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Trey the Watchman

I am Trey, called The Watchman for I will fight for the order that protects the common folk.

My name was given to me for I am the third amongst my siblings, the one with the brightest destiny.

My father a Human general, my mother an Half-elf Druidess, they met young and adventured far and wide, before settling down.

5 feet and 10 inches tall, my olive skin and my muscular body are a result of a life filled with manual labor. Long black hair flows from my head.

I see myself as a Cleric, part warrior part priest, I am well trained with the sword and the shield as well as the dogma of my God.

I intend to venture the dark corners of the realm, uncovering injustices and making a name for myself, for I am Trey the Watcher, and if I am to keep the people safe I must become King.

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Watchman Trey

Advisor Description

As is usual for me, after toiling for hours in the smithy, I made my way to the inn, but, that day, I felt like something was wrong, I was being watched.

After a few minutes of walking through the side streets, I arrived at the inn, tired and slightly anxious.

As I set there contemplating ways to better what I could only rationalize as paranoia, a gourgeous woman sat besides me.

She looked slightly younger than myself, or so I thought in that moment, and, espite wearing a simple white dress made of common materials, she exuded an air of regality, you could feel her supreme confidence just by being near.

She was the first one to speak, calling me by name in a very friendly tone, as if she had known me my whole life, which confused me greatly.

She introduced herself as Anne and explained how she's been watching me come and go for some time.

Before she could continue, I interrupted her, asking if that was the first time we had met. Something in the way she spoke, and more specifically how she called me "T", revived old childhood memories of me and my two siblings playing around and getting into trouble, only, in these memories, our group had a fourth member.

When I described one of those memories to her, she laughed, "I didn't think you would remember, you were so little back then", she said.

She explained she was the daughter of an uncle of mine from my fathers side, and that ater her father died in the war, my familly adopted her. We spent a few years living together as familly, so, we are step-siblings.

The reason I didn't really remember her was because when she turned ten, she was sent to what she described as "a convent of sorts", where she mastered the social arts. I was only 8 years old back then, surprisingly, she is actually older than me.

After my mother died, Anne received a letter, she was tasked with aiding me in my journey. After that, she set out to find me and stalked me from the shadows for a while, gauging if I really could be the person I needed to be.
After feeling convinced I had the potential, she decided to approach me directly, she explained as she produced the letter in question from gods know where.

Reading the letter, feeling taken aback by the sudden revelation, I asked her for how long she had been following me, to which she, very non-chalantly, responded with a handwave, "no matter" she said.

I wasn't satisfied with that answer, but I let that go for for the time being. It seemed like we would be seeing a lot more of each other now that she choose to reveal herself, so plenty more oportunities to gather the little details, and maybe even get to know more of her personally.

It had been nearly a decade since we had last spoken face to face, after all, and it seems like she became an extremely interesting and capable woman. And who knows, maybe with time we could once again develop a friendship like when we were children, or, now that we are both adults, maybe even more.

Every King needs a Queen, after all.

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Trey the Watchman Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

A new abode has been acquired and I, Trey the Watchman, intend to full occupy the wooden structure.

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Watchman Trey

Deity of Trey

Goddess of Stars, Devotion and Freedom.
She's the sister of Ledos, God of the Earth, Justice and Honesty.
Duariae teachings postulate that one should have the freedom to live free and be able to watch the starry sky, but such freedom should never come at the cost of anothers.
Altough a peaceful goddess, she does condone fighting for good causes, such as liberating a population from the clutches of a tirant and freeing slaves.

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