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  Exorcism At Willow' s Pass A PBP Scenario set in the world of ROK II. Anyone can play at anytime but you must have an ROK II Character. To create a Character Start Here.
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Exorcism At Willow's Pass PBP RPG - Page 22

Hunter questions the disappearance of Sapphire and whether she went missing due to an act of the villagers, left the portal or worst. If Krusten is fine with proceeding without her then he will start investigating the statue at the center of the village.

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RPG PBP Pass Willows Exorcism

Sapphire the princess gives a nod to the Curator then puts the Time Key into the Museum's strong door keyhole and enters the Portal. After the appearance of a bright light Sapphire the princess is in this new world.

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Exorcism At Willow's Pass PBP RPG Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Sapphire finds the pair and says, "I am here, I only went back to the portal to take care of some matters. So shall we start finding the hidden places of this village?"

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Page 22 RPG PBP Pass Willows Exorcism

The Game Master says...

At the center of the village you view the statue described before but you also notice that a gathering of villagers and the robbed men are now coming out of the buildings to surround you. They are armed with every conceivable thing from rolling pins, and pitchforks to daggers and maces. You can clearly see that they are not doing it as a scare tactic but they mean to permanently rid your time in their village.

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RPG PBP Pass Willows Exorcism

"I may be wasting time but I will not feel good about slaying the villagers. Let me try something… " Thorin begins an act of fear to apologize and promise to leave the village as a distraction while Krusten and Sapphire try to figure out the statue.

Dice Thorin Results:
Etiquette (10)+soul (0) vs. Dice Roll D20: 7 - Result: Routine: success (13) / Difficult: Success (7) / Formidable: Success (1)

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Exorcism At Willow's Pass PBP RPG

The Game Master says...

Your best efforts to bring peace to the situation cannot be realized because you are dealing with religious zealots whose thoughts about things cannot be changed or dissuaded so easily. More so that a leader of them, someone with notable robes and symbolic attire, emerges from the crowd, points to you and says to the villagers,

"Kill them."

You are amazed by the order and the unfortunate events that will soon happen.

Out of Character: Your next actions at the Portal Page will be Combat.

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Exorcism Willow's Pass PBP RPG - Page 22

The Game Master says...

The villagers and the zealots under estimated your talent for killing and paid for it with their lives. Beneath you lies bodies every which way and the scene is one of carnage and blood. As you look around trying to ascertain all that has happened you see a startling site besides one of the buildings. The robed figure of the girl who kept her face hidden when you first came into this world is now watching you from around 100 feet away. She just stands there with her head slightly slanted as though she were a statue. You can see a red glow where her eyes should be and she looks angry.

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Exorcism Willow's Pass PBP RPG Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post - Page 22

Thorin feels the girl is actually a demon who has been influencing the people in the village. He calls out to it,

"See… you're next… come closer or stay there so I can get a good shot at you."

Thorin points out the demon to Krusten and Sapphire and then moves towards it ready for battle.

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