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Redmond the Patriot

To most here in this city I'm completely unknown. My given name is Redmond. It was the name of my Grandfather. A man of strong convictions, a Patriot in the highest order of those known as Humans. My parents also patriots have followed this path and enlightened me to the ways of life needed to survive and lead a fruitful life.
On this day I seek honest labor, for it shall make me stronger. Perhaps a skill to keep my mind sharp and alert. My size gives me many advantages, At six Feet and already displaying a solid frame of 200 pounds I do not fear any test of strength. Long White hair and deep Green eye's grant me the ability to gain trust in others. A wide youthful smile and good strong teeth are the family traits. I have been told the city can be a place of great growth, and great danger. My path should I be so blessed would be a builder of grand homes and battlements. Past generations have been heroic fighters, who when not engaged in the conflicts built solid houses for the people. I would chose that path and take the words of my Mother to heart.

To be King one needs to lead. Of this I know very little, but should I be blessed with a long life I shall always drive to lead and set set the example for those who believe in like causes.
On this new path I shall not suffer fools and evil intentions. I shall protect the weak and always attempt to provide for those who are unable. I shall avoid deep waters and the temptation of those who attempt to oppress me.As I have a fair temperament others need not fear me. However those that cross my path with evil in their hearts should beware.

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Patriot Redmond

Advisor Description

I had no idea of the potency of that strange brew, The young maid that had deviously served it up was clearly aware a young man from the country had little experience of it. I wished to spend more time with this young lady, however that certainly wasn't to be. As the potion was drugged heavily I was quickly asleep.

My next recollection was waking up in a small barn on a hay mat. Sitting up my head heavy, and it threatened to fall off my neck. As my vision cleared I heard a soft voice. "Rest easy young man, your troubles will clear in a few moments." It was the deeper voice of an older woman.

"Where am I... ?" Redmond could hear a small giggle from the hazy form. "Your safe. You have been here in my care for most of the afternoon. It seems one of the less respectable barmaids thought to rob you. She placed a strong sleep elixir into you drink. Thats when she was chased off buy the tavern owner and brought out here to recover."

Redmond was indeed regaining some of his vision. She was not much older than himself. Long red hair and dressed in the fashion of what he would describe as a witch. "Thank you for coming to my aid. By what would you be named?"

"Estrella. However most call me Tink." The young woman stood and began a small fire in a hearth. Night was soon to fall, and the night would be cold. "You may stay here tonight. Far to late in the day to venture out I would think. But if you have lodging elsewhere I suppose you would prefer that over this old barn."

Redmond shook his head. "I have just recently arrived, I thought I would secure a place, however the tavern was my first stop." Redmond watched as Tink stoked the small fire. It looked like she was preparing a few fowl on small sticks. He watched in silence. It wasn't long before Tink handed Redmond a juicy portion of roasted meat. "That should settle your gut, I have plenty."

Redmond didn't hesitate at all. The meat smelled fantastic. The thought that this girl may just as well be poisoning him as well flashed through his mind, but was quickly dispatched after the first bite. "This is wonderful. Actually the only decent food I've had since I arrived in this town. My current employer feeds us fish head slop once a day."

Tink sat beside Redmond and ate with him. "I would say your a mason of some type by the look of your hands. And the white dust in your hair."

"Yes, a stone mason. Not exactly a lifetime pursuit for me. But an honest start for right now." Redmond responded. Why he was revealing his personal business didn't bother him with this wench in the least bit. That was strange for him as he had spoken very little to the few people he had met so far.

"I would think being a stonemason is a good trade. Why as a builder you could build your own home, make some good wages I suppose." Tink was measuring the man. Was he lost in the woods? Or did he have a plan.

"I would like to do that very much, however It may take me a bit to accomplish that. However I would like nothing better that to have a sturdy place of my own." Redmond finished his meat and sat back. "What about you Tink?"

"I've been here a few years. I have this place and not much else. I eat well and meet many who seem to pass through. Just like you really."

The evening was cool and the old barn quite warm. Redmond was very comfortable after the meal and was sleepy once more. Tink pulled a large soft hide from a trunk. She layed down beside Redmond and pulled the hide over them both. He was asleep in minutes.

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Redmond the Patriot Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

I be the proud owner of a new wooden abode which I bought today fer a hefty price.

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Patriot Redmond

Deity of Redmond

From as far back as I can remember my mother sang songs of praise to the Goddess Hellene. She told me that belief in this Deity would shield me from harm as a child. From the beginning of time Hellene protected the children of her followers. The were spared from sickness and harm until they could depart their family's and seek a path of their own. Redmond believed he was protected at every turn.

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