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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Aoife the Princess

I am Aoife, a half-elf. Though perhaps a quarter-elf might be the most apt description; my mother was a half-elf, and my father was a human. My mother's blood runs stronger in me then my father's however, as such blood tends to do. I was named after my father's youngest sister, who died when he was a child. He hailed from a large family; 5 girls and one boy. My mother had no family at all; none that she would speak to, at least. I am certain they exist, but I have never heard from them.

I stand 5'6", with a lean physique; scrawny might be a better word for it, as I have no interest in the ways of the warrior or physical combat at all. I have dark brown hair, like my father, left hanging halfway down my back. In all other ways I resemble my mother; pale skin, well-freckled, almond-shaped green eyes, and her slightly curved, pointed ears.

I see myself as one who studies the mystic arts and the secrets of the past whenever possible; I value learning, wisdom and diplomacy over combat, whenever possible, seeing fighting as an unfortunate evil of the world. Because of this, I have sometimes been called 'the Princess'; a moniker I intend to turn into a mark of pride, with time. I am no coward, and being compassionate and cautious does not make me inferior or weak.

I intend to remain resolute in my principles, using intelligence and wisdom whenever possible, even if it costs me a chance at being the next Ruler of Kings. That is not to say I will never wage war (For war is a fact of living in the world) - but I will always do so with an eye to what the costs of war are, what it costs those who fight it, and the principles behind my cause. Without principles, we are nothing.

Thus, I now start on this path towards life, adventure, and self-knowledge.

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Princess Aoife

Advisor Description

Eliodora was a friend of my father's; I knew of her as a child, but only just barely. Being a landed (Even if lowly) member of the aristocracy, he had many other such friends and acquaintances. I knew her name and general appearance, what lands she held and what dynasty she was from - but nothing else about her. She was one of many such occasional visitors, and I thought as little of her as I saw of her.

Not until after the passing of both of my parents and the sale of my family's estate did I see her again, in the town. I had to resort to a job as a petty scribe; menial work, but better then the alternative, and she came to ask about getting some documents made. Shocked to see me in such a state (The concept of work being foreign to her) - we spoke for a time about my family and my situation, before she revealed that she had been keeping tabs on me for some time.

I am not altogether certain what the subject of her interest is. Certainly it is not pity, but I am unsure as to what use I can be to her, as of yet. She certainly has a great number of connections, skills at decorum and etiquette, and seems to be willing to advise me and tender me her wisdom. But I knew little of her as a child, or even what my parents thought of her. I shall have to judge her by the quality of her advice and the skill of her teachings.

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Aoife the Princess Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Deity of Aoife

Estania is a solar goddess, representing light, life, compassion, love and warmth. She represents the inner light present in all beings, regardless of what they have done, who they are, or how society values them. Followers of Estania believe that all beings have a 'small still voice' speaking to them inside, when they are quiet, telling them the difference between right and wrong. She promotes a society in concordance with her principles.

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Princess Aoife

House of Sorrows

Assuming that the father is not merely a crazy old mage, it would seem that his children were born with some sort of malady, a malady he considers to be a curse. (The Autismark). As a means of dealing with this, he believes he created an external world - he cannot control the world inside his house, so he influences the world outside of his house instead. He implied that he was the creator of the entire realm; a supreme deity, whose concern is what will happen to his children after he dies. He seems conflicted by his feelings that his children are cursed, at once wishing people would be kinder to each other and more accepting of those whom are not 'normal' - but at the same time, he's still referring to his children as cursed.

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Princess Aoife

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Lady Fluke, lips of ruby-red
Fine hair of golden thread
Nose finely wrought and aquiline
She of the tranquil eyes

Dress of poofy lavender
Kindly to weary travellers
Patron of the poem
But to such words some might say 'ho hum'

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Aoife the Princess

Worship of Estania

Aoife's worship of Estania comes through two means. On the one hand, care for those society rejects; the outcasts, the sick, the poor - and through practice of loving-kindness on the other. When one is helping others, being kind, and avoiding letting anger, frustration or judgement cloud their perceptions, then one is doing good, and this is its own reward. Aoife asks nothing of her deity in return, only that she provide guidance and comfort along her path towards the light.

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Aoife Princess

I have defeated a Dog Rat. Let all know that it be by the mighty hands of Aoife the Princess.

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Aoife the Princess
A Friend

Aoife Princess

I have defeated a Caveman. Let all know that it be by the mighty hands of Aoife the Princess.

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