so many times?" The man smiled and chuckled and replied with "You are indeed a bright person, but you lack discipline and are naive." Azrael taken a back and offended by what the man was about to leave, once again the man spoke." I have been watching you for a few hours" Azrael turned around as he heard this and seeing this the man continued ' You lose focus at every distraction and you let your mind wander when you think something is easy". Then he said "Lastly you are naive because you believe that you can beat anyone with just your strengths and completely ignore those across from you".

After all this Azrael felt a little unnerved about being watched but was astound that the man could tell so much about him with just a few hours of observation. Azrael looked at the man once more and said "What is your name?". The man responded "I am Virgil and I am a politician." With this Azrael replied "I am Azrael". After the brief introduction Azrael went on his way home believing he had found an interesting individual. Vergil smiled he was now sure that he had found someone that was worth making his last pupil and with him he could cement a lasting legacy.

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Azrael the Wizard Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Azrael the Wizard Lives!. I, Azrael, have died but am alive again! Mine blemishes hath doomed me for the 1st time all because of my surprised past in this freakish inspiration. I need to changeth mine end in view.

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Azrael the Wizard Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

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