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Post Date: 14th Oct, 2009 - 6:44pm / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader
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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader

This will be the party leaders place to let the GM know what the party actions will be.

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Post Date: 4th Nov, 2009 - 9:29pm / Post ID: #

Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

I hope this isn't jumping the gun, but I think for the most part everyone is signed up and has confirmed being settled in, so...

I figured our party would do, as was suggested, a little wandering around town, checking for any notices (those of our characters which are literate anyway) for freelance job opportunities for a group of merchant-adventurers and explorers such as ourselves.

Secondly, the more personable or suitable members can hang out around the stables and/or pub/inn and probably the general store, to see if there are any rumors or mentions of activity or need for assistance or opportunities.

I think Namdar will slum it with the people more of his profession's calibre and see if there is any talk in the channels among the seedier lot of anything going on, listening for possibilities for a little profit, especially if it's out in the open world and not in a little claustrophobic community - it's a nice place to say but Namdar wouldn't want to live here.

Post Date: 6th Nov, 2009 - 9:23pm / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader Archive Pathfinder / D&D

We first see when the caravan is leaving, and if we have some time, we try our luck around the town with some orcs, maybe get some information too or find the stronghold, then head to the caravan if we have no indication of an impending attack here.

If it is leaving too soon today, I think we should forgo the caravan, as Nevestral has sent for help from a nearby town, meaning they feel they are in immediate danger, and we may not even be able to make it there, while our town, already worried about a possible buildup, is also a target, and we may be able to help here, perhaps mobilize and protect our town, as Krusten has said, so it is not caught off guard as Nevestral has been.

I declare we will check with the caravan but otherwise we will remain here and address the orc buildup, and make some money while doing it, by heading out into the nearest known area of orc activity, which is probably near the farmers, as their farms are in the outlying areas of the town (I think), unlike the well populated town, open to easy pillage.

For the record and ease of reference, I'd like to address and finalize, here, our party.

Namdar, half-orc...traveling actor (myself)
Pundit, human Cleric (RPGPundit)
"Beast", half-orc Warrior (Play by Post)
Krusten, elven Sorcerer(ess?) (Krusten)
Lionel Cortez, human Sorcerer (Thomaslee)
Skedvick, half-elf Ranger (Krakyn)

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Post Date: 7th Nov, 2009 - 9:43pm / Post ID: #

Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

Namdar and the rest of the group finalize their preparations, the spellcasters and cleric having their proper and chosen spells and abilities prepared, and making sure to fill up on some food and water and gathering a good amount of rope and sacks to hold orc heads; none of us are rich enough to afford horses apparently, so it could prove to be a challenging foray.

The party heads out of town into the surrounding forests and hills, about east-northeast (or wherever the farmers are complaining), with Namdar and the Ranger, Skedvick taking point (if he's agreeable) and the rest of the party staying back 50 feet, being alert for sounds or sight of nearby activity, and as stealthy as possible. "Keep your eyes and ears open as well" Namdar, whispers back to the rest of the group, especially the elven sorceress, with the best perceptive abilities.

Post Date: 8th Nov, 2009 - 10:38am / Post ID: #

Leader Party Post Play Dragons and Dungeons

Oops, still new to this party leader multi thread thing.

Some of the party believe we should check around town first to find good routes, and get information on everything we can about the town and its surrounds and the areas the orcs are built up most, safest routes, routes that go near the fringes of less populated areas of orcs.

We also probably really do need mounts but none of us have the coin to buy any, so it is also suggested we see if we can find anyone, the caravan included, who can loan/rent us some horses and tack for our foray? Then I think we'll go on, the appropriate route.

Post Date: 17th Nov, 2009 - 11:49pm / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play By Post Party Leader

Namdar and Skedvic (if available) will take point a bit ahead of the rest of the party, that way we may approach as stealthily as possible but also have the might to back ourselves up if we are yet somehow surprised. We venture out west and north, to see what kind of activity we encounter, and gauge our choices then on the fly, as to when we need to head back or continue on, later. The half-orc leads the way carefully north-northwest into the forest.

Post Date: 19th Nov, 2009 - 6:16am / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader

The party will leave the road for the presumed safety (and dryness if rain comes) of the edge of the woods, and proceed northwest, keeping watch for movement, with Skedvick and Krusten using keen elven senses once in a while to help keep us abreast of things, when Krusten and Lionel are not studying their combat spells. Namdar and Skedvick are first, walking about 30 feet ahead of the others, and Beast is in back of the whole group for protection.

Party Order
Namdar, half-orc Traveling Actor (myself)
Skedvick, half-elf Ranger (Krakyn)
Pundit, human Cleric (RPGPundit)
Krusten, elven Sorcerer(ess?) (Krusten)
Lionel Cortez, human Sorcerer (Thomaslee)
"Beast", half-orc Warrior (Play by Post)

Post Date: 21st Nov, 2009 - 1:24am / Post ID: #

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Play Post Party Leader

Lionel will approach the farmer alone in normal peasant garb, friendly but somewhat guarded, as would be expected in dangerous areas, and engage the man in conversation about the farm and weather and local and royal politics, then segue into the surrounding environs and orcs and:

- if he seems amiable and not particularly suspect to Lionel, tell him about our poor group which are scouting around right now for a way to make money and help the town

- ask if the man has trouble with orcs or knows of other places or orc camps

- ask for the man's advice and details on both the most sparsely patrolled areas of orc activity, and the safest path or place to be if out there

- then if he had any other thoughts that might help us

- and if there is anything we can get him or do for him, if possible, as we understand being a little isolated leaves you with some things that just never seem to get done, or you can't leave, etc.

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