Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!

Kidnapping / Elections / Us - Trinidad, Tobago / Caribbean - Posted: 16th Sep, 2002 - 4:15am

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Post Date: 10th Sep, 2002 - 4:12pm / Post ID: #

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Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!

One of the longer posts in this forum before it was shut down was the series of kidnappings that were taking place. Isn't it ironic that one political entity (UNC) suddenly capitilizes on it by producing ads about it?

Then there is the recent break ins to steal documents? When I first heard it I actually started to laugh in my mind. For once the 'rich and popular' are starting to go through the 'tensions' of the 'poor and desolate'.

What about the PNM? With their calling everyone into the courts don't they think that the UNC will do the same if they get into power? who knows? I think it is interesting that the UNC thinks they need to combine to asure victory over the PNM. I guess this is a sign that they think the PNM is commanding the majority of the country.

As for me I wish the Lord will come quickly and establish the true government to replace all others since man cannot seem to keep his path straight.

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Us Elections Kidnapping

JB...all these parties are the same boy. I'm fed up of all of them. They crave for money, popularity and power. Power is more dangerous than money because power gives you the ability to do whatever you want and get away with it...why do you think they want to be in power so much! to go and steal, kill and all kind of things and get away with it. It's a shame and trinidadians need to stand up and say something!!! they cannot be so silly and support this people who don't give them anything...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Instead to be wasting time on a political campain support trinis, they should go to their home and teach the children good principles, work hard and if the goverment raise the price of groceries for instance, complain, complain and complain!. Let's stop being a banana republic and make this country prosperous because believe me, the polititians and goverment don't make a country successful, BUT the people itself.

Post Date: 13th Sep, 2002 - 2:01am / Post ID: #

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!
A Friend

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us! Caribbean / Tobago & Trinidad

Six who would be PM

Six very different prime ministerial hopefuls from six very different political parties have begun their cross-country trek, in a bid to win the nod from the electorate.

Promising governmental reform, a solution for crime, along with a lot of mudslinging, leaders of the People’s National Movement, United National Congress, National Alliance for Reconstruction, National Team Unity, Citizens Alliance and the Democratic Party of T&T are professing confidence in their respective party’s victory.

Since 1961, 21 parties have raised their heads, fielded candidates then disappeared, never to be heard from again after having failed to win even one seat.
Here’s a look at those who want to lead T&T for the next five years.

Democratic Party of T&T

Established 2002
Symbol — Hummingbird feeding on red hibiscus.
Track Record — None.

Party philosophy: The time has come for all ordinary citizens to look at the politicians and say: “We will not follow you blindly.”
Leader — Steve Alvarez, 45.

• Project manager at NH International, the Emile Elias Group company.
• Lived in New Jersey, US for 10 years. Returned to Trinidad in 1999. Has no public profile because he has not been on the political scene for any period of time.

• Party’s manifesto promises a new transportation system, reviewing the Emancipation and Indian Arrival Day holidays, introducing free healthcare, increasing the wages of the police and other security forces and empowering Local Government representatives.

United National Congress

Established in 1991.
Symbol — A rising sun.

Track record — Formed the Government from 1995 to 2000; 2000 to 2001. Removed from office when with 18-18 deadlock, President Arthur NR Robinson selected Patrick Manning as Prime Minister.
Leader — Basdeo Panday, 69.

• Expected to contest the Couva North seat.
• Married to Oma (his second marriage). Has four daughters.
• In politics since 1966. Lost Naparima South seat on Workers and Farmers Party slate.
• Subsequently led All Trinidad Estates and Factories Trade Union. Alliance with Raffique Shah and George Weekes to form United Labour Front.

• Elected MP for Couva North in 1976, first time Couva constituency divided into Couva North and Couva South, as leader of ULF.

• Appointed Opposition Leader by President Ellis Clarke when ULF won ten seats, while Democratic Action Congress led by Arthur NR Robinson had won two seats in Tobago.
• In 1977, Shah and five other ULF MPs broke ranks.

President Ellis Clarke revoked his appointment. Shah Opposition Leader. MP Winston Nanan defected and returned to Panday. On March 31, 1978, Shah resigned, Panday reappointed Opposition Leader.

