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Einar the Assassin

I, am Einar. I was given this name because it was my father's. I am now at the age of 16 according to the years of man. I was born an Dark Elf, or (Drow to the surface dwellers) because my parents were Dark elves and decided to have sex.... (Thats how that works). I was raised in their estate as a wealthy kid in a noble household located in the underdark. I stand 5' 7" tall with a ripped muscular body. I have short white hair with icey grey eyes. My scared, dark purple skin mixed with a rough and mysterious appearance in general gives me a unique mystique that especially the ladies can't resist.

I am known as the Assassin because I am frequently hired for killings, espionage, reconreconnaissance, blackmail, and strong arming for whatever reason. I got my first taste of dishing out death when I was 10. I shanked a bully 17 times for tripping me as I was walking home alone after school for sticking up for a pour girl in our class. Normally it's frowned upon for doing so because of my family's high status in drow society. But I find her long flowing white hair, cold ice blue eyes, and deep blue freckles intoxicating. I don't give 2 shits what her status in the "pecking order" is per say. Her name was Quileth of the Kespurden household, we became an item eventually and were living outside the underdark and forging our own path.

So where are we now? My love Quileth is gone, taken from me by execution! She was alone, working the streets for some extra coin because she was an experienced theif. Well, one day she got caught stealing from the king's son and was publicly tortured and executed as an example.... I lived my nights for 2 years drinking my sorrows away and letting hatred fester in my heart as well as perfecting my craft so one day ill take my revenge on the king and his son for brutally murdering my love and putting her decapitated corpse on display…

However, such a task cannot possibly be done alone. So I have aspirations of starting my own guild by hiring specific hand picked members who swear to me by blood oath. I have no care for the boring politics of the surface dwellers of the realm, in fact I despise them all! So I intend on subtlety opening contracts from the many kingdoms to create chaos between them all and watch them go to war and destroy eachother as I reap all the rewards! I have no need for alliances either! I generally view alliances as a way for someone to eventually stab you in the back, so I don't need any myself. Just my new family. The Black Lotus Brotherhood.

I want to rip apart the kings son as punishment for the king. To make him feel like I have felt for all the years my Quileth has been gone from my side! Then I intend on capturing him, and then take my time with him as his executionors did with my love… I will slow cut him apart peice by peice and take his kingdom for my own! Only to enslave his family and the entire city to my Drow kin in the underdark. But that's a long road ahead from now. And I have to start somewhere. Thus, I now start this path slaughter, revenge, and conquest.

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Assassin Einar

A Sentimental Value: Poison, Clear Fast

I took the poison because of my profession in life. Knowing that it's a useful tool, I wanted to figure out its components so I can recreate it. And possibly dabble in other poisons as well and figure out their effects on the body.

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