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Cedric the Dragon

My name is Cedric, Wich means chief or commander. This was my mother's dream for me, and from the day I lost her I promised my self I would do all I can to fulfill her dying wish ; To be the Ruler of Kings!

My father was the third son of the marquis Adams, He fell in love with a half elf, my mother, he was one of the best knights in the Human Empire but had to run from his family because of all the discrimination of bigoted racist people. THAT is why my goal is to create a safe haven, a paradise for all the oppressed, all those that aren't satisfied of all these wars where innocent people are sacrificed for the gains of those in power!

I Cedric the Dragon Vow that I would accomplish my destiny, or die trying… And Beware : Never tickle a sleeping dragon for if you provoke me I shall become Cedric the Merciless and stomp you like the ant you are!

I stand at 6 feet 3 inches tall, taller than some eastern men, with a muscular body but not massive because I got the elves agility and flexibility. I also inherited my mother's good looks, her green eyes and my father's blond hair.

I trained in a variety of weapons, from the age of 7, ranging from swords and Spears to knives and bows as my father used to say adaptability is key. But my preferred style is twin swords for close combat and throwing knives for medium range and stealth attacks. As a part elf I got a good Mana affinity so my mother trained me as best as she could as a mage while making me read a lot as knowledge is power.

I see myself as a future battle mage once I have enough resources to further my studies in that domain. In the meanwhile I will continue practicing my fighting skills and wait for good opportunities to train more.

To Accomplish my goal, I'm gonna have to gain fame and people's trust. I will also find ways to procure more funds by creating a merchant caravan or a mercenary group. I hope to start my own spy agency and assassin's organization in the dark. My mother used to speak a lot about sage tzu who explained that to win battles one must know his capabilities and his ennemies information. The assassin's are for enemy leaders as everything is permitted in war! ! They would also have as a task to eliminate corrupt and cruel nobles .

This I shall start My journey toward victory.

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Dragon Cedric

Advisor Description

Eric the politician is a charming middle aged man who is very knowledgeable. He used to be my father's advisor and friend. He followed him in his travel proving his loyalty to the family. So imagine my chock when he approached me one day outside my temporary work place, dressed in his leather armor! He isn't only a politician he's also a warrior who fought bravely at my father's side. He is a strategist of sorts, strong smart and really devious against his enemies. As any politician he can manipulate people and achieve his objectives no matter the methods used. For him the end justify the means !! He approached me with a smile on his face explaining that my father sent him to help guide me and that I passed his test by being able to rely on myself to survive.
I could really use his help to further my goals as he is someone I could trust and someone that could benefit the cause dearly. So I shall listen to his advices and respect his opinions but the decisions are and will always be mine to make and I made it clear to him!!
Eric knows or at least suspect Cedric's future ambitions but as someone who watched the lad grow up and helped train him he is optimistic about their future prospects and vowed to do all he can to help his old friend's son leave a great legacy behind!!.

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Cedric the Dragon Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

House of Sorrows

The father tells the story of his two children. Two childs that are special and different in a world that despise and reject anything ' not normal '. He suffers for he describes the hardship he has to support for his young kids. He can't go out for fear that they may harm themselves yet he knows he won't live forever and one day he won't be able to take care of them and this worries him about the future, his future and theirs. When he describes himself as the creator he ain't speaking madness he is breaking the 4th wall as he is a character that knows the truth he embodies the soul of The creator of this role playing game, the game master also known as JB! !

His son's story is a story of reality a hard reality that every parent with special children live and he got two! The curse of Autismark is clearly representing 'Autism' a unique situation where some people are just different and find difficulties living in our world. A world of selfish people who care only about themselves and what they see as normal in their lives.

He clearly loves his children as he is fighting everyday for survival and to support them. He is trying to do his best for them! Unfortunately his concerns and feras are valid as his kids can't live without someone to care for them and he can't be there for them forever even if he wanted to! He needs to work for food and can't let them alone at the same time so he is struggling .

But there is hope, no need to despair as with the evolution of medical technology we may find a solution to help them. In the meanwhile there are organizations and people who seek to help this kind of special people! ! There exist some communities made by them where they understand each other and where they to think that the others are the abnormal ones! !

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Dragon Cedric

No one shall lay low Cedric the Dragon. I, Cedric, have died but am alive again! Mine wonder-struck 1st awakening. Was it a mass escape into fantasy. I need to changeth mine cause.

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Dragon Cedric

Today, I have purchased one of the wooden abodes offered by the Town Builders. Outside the main door of my abode is a wooden plaque that reads, "The Home of Cedric the Dragon".

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Cedric the Dragon

Reflections On Your Mother

My mother Elina, a gentle but strong woman that left the world too early !!
She was a beloved mother and wife, she was liked by the people as she made them see beyond their hatred for her mixed heritage.
She suffered a lot during her life as she couldn't feel safe anywhere she went. The elves despised her and the humans looked down on her but she proved them all wrong. She became a strong mage and a famous adventurer, she traveled the world helping people and learning new skills until she met my father for whom she fell deeply in love.
I remember when I was young and she used to train me and take care of me. She showed me her love and in turn I loved her but fate is cruel and her illness didn't spare her. She used to impart me with all her wisdom teaching me how to be a good ruler! She taught me how to read and write and anything she knew would help me in the future!
Her dreams for me were Grand and for her I will do my best to fulfill them even if in the end I know that all she wished was for me to be happy!!.

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Cedric Dragon

The Beauty of Lady Fluke

Today you chose me
A young wanderer
A lonely traveler
To describe your beauty
I ain't no trained bard
But you can be sure
I shall do my best and try hard
So Forgive my style for being so poor
I lack the words to portray
What I see looking into your eyes
You make me think of a sunny day in May
You are the world's greatest prize
Your hair blond like the sun
Eyes so heavenly and bright
In a dark world you are a shimmering light
So cheerful and so fun
Mischievous like a fairy
So Beautiful O fair lady
You make the man chase you the day
And fantasize the whole night
Your guards keeping them at Bay
Your suitors sharing the same plight
Your smile is so mesmerizing
To your magnificence I now
As from all the girls I know
Thou are one of the most charming!!.

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Cedric Dragon Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post

Let me telleth thee the story of how I killed a Bully. The Bully attacked and with my skills I killed it. That was the end of the Bully. Like my story?

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