• 1981 — Panday, Robinson and Lloyd Best formed the National Alliance to contest the general election against then PM George Chambers. They lost to the PNM.

• By 1985 joined with DAC, ONR, Tapia to form National Alliance for Reconstruction. Won 33 of 36 seats in December 1986. Robinson appointed PM, Panday Minister of Foreign Affairs.

• By 1988, Panday split with Robinson, formed Club 88 as a pressure group within the NAR. Panday, Kelvin Ramnath, Trevor Sudama and John Humphrey expelled from NAR.
• Following the attempted coup of 1990, Club ‘88 successfully had President Noor Hassanali revoke appointment of Manning as Opposition Leader. Panday Opposition Leader.

• United National Congress formed.
Panday has expressed confidence in his party’s chances of securing enough seats to form the government in the upcoming election.

National Team Unity

Established as Team Unity in 2001; name change in 2002.
Symbol — Rainbow.

Track record — no seats in last election.
Leader — Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC, 56.
• Expected to contest the Couva South seat.
• Constitutional lawyer. Three children — Kavita, Sushma and Ramesh Jr.
• Educated at Picton Presbyterian School, Naparima College and Inner Temple in London.

• Headed the Human Rights Bureau of T&T.
• Practising since 1968 in criminal, human rights and constitutional law.
• In 1975 was jailed for seven days by Justice Sonny Maharaj for contempt of court. Ten years later was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice, but he was later freed of the charge.

• Served as Attorney General in the UNCNAR Government from 1996 until resignation in 2001, with Trevor Sudama and Ralph Maraj.
• With them formed Team Unity.

Maharaj said yesterday his party had not yet reached a decision on whether it will contest all 36 seats, a limited number of seats or run an educational campaign.

People’s National Movement

Established 1956.

Symbol — The balisier flower.
Track record — In Government 1962-1986, 1991-1995, 2001 to present in deadlock 18-18 situation.
Leader — Patrick Manning, 56, geologist.

• Attended San Fernando Government School from 1954 to 1957, then Presentation College, San Fernando; UWI 1966-1969, graduated as geologist.
• Worked with Texaco Trinidad Inc, from 1969 to 1971.

• Entered Parliament as member for San Fernando East in 1971 at age 25.
• Held posts as PS in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines; PS to the PM; Minister in the Ministry of Finance; Minister in the Office of the PM, responsible for public information.

• One of three successful PNMites who won seats against NAR. Became PNM Political Leader when late George Chambers lost his St Ann’s seat and subsequently resigned from the party.

• Became the official Opposition Leader in 1987, ousted in 1988 when Panday broke ranks with NAR and was appointed to that position.
• Won 1991 election.

• Called election 1995 and lost to the UNC.
• Opposition Leader from 1995 to 2001, when on Christmas Eve 2001, was appointed Prime Minister for the second time.

Manning has expressed confidence in his party’s chances of securing enough seats to form the Government in the upcoming election.

Citizens Alliance

Established 2001.

Symbol — Torch with party’s name encircling the flame.
Track record — Did not contest last election.

Leader — Wendell Mottley, 60, likely candidate for Port-of-Spain South.
• Left the private sector for politics in 1981.

• Has three daughters, a BA in economics from Yale University, USA and a Masters in economics from Cambridge University in the UK.

• Track and field athlete with gold medal from Commonwealth Games in Jamaica and silver from 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

• Joined PNM in 1981. Has been a former Housing Minister, Industry and Commerce Minister and Tourism Minister, Finance Minister and former MP for St Ann’s East.
• PNM deputy leader 1991-1996. Resigned with Keith Rowley and Augustus Ramrekersingh.

• Former senior adviser to Credit Suisse First Boston from 1995 to 2000, specialising in energy related projects

• Director Caribbean Packaging, World Life Fund, chairman of the T&T Stocks and Shares Ltd; Member of the External Advisory Group to the President of the Inter-American Development Bank.

He believes his party offers hope for the future when fear stalks the land.

National Alliance for Reconstruction

Established 1986.

Track record — no seats in the last election.
Leader — Lennox Sankersingh.
• Separated, with two sons.

