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Dentatus the Royal
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Dentatus the Royal

It is I, Dentatus. Born and raised as a son of man, but an ally to all the races. At age sixteen, according to the years of man, I have attained the title of "Royal". I have been called as such by the populace for having been blessed with the privilege of high education, while having a compassionate side to my being.

I am aiming for the path I am destined to take- the journey towards becoming a righteous king amongst all other sovereigns. Before the eyes of the Almighty, and of the souls of my deceased parents, blessed may their souls be, I vow to establish a nation of peace and prosperity that can ulitimately withstand the cruel hands of time even after centuries.

Be that as it may, no future is set in stone. Acknowledging that big things come from small beginnings, I intend to begin my story by mastering the art of warfare. In order to ensure that I truly become the sharpest sword for the future kingdom that I will protect, I will not take advantage of my birthright and start from the bottom of the ranks in the army. From there on, I shall gain valuable experience as well as reliable allies to aid me in my aspirations.

Even so, I do not have any plans of abandoning my desire to make sense of the world through enhancing my knowledge, and perhaps even touching a part of the mystic world as well. I shall study the relevant texts of nation building, including diplomacy and trade, with my trusted scholarly peers. At the same time, I shall be giving consideration to the beliefs and customs brought about by religion, and the entirety of the soul.

Overall, I shall strive to become a ruler that would be feared by my enemies, trusted and loved by my allies, and be worthy of the providence of the divine.

May a sovereign such as I, Dentatus the Royal, first of my name, become the embodiment of strength, wisdom, and holiness through my faith, my family, and my people in the future.

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Dentatus the Royal
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Royal Dentatus

A Sentimental Value

I remember a popular saying that I used to hear back when I was young- One sees his life flash before his eyes the moment he dies. As I am sorting through the necessities that I will bring with me on my journey, I thought that those words are actually true. Even when I exerted myself in preparing to leave my humble abode, all it took was a second for the stream of priceless memories to flock into my head.

The gentle caress of my parents when I had been born along with the warm embrace that comes whenever I needed them. There's also the rigorous training that I had with my father, and the scolding that my mother does everytime our sparring sessions end. Yes, every laughter we had shared, every tear we wept and shed were as vivid, as if it was yesterday once more. Those were the days, and me remembering them right now is a clear sign that this particular chapter of my life is nearing its end.

I stopped for a moment and recollected the thoughts that I just had. The training, of course! That thing, that certain memento should be somewhere in this pile of items. I hurriedly searched through the entire stock of items, as a child would excitedly go running towards his parents to get his present.

After a while, I finally found it. It still looks like as I remember it- a small, angular coffin shield, made from iron, offers a robust cover, especially against smaller ballistics and stabbing attacks. The metal shield that father gave me when I finally defeated him after a hundred sparring sessions.

This is no coincidence, as this shield was forged by dwarves in an arcane workshop.

The shield's edges are augmented with small spikes and have been decorated with intricate metal patterns, which my mother always clean after the matches I have with my father.

Its center is garnished with an insignia of unknown origins, which even a seasoned veteran like my father have not seen in the battlefield in his whole lifetime.

When asked about the shield, he would always say that it was a shield given to him by a mysterious trader who claimed that my father hails from the house to which the insignia belongs to. He would always hand the metal shield over to me while telling me the lines, "To be the sharpest sword of the land is to also be the strongest shield in all realms, for the best offense is defense". Surprisingly, my mother would always add the line,. "Use this to protect the people you love, and become the vanguard of justice for all, regardless of their race".

It's clear this shield has yet to prove itself, just as I have yet to achieve anything noteworthy. Everything's in pristine condition, who knows if this shield will one day be praised and admired or perhaps even open a new path for me to discover my true lineage and fulfill the destiny it entails.

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Dentatus the Royal
A Friend

Dentatus the Royal Post Play & MMORPG RPG Text

Advisor Description

Lumen and I first met on the very first day that I have arrived at the Town. I went to the Town Town Hall in order to ask for any available jobs, but to no avail. Apparently, the treatment one gets is based on one's appearance, and since I looked like some hermit who came out of a faraway forest, the treatment I got was rather poor. The shield was perhaps the only thing that gave them the reason to acknowledge me as a son of Man, but I am nothing more than that, or so it seems.

Even so, there's this particular gaze that I felt from a distance. It didn't hold any hostile intention nor disgust, but rather feels like a look bursting with curiosity.

All of a sudden, the town hall guards had thought that I was some random beggar who got his way into the hall, and started to drag me out of the building. I wanted to resist and defend myself from this shameful encounter, but my body, weakened by hunger and exhaustion, cannot seem to respond to my wishes.

A second later, a tall beauty with an auburn hair, glittered with shades of silver, gracefully walked up to where we are and told the guards to unhand me. It did not take long for the commotion to die down, as people seem to have already forgotten about the incident just now.

As I have regained my senses, I realized that I am in the presence of a woman with the aura of high nobility. Her elegant expressions paired with her elegant movements make her a goddess beyond the common sense of any Man.

She was clad in a shimmering green dress adorned with intricate needlework art exclusive to the wealthy. She invites me to her office - a medium-sized room filled with stacks of neatly placed documents beside each other. On the other hand, the walls were covered in trophies and plaques of outstanding recognition, making her the most accomplished person that I've met in my entire life.

She asked me to sit down on the chair in front of her desk and offered an apology for the altercation earlier that day. She also admitted to staring at me from the balcony of her office, which resolves my concern of the identity of my secret observer. I could not help but feel bewildered as to why someone like her would even bother to take a look at me, although I am thinking that it has something to do with the insignia on my metal shield.

Ever since then, we've been keeping tabs on each other. I usually escort her as a bodyguard in her duties while she discuss with me the detailed and vital information which I find fascinating and helpful to my future goals of becoming a king, which would be a lot easier if I had her along the rest of the way.

Until now, I still have not figured out why she had and is currently helping me out. I believe that Lumen would most certainly hope that I become a renowned king across the land.

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Dentatus the Royal
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Royal Dentatus

Reflections On Your Mother

I had been brought back to my consciousness by the words of The Dream Whisperer. Hence, I pulled out all the strength that my tired body could muster and reached out for my journal.

On my very first day in The Town, I cannot help but reflect about the experiences I had shared with my mother. I always loved her for always taking care of me, even when the times were rough on her as well. I could never ask for a better sun to light up my life than her, and I would be eternally grateful to being given life through her.

It is my sincere hope and wish that she is happy, wherever she is right now. May her soft and gentle smile contonue captivating the masses in the afterlife, and that may she finally be at peace.

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Dentatus the Royal
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Royal Dentatus

No one shall lay low Dentatus the Royal. I, Dentatus, have died but am alive again! It is mine defeats that caused mine 1st demise within this wishful thinking. What pursuit do I need?

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Dentatus the Royal
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Dentatus the Royal

A Bully looks strange when motionless on the ground.

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Dentatus the Royal
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Dentatus Royal

A Dog Rat was one of the enemies that I laid low this day.

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Dentatus the Royal
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Dentatus Royal Text RPG MMORPG & Play Post

I, Dentatus the Royal, was attacked by a Skeleton and was victorious in combat.

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