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Armaan the Savior

I, am Armaan. I am at the age of 16 or 16 according to the years of man. I am known as the Savior because I once saved a life of five nobles on my way to this town. They were attacked by a bunch of bandits when I came to their rescue as they had described it. "The messenger of thy god riding thy savior's horse, and wielding thy axe of justice." Was it Luck? Fate? Or Destiny? That I don't know but all I knew back then, was that I had to help them. So my hands acted before my mind and some how, even though myself I don't know how. I was able to disarm all seven of the bandits. They were the ones who gave me this title. I don't know if I am worthy of it however.

I was born a Human because my parents were humans as well.

I stand 5' 9" tall with a quite a skinny body. I have black hair with normal sized red pupil in my eyes. My brown skin and a plain appearance in general makes me unique.

I see myself as one who follows upholders of Justice and Guards who ensure the protection of the innocents. I want to protect and save people and serve justice by first becoming a guard of this majestic kingdom. I generally view alliances as a great way to show potential and as an offer to help.

I intend to make everyone safe and bring justice down to earth. So that everyone knows my name as a hero in order to become the next Ruler of Kings. It should be known that I am told to be quite of the cold personality as if I simply don't care of what goes on this world and I respectfully understand the reason why many may think so… Even then it should be noted that I am not fully cold blooded I have feelings as well though I do indeed rarely express them so apologies. Thus, I now start this path towards serving Justice and Peace for the innocent.

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Savior Armaan

A Sentimental Value

The mother of mine had died. The person, the one who I had grew up with. The person with the house I had lived in, where I grew up, my own identity in this whole world had passed away. My past self, had passed away now.

I have now been reborn in this unforgiving world. Without a hand to guide me. So, I took something with me, something that represented my past self and which will always remind my newborn self who I was.

The very first weapon I ever wielded. The broad sword. My previous identity. That I will always remember no matter who I become or where I go. It stays with me.

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Armaan the Savior Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Advisor Description

It was 7 in the night, breezing air had filled the place, not as many people were there in the town square as there were in the sunlight of the day. The place was lit up with other sources of light being the only hope against us in the dark. I was having a feeling that someone was peering their vision on to me. So I left the light and went more into the dark corners of the town streets to see who this "stalker" truly was. It seems my guess was correct. A throwing knife passed by me as if it was some kind of an arrow. I could very well guess that whoever threw it. They intended it to miss me. I turned around and there he was, the supposed stalker.

"Who are you?"

I said as I drew my axe from behind my back, holding it in two hands and pointing it towards the shadow of the person.

"What do you want?"

He kept moving forward toward me and now I could see his face. He chuckled.

"A rookie is always a rookie."

He said as he kept moving forward without a shred of fear in his eyes. His head was covered in robes and the rest of the body in shining silver armor. He didn't seem like he intended to do any harm. Yet again my guess is correct. He moves forward bringing out his hand for me to shake.

"Tauseir, I am from now on your Advisor. I will teach you all you need to know to survive in this world. I was sent here by your father and he said from me to be a caretaker for a child like you. But since he was a good friend of mine how could I not accept? So from now on. Follow my lead. Meet me tomorrow here at the town square during the day. You have a lot to learn."

My father asked a man to help me? Unbelievable. Whoever he is, it seems I will have some hard time keeping up with him. Though if I must do this to become the Ruler of Kings. I will.

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