• Attended San Fernando Boys’ RC then Naparima College; BSc in chemistry and mathematics at the University of Toronto, Canada. Taught for one year at QRC before going securing LLB at UWI. Certificate in legal education from Hugh Wooding Law School.

• Lectured on law at the Cipriani Labour College and is an associate tutor at Hugh Wooding; legal counsel to Caroni (1975) Ltd from 1992 to 1999; founder of the Sou Sou Land Company.
• Director of NHA – 1987-1992

• Local Government representative 1983-1987 in Caroni County Council as representative for CaliforniaCouva.

• Chairman of the Association of Local Government Bodies 1984-1987; member of the National Planning Commission from 1987 to 1991. Director on the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Committee 1987-1988; chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1989-1992.Compiled by
Terry-Ann Browne.

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Us Elections Kidnapping

You know the whole fact of the matter is...

If there was a person named 'John Doe' and he was made the best choice to be PM because he was upright, moral, fair, just, merciful and above all looked for the best interests of Trinidad & Tobago...

If this same 'John Doe' went up for elections he would lose because the people are more interested in parties, favors and corruption because of some selfish gain.

That is the fact of this election.

Post Date: 14th Sep, 2002 - 1:36pm / Post ID: #

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!
A Friend

Us Elections Kidnapping

PNM, UNC launch campaigns tomorrow

Caught in an 18-18 parliamentary tie, both the ruling PNM and the opposition UNC have chosen tomorrow — Sunday — to launch their campaigns for the October 7 general elections which each hopes will break the political deadlock in their favour.

Each party has chosen to present its candidates and manifestos in its traditional electoral heartland.

The PNM will launch its campaign at Woodford Square, Port-of-Spain at 1 pm, while the UNC will kick off at Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas also at 1 pm.

Up to late yesterday the two main parties were being cagey and calculating in setting the time for their political leader's speech, each seeking to maximise their national exposure through television broadcasts.

After much tussling between the parties and broadcasters, by the end of yesterday the UNC had scheduled its leader Basdeo Panday to speak on Sunday at 4.30 pm, while the PNM leader and Prime Minister Patrick Manning is due to speak at 5pm.

Yesterday top officials of both parties were hard to contact, spending most of the day behind closed doors in strategy meetings.

Last evening the PNM General Council was due to meet to approve the party's manifesto, and its Central Executive to approve its candidates.

Wendell Mottley's Citizens Alliance holds a community day tomorrow, at the St John Brigade headquarters, Wrightson Road, Port- of-Spain.

With entertainment kicking off at 10 am, the Citizens Alliance candidates will be presented at 2 pm.

Meanwhile today, Ramesh Maharaj's National Team Unity (NTU) and the NAR are each expected to hold closed party talks.

Most incumbent MPs are being retained by each party, with the exception of Martin Joseph, PNM MP for St Ann’s East.

While the PNM is contesting all 36 seats, the UNC is only standing in 34, by-passing the two Tobago seats.

The candidates selected by the two main parties are:

ARIMA — Jennifer Kernahan-Jones (UNC); Penelope Beckles (PNM)

AROUCA NORTH — Richard Thomas (UNC); Jarrette Narine (PNM)

AROUCA SOUTH — Arlene Maingot-Alexis (UNC); Camille Robinson-Regis (PNM)

BARATARIA/SAN JUAN — Fuad Khan (UNC); Fiaz Ali (PNM)

CARONI CENTRAL — Hamza Rafeeq (UNC); Rafi Mohammed (PNM)

CARONI EAST — Ganga Singh (UNC); Lyndsay Parmashwar (PNM)

CHAGUANAS — Manohar Ramsaran (UNC); Ian Alleyne (PNM)

COUVA NORTH — Basdeo Panday (UNC); Romando Rampersad (PNM)

COUVA SOUTH — Kelvin Ramnath (UNC); Anthony Khan (PNM)

DIEGO MARTIN CENTRAL —Carson Charles (UNC): Ken Valley (PNM)

DIEGO MARTIN EAST — Garvin Nicholas (UNC); Colm Imbert (PNM)

DIEGO MARTIN WEST — James Lambert (UNC); Keith Rowley (PNM)

FYZABAD — Chandresh Sharma (UNC); Arthur Sanderson (PNM)

