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Garit the Swordsman

My name is Garit, I am still not entirely sure of why this name was chosen for me, but as I have read scholarly books between my sword practice, I have discovered my name means Mighty Hunter. I suspect this is because my father was Elven, and in the Elven heritage it is said they have legendary skill with the bow. As a half elf I don't believe I picked up those skills, though I have always had a easy time picking up the tracks of creatures. (Be it human or animal)
My mother was a battle maid. She was fixing the wounds of my father when they met, one could say it was love at first sight. Although it was frowned upon in most of my village they did not let it affect them.
I stand 6 feet 1 inches tall. I believe myself to have a muscular body but as I have read the books of many great thought provoking scholars, the way one sees themselves is often different than the way others perceive you. I have a dark brown hair color. (It is quite odd I inherited brown as my father was an elf and mother had blond hair.) I also possess small Blue eyes. My pale skin and comely appearance have made me a favorite of the village maidens. That is until their father found out I was half elf and they were banished from seeing me. (Although that didn't stop all of them.)
I generally align myself as a skilled swordsman but I also consider myself an avid scholar, as I have always picked up on things quicker than others and enjoyed the thought provoking literature I read from my fathers trunk. My goal is to unite humans and elves under one flag. A goal I know will likely come at great cost, a cost I am willing to pay. I intend to use my sword-skill to earn a place in the elite units in the army and from there use my various skills to earn my title as Ruler of Kings. I now start my humble path to become a legend, and stop the scrutiny against my people. This is where it begins.

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Swordsman Garit

A Sentimental Value

Before I ventured out into the world leaving behind my home most likely for good I grabbed my fathers metal shield. This is the same shield I trained with since I was a lad (6-7 maybe? Time gets hazy from then.) I thought it would bring good luck, practical use, and sentimental value. My father fought with this shield in many of his battles and it never failed him, I hope I can see the same success from it. I intend to use this shield in the battles to come, and having my fathers memory and spirit when I do it will make it all the easier.

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Garit the Swordsman Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Advisor Description

I was walking in the muddy streets of The Town during the day acclimating myself to the big city when I saw a man wearing a fur coat over a leather breast-plate with plate greaves and braces on tailing me far behind. I had noticed he was following me for some time but had to be sure I knew he was actually following me and it was not just coincidence.

I would describe the meeting as awkward as I had rounded a corner and waited for him where I proceeded to hit him over the head with a wooden stick. He quickly recovered which is when I asked him why he was following me. He responded with his name Charlys, and that he thought I could use some help as he saw something in me.

I saw the relationship as beneficial to me as I plan to use my skills in combat to advance to the rank of Ruler of Kings, all in due time of course. I believe Charlys hopes I will change the world. I hope for him to be correct but we will see.

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