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ROK II RPG Character 909 Medieval Text Adventure
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Kylar the Warrior

Kylar the Warrior
I am Kylar, son of Celtar and Tira. My father Celtar is a veteran warrior from our clan. With clan's land on the far outskirts of Human territory, most of our fighting men signed on with the various warbands which guarded the borders and patrolled the merchant roads between settlements. Thus, warfare training was a normal up-bringing in the clan. As with my father before me, I drilled with spear & shield, learned the basics of the bow for defense and hunting, and finally, when I was old enough, my father taught me the Sword-Song. Not an actual song (Like the ballads for feast days or around the hearth fire), Sword-Song was a mystical rhythm felt within as the blade danced through the air. A near trance like state where fear is drowned by adrenalin and time seems to slow for every moment the blade is unsheathed. I reveled in this feeling, letting it fill my soul, as my father taught me the way of the sword. Unfortunately, this sparing time consumed the bulk of my childhood bonding with my father, as his duties in the border-watch constantly drew him away to conflicts. So, it was my left to my mother Tira to instruct me in morality, the traditions of our clan, and the simplicities in life. And though I always longed for time to improve my swordsmanship, I grew to appreciate the quieter task around the homestead and village. From tilling the soil for planting to learning how to best utilize the bounty of the forest, these tasks provided me with an appreciation for the toil in working with one's hands to survive, and granted me time for reflection upon my mother's teachings. She had been taught instructed in literature and faith in her youth, being of a past clan-chieftains' bloodline, from the local priests. And these teachings she passed to me, including the long hours with the current priests pressing me to succeed my hand in legible writing.

- 5' 11", slim-athletic stature
- Warm-colored skin, though slightly darkened in the summer from outdoor work.
- Light auburn-brown hair & amber colored eyes (Inherited the piercing eyes of his mother)
- Accessories
-- Silver family ring (Father's) with entwined Celtic serpents
-- Clan silver pendant necklace with stone centerpiece (Mother's)

Immediate Goals & Aspirations
In the wake of the insidious attack on my home and the death of my mother, I seek revenge against those responsible and the location of my father to convey this tragedy. I had already begun upon the former. After stumbling out of the inferno that consumed my mother and home, I witnessed similar attacks occuring across the village. In the fleeting shadows at the edge of thr forest, I spied multiple figures hurrying away. I grabbed a nearby hatchet and followed. Through the nights gloom, a score of men were mounting up on horses while a cloaked man on a large stallion barked orders at two men still on foot, to wait for the others still in the village before meeting up. As the armed men rode off, I crept closer to the remainimg two, and overheard that they were deserters from the border watch, after my father had exposed their traitorous acts in siding with bandits for profit, and were now on the run. This attack was their idea of venegance against my clansmen and father who tried to expose and arrest them. Hearing enough, I crept forward to club the first villian over the head with the hatchet shaft and then whirled to bury its wedged edge into the neck of the second. After dispatching him, I turned to the first man as he shakily rose to his feet, and felled him with the hatchet splitting his skull. As the dawn approached, I learned the remaining deserters had been caught looting and had been killed by the men in the village. We held a funeral for my mother, upon which the clan elders named me Warrior, and charged me to bring the news to my father. Thus I set out on my quest to the main town to seek information on my fathers current assignment, find mercenary work, and build my own warband to seek revenge against those who harmed my family.

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Action: Living


Warrior Kylar

Advisor Description

In the days following the attack on my home by deserters of the Watch, I had finally made it to the Town late one afternoon. Famished and exhausted by days on the road, I came to the first large tavern past the main gates.

With a few precious coins, I acquired some bread, hard cheese, and a large tankard of ale. In my haste to consume as much food as possible, I had missed the hooded man intently watching me from the corner of the bar. Coming to my senses, I recognized the garb of his dark cloak and armored jerkin to be that of the Border-Watch. Was this another deserter from the gang who attacked my home? Had a been followed here to Town? As the man strode across the bar towards me, my hand drifted to the small blade at my side.... .it wasn't strong enough to pierce his armor, but a well placed jab to the neck.... .

**BAM**, I was startled from my thoughts as the man had heavily placed two pints of ale on the table, and pushed one towards me. "You're the spittin image of your father lad, but you favor your mother's eyes. A good trait, at that", he said. It was then looking upon his face I found a familiar smile. The cloud of anger and revenge melted from my eyes and I saw my clansman and family friend sitting before me, Tarek. More like Uncle Tarek to me, he and my father were lads together. Tarek had long served as a Captain in the Watch under my father's command.

I clasped his hand in friendship, "Tarek, you never cease to surprise. It is good to see you.... .is my father with you? I.... I bring ill tidings.... .its mother… "

Tarek's eyes went dark as he lowered his head. "I had heard of the attack, but not of the fate of your mother. I'm sorry lad. Your father wanted to meet you here, but was summoned just this morning to a new campaign on the frontier. I have been re-assigned here as an advisor in drilling the local militias, and he asked me to find you. Do you plan to return to the village?"

After a long draught from my ale, I told my adopted-uncle of the night of the attack, how our family and clan were targeted by the deserters, and my plans to seek my father and claim revenge with his aide. My uncle nodded intently, "Aye lad, thats a bold claim. Alas, I do not know where exactly they dispatched your father, nobility plots and secrecy and all that. However, I see that you are no longer a boy, by the strength of the man that sits before me. I will help you on this venture, for your family and our clans honor, in anyway I can. First though, we need coin, men-at-arms, more training for you, a roof over your head, and some more food."

"Its a start", I replied, "and I'll drink to that". And thus it Tarek, captain of the Watch, became the first oathsworn in my warband and my closest confidante. Our long task to seek my desired revenge was just beginning.... ..

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