LA BREA — Norris Ferguson (UNC); Hedwidge Bereaux (PNM)

LAVENTILLE EAST/MORVANT — Patricia Henry (UNC); Fitzgerald Hinds (PNM)

LAVENTILLE WEST — Princess Smart (UNC); Eulalie James (PNM)

NAPARIMA — Nizam Baksh (UNC); Tricia Ramsaran Jitta (PNM)

NARIVA — Harry Partarp (UNC); Zilda Pariag (PNM)

OROPOUCHE — Roodal Moonilal (UNC); Heather Sedeno (PNM)

ORTOIRE/MAYARO — Winston Peters (UNC); Franklyn Khan (PNM)

POINT FORTIN — Vincent Lasse (UNC); Larry Achong (PNM)

POINTE-A-PIERRE — Gillian Lucky (UNC); Daniel Dookie (PNM)

POS NORTH/ST ANN’S WEST — Elizabeth Awai (UNC); John Rahael (PNM)

POS SOUTH — Frank Ferreira (UNC); Eric Williams (PNM)

PRINCES TOWN — Subhas Panday (UNC); Radanlal Bunsee (PNM)

SAN FERNANDO EAST — Carol Cuffy-Dowlath (UNC); Patrick Manning (PNM)

SAN FERNANDO WEST — Sadiq Baksh (UNC); Diane Seukeran (PNM)

SIPARIA — Kamla Persad-Bissessar (UNC); Roopnarine Ragoo (PNM)

St ANN’S EAST — Anthony Nero (UNC); Anthony Roberts (PNM)

ST AUGUSTINE — Winston Dookeran (UNC); Esau Mohammed (PNM)

ST JOSEPH — Gerald Yetming (UNC); Sharon Gopaul-Nichols (PNM)

TOBAGO EAST — Uncontested (UNC); Eudine Job-Davis (PNM)

TOBAGO WEST — Uncontested (UNC); Stanford Callendar (PNM)

TABAQUITE — Adesh Nanan (UNC); Michael Harrilal (PNM)

TOCO/MANZANILLA — Anil Juteram (UNC); Roger Boynes (PNM)

TUNAPUNA — Carlos John (UNC); Eddie Hart (PNM)

Post Date: 15th Sep, 2002 - 3:15pm / Post ID: #

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!
A Friend

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!

That sudden move by the PNM to not give the Jamat the lands was very strange. all this before elections is very suspicious don't you think?

Post Date: 15th Sep, 2002 - 11:19pm / Post ID: #

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!
A Friend

Kidnapping / Elections / Us

i think the PNM was going to feel a backlash during the upcoming elections from the business communities and the general public which is why I beleive PNM  took back the land from Jamat

Post Date: 16th Sep, 2002 - 4:15am / Post ID: #

Kidnapping / Elections / Help Us!
A Friend

Kidnapping / Elections / Us

Citizens Alliance manifesto focuses on ‘social justice’
By Anthony Milne

CITIZENS Alliance made public its manifesto for the October 7 general election, at its community day and launch of candidates yesterday, at Lions Civic Centre, Port of Spain. The title, “Involve”, appeared on the cover of the manifesto, a seven-page, large glossy pamphlet. The cover, outlining one of the party’s four first principles, stressed involving people in the democratic process, community based activity, listening to people’s needs, and providing strong leadership to meet those needs.

The four “First Principles” are:
(1) Embrace the diversity of Trinidad and Tobago and celebrate it in deeds;
(2) Provide opportunities for all to fulfil the purpose of their lives, and giving a hand up not a hand out to those who have fallen by the wayside;
(3) Involve the people in our democracy;
(4) Create new industries linked to first world standards to provide the opportunity, especially for young people, that leads to purposeful careers and happy successful lives.

Theme of the document is “Achieving Social Justice”, and how this addresses the issues of security and crime, governance, economic development, education, health, the environment, youth, and culture. In a message CA’s political leader Wendell Mottley says, “Our new politics allow us to get involved through system of governance anchored in the community; our new politics will provide opportunities to give us authority over our own lives.” He insists that we “simply cannot survive under the burden of the old politics,” and stresses that the manifesto identifies key concerns for all in Trinidad and Tobago.

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