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ROK II RPG Character 893 Medieval Text Adventure
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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Sky the Blessed

My name is Sky. I was given this name because my eyes are a light cerulean blue like the sky itself, and because my mother saw that my potential would be as unlimited as the sky as well.

M mother and Father fled as Easterners to the outskirts of the Town as they wanted to escape the culture of warfare and secure a more meaningful future for their future children. In line with this, my mother always said I was "blessed" and had a much more noble future in store for me, despite my racial heritage.

In appearance, I am six feet, four inches tall with a muscular body. I have abnormally blond hair which is cut very short. Most would describe my skin as being an "olive" skin tone but being quite thick and hardy from the physical labor I engaged in growing up. I have rough comely facial features, though it is hard to find me smiling after my mother's death.

Despite my mother's urging, I yearned to be like the stories I heard of my father - fighting on the battle field. I trained in the martial arts and had a fascination with weapons and armor of all types. My focus was to become stronger, faster, and bigger than everyone else. However, out of a love and attachment to my mother, I also took a deep interest in history, science, the natural world, and other areas as time permitted.

Out of love for her, and the prophetic poem she gave at my birth, I seek to be the next Ruler of Kings in her honor and memory. I will destroy all who oppress and pursue the path of Evil, and create a kingdom that fosters peace and prosperity.

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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Blessed Sky

A new abode has been acquired and I, Sky the Blessed, intend to full occupy the wooden structure.

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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Sky the Blessed Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Advisor Description

One evening after a hard day's work, the master blacksmith handed me my pay as usual, but along with it a note written on piece of expensive-looking paper with a red seal on it. It was the seal of Baron Alexander Justice. It was a summon to meet him at his manor for dinner the very next evening.

The reason for the summon was not given, and the anonymity made me quite nervous pondering why I, an Easterner, was being invited to dine with the Baron. I tried to find the best clothes I could and arrived a few minutes early just to be on the safe side.

The Baron was quite friendly, and overly hospitable. I had never met him before, but was surprised that he had become a Baron considering he was probably just a few years older than myself. He seemed about six feet tall, with a very fair, almost rosy complexion, and dark, shoulder-length hair. His eyes were a deep green like the pines of the forest I grew up in. His voice was deep and somehow told of a depth of wisdom that was far beyond his age.

I learned that he was a "sub" Baron, in other words that he was subject to another Baron who then reported directly to the King (Monarch).

Seeing that I was quite nervous, even fearful, he did much to put me at ease, explaining that my father had served his house faithfully for several years, before sacrificing his life in a battle to protect his house, even saving the life of his own father during an uprising of peasants.

He had promised to my mother that he would always see to it that we were protected, and that their efforts to secure a better future for me would not be in vain.

To my surprise, he disclosed that he had servants of his watching me for some time so as to assess my abilities, actions and temper - all to determine my worth to him as well as my potential. I was cautiously excited to learn that he is considering having me prepared to become a knight under his house that would ultimately serve the king.

The early reports were good enough for me to have "earned" this meeting, but there would need to be more that I would have to accomplish before we took the next step in my path to joining his house as a knight in training. He commended my industriousness working with the blacksmiths, but also cautioned me to not let up in training my combat skills and understanding of the laws of the land.

I felt honored, and a sense of purpose after that meeting - something that I hadn't had since the loss of my mother. I was also pained though, to learn of the death of my father. I saw in Baron Alexander, hope and someone who might be able to lift me up out of the common folk and towards the higher purpose my mother saw in me.

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Sky the Blessed
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Blessed Sky

A Creep looks strange when motionless on the ground.

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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Blessed Sky

Let me telleth thee the story of how I killed a Dog Rat. The Dog Rat attacked and with my skills I killed it. That was the end of the Dog Rat. Like my story?

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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Sky the Blessed

Let me telleth thee the story of how I killed a Bat Swarm. The Bat Swarm attacked and with my skills I killed it. That was the end of the Bat Swarm. Like my story?

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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Sky Blessed

A Skeleton died due to my unique combat skills.

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Sky the Blessed
A Friend

Sky Blessed

Most beautiful lady of Sky

What captivated me first about the stunning woman was her eyes - they were piercing and hit me like a razor-sharp dagger. The iris appeared to be colored like a bluish-gray crystal the lightness of which severely accentuated her perfectly black pupils.

Her nose was quite petite but had a slight upward angle with a bridge that was straighter than an arrow. Her nostrils, like the rest of her features, were dainty and and small, in fact they were almost hidden but still visible if searched for enough.

Her lips were full and as pink as could be. They were prominent, not for being grossly over-sized, but because they seemed almost slightly out-of-place on this otherwise small and tight-featured woman.

Her skin was perfectly tanned and without a blemish to be found and could be described as a rose beige. Her hair was a variation of a dirty-blond mixed with lighter highlights and would reach the bottom of her torso had it not been pulled up neatly in a bun atop her head.

Her stature was a little shorter than average, but she was still elegant in appearance as she seemed lithe in movement and of a thin-but athletic build. Her chest was of average size, and hips were wide added to perfect her womanly shape.

She was dressed in a cloth, short-sleeved shirt and smooth, brown leathers that wrapped around each leg for pants. Leather sandal straps wrapped around her dainty feet. And small silver earrings looped tightly around each perfectly formed ear.

When she smiled it's as a thousand faeries had burst into flight and created a nebula of sparkling snowflakes in their wake.

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Sky Blessed

We rest Sky the Blessed to share philosophy from past years:
HistoricToday is: 18th September (GMT), in history on the 18th of September, 1893 AD the following birth happened:
William March [Campbell]: United States -- Writer (Company K)

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