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Should US Americans be Allowed to Visit Cuba? Should a country tell you where you can and cannot go?
Post Date: 2nd Oct, 2017 - 8:15pm / Post ID: #

USA vs Cuba
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USA vs Cuba - Page 14

Well even then, the idea that you can truly vet someone is ridiculous. If they have bad intentions they lie, or get forged documents. Honestly I think that talk of vetting is just a way to calm peoples' rational concerns without actually being able to do anything about it. It's why I laugh when people say that we should only allow immigration by people who support our values. First, what are our values? I don't mean vague abstractions, but actual values. Secondly, it'd be easy to just memorize answers that are good enough. On the flip side, there's vetting against terrorism or crime. That's even easier to bypass, so long as you weren't too prominent in certain circles. Particularly when an individual can just claim to come from those states you mentioned. So all in all, yes I'd totally support blanket bans. It isn't fair to the genuine people from those areas, but then again our system is set up for our sake and not theirs.

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Post Date: 2nd Oct, 2017 - 8:23pm / Post ID: #

USA vs Cuba
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Cuba USA

Yes, exactly but we are trying to be as fair as we can be even with people from those areas. There are real cases of persecution from those areas where people need asylum. In those cases we should do everything we can to vet them and let them in… if we can actually vet them.

Post Date: 2nd Oct, 2017 - 11:54pm / Post ID: #

USA vs Cuba
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USA vs Cuba History & Civil Business Politics

Isn't that in a way kind of counter productive? Yes, persecution is terrible, but if those people can flee elsewhere then that society will never change for the better. We take several risks in the process of trying to help them, but we also allow for a morality-drain (Similar to a brain-drain) where we remove people who are most likely to have their own cultural/political/religious revolution - thus allowing the status quo remain unchallenged.

Post Date: 3rd Oct, 2017 - 9:05pm / Post ID: #

USA vs Cuba
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Page 14 Cuba USA


Yes, I have heard your point before, but these are people that would most likely be killed anyway due to their persecution and the nature of the enemy they face. Thus, they are dead and the culture still hasn't changed. If we let them come here we can protect them and perhaps they can leave when it safer and have a positive influence on their country. Of perhaps they stay here in the US and have a positive influence on our country.

Post Date: 4th Oct, 2017 - 6:47am / Post ID: #

USA vs Cuba
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Cuba USA

I get it what you mean, it's not like I'd turn literally everyone away, because some people do need refuge but I don't think it's really about persecution in many cases. It's often a way to just get a ticket to a better way of life, which I do understand, but at the same time space and resources are not finite, and there is a danger to both the receiving countries and their cultures, if it is done en masse. Anyways we're a bit off topic at the moment.

Post Date: 9th Nov, 2017 - 4:51am / Post ID: #

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USA vs Cuba

Trump's White House cracks down on U.S. Business and travel to Cuba. Under new regulations that take effect Thursday, the Trump administration is banning Americans from doing business with dozens of entities with links to Cuba's military. The move affects stores, hotels, tourist agencies and even two rum makers. Ref. USAToday.

Post Date: 3rd Mar, 2018 - 1:40am / Post ID: #

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Page 14 USA Cuba

Following mysterious ‘health attacks’ in Cuba, U.S. Makes staff cuts permanent at embassy. The U.S. Is making permanent its decision last year to withdraw 60% of its diplomats from Cuba. The State Department says the U.S. Still lacks "Definitive answers on the source or cause of the attacks." Ref. USAToday.

Post Date: 6th Jun, 2019 - 9:42pm / Post ID: #

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USA Cuba - Page 14

Cuba travel ban goes into effect for cruise ships, group tours. As of Wednesday, cruise ships and private vessels can no longer visit Cuba, the Commerce Department said. But what if you've already booked a cruise? Source 7s.

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