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Haiti Play By Post RPG
Love & Life Bytes RPG
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Text RPG
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Relief For Haiti RPG

This Dramatist role,

Relief For Haiti

There is a terrible earthquake in Haiti. Everyone comes together to help with food and supplies.

Within your community there is an organization that is making it possible to donate to Haiti. The collection of goods will take place on a certain day and time as it will be shipped out immediately.

You decide to make your contribution based on your character's economic status. Upon arrival at the drop point (A church's auditorium) you discover there is a line and of course those in the line are those within this Thread and others.

Things to spice up the story:

* You cannot leave the line
* You cannot decide not to give a donation and leave
* You may want to compare what you are donating with the next persons
* You may question any conspiracy theories about how the earthquake happened
* You may bring up why there isn't relief for the poor in your own country


You can only Reply here a second time when there are at least 2 Replies from other characters. Remember this is Love & Life Bytes so you only use your Love & Life Bytes Character. For the current Spotlight game check here: Source 1

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Candy is a free-spirited peaceful loving person. She is always trying to find something artistic in everything she touches. She hopes to bring peace to the world through her art.

RPG Haiti Relief

Kim role,

Mariah calls her dad immediately upon hearing about the earthquake in Haiti.

"Daddy, it's me Mariah. I'm so sad to hear about the earthquake, could you please help me give a donation? US10,000 daddy? No, that's too little, I wanna donate at least US$50,000", she says.

Then all of the sudden, she has a big smile on her face and says, I am on my way to this organization I told you about before, please get your chauffeur to drop the check for me, he knows the location".

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Relief For Haiti RPG Archive Bytes Life & Love

Jasper walks into the church's auditorium, he stops when he sees line and the number of people in that line, he sighs in frustration knowing that he will be here for a while, he want nothing then to help the people in Haiti, but he was hoping he could get in, give them his check, and then get out.
It also didn't help that he sticks out like a sore thumb because it seemed he was the only one in dressed in a business suit"¦ ok fine, and he also looks like he had prepared an hour getting ready to some fancy restaurant"¦ which actually to be honest he had spent an hour getting ready to go to some fancy restaurant, it was because he needed to speak with his new client about their case.
Anyway Jasper makes do with what he has and gets in line, he stands behind a mother with a fussy child, and a latino in a Hawaiian shirt speaking in rapid spanish on a cell phone... Scratch that and lastly some women dressed as if she bought cloths at the most expensive place money could buy.

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Relief For Haiti RPG
A Friend

RPG Haiti Relief

steps in line right behind Mariah

Oh Hello again Mariah. I see your here but I do not see anything in your hands. I already did the $10 text thing now I am giving a box of food too.

Indicates the box he holding.

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RPG Haiti Relief

Jasper looks over at the women, uncertain how to answer, "Um, I don't think, unless you"re were one of my clients from court. I don't have much free time, you see I"m a lawyer, and almost constantly working." Lionel hears the other mans comment and asks, "So your names Mariah, are you an actress?"

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Candy is a free-spirited peaceful loving person. She is always trying to find something artistic in everything she touches. She hopes to bring peace to the world through her art.

Relief For Haiti RPG

Kim role,

"Oh hi George! $10? Are you unemployed or something?. I don't have any thing on my hands yet but my dad will drop by at any minute with a US$50,000 check".

She then turns to the new guy and says...

"Yes, I am an actress in LA. Are you in Beverly Hills?"

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Relief For Haiti RPG
A Friend

Relief Haiti RPG

George? Looks around to see who she is talking to?

You must be flustered ab it Mariah my name is not George.

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Relief Haiti RPG Love & Life Bytes Archive

"No, I travel a lot to meet with clients, and have to live in hotels most of the time, I do have a permanent home in Nevada though, a nice house on the mountains.

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