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Science fiction role-playing
SCENARIO - The actual story is updated here. Only the GM Posts here.
30th Oct, 2010 - 1:48am / Post ID: #

Space Cargo Escort RPG

The Game Master says...

Space Cargo Escort

You are hanging out at a local low end bar when you are approached by what is one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. She is dressed in what seems to be a very expensive leather outfit. She is fitted with a communicator that does not come cheap and she looks very happy to see you. She starts by saying,

"Aren't you those guys that were on the Island?"

She fixes herself as though she is a fan while adjusting her communicator.

"I saw your photos online."

She then introduces herself as an agent for high end cargo deliveries and asks if you are looking for work.

GM: This is the new Scenario. I will be posting the relevant Threads. Get ready for Science fiction role-playing action as I am opening up this section again.

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8th Nov, 2010 - 1:32am / Post ID: #

RPG Escort Cargo Space

The Game Master says...

The woman fixes her position again as though she were posing for a front page glamor magazine.

"Its not difficult really. Basically, we have some high end cargo that needs to be transported from Airbase 60, not far from here, to Mars base 7. It won't take you but more than 5-6 days tops."

She then stops to look at the expression on your faces and while asking how it sounds to you she answers her own question...

"Sounds good right? Ever been to Mars?"

Adjusting her stance again.

"Well, you know our only little problem..."

She uses her hands to express how small a problem it is by almost clasping her palms together.


She then frowns.

"They're everywhere these days so if for some reason you are attacked during the journey.... Well, you know... You will need to protect our interests."

She then asks how much you charge and if you can start right away.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

9th Nov, 2010 - 1:38pm / Post ID: #

Space Cargo Escort RPG RPGs PBP Fiction Science

The Game Master says...

You decide to get as much information as possible from the woman. Here is the answers to your questions:

Can you tell us what the nature of the cargo is that we will be protecting?

"Well that is confidential... You know client privacy and all that... Only the customs officials get the manifest and all that..."

Can you tell us what protective barriers, the armor and offensive armament the ship has?

"Its just a cargo ship so there aren't any mounted weapons except for what you carry on."

Can you give us an idea of what the pirates have been attacking with?

"Non have actually attacked us before, we're just taking the precaution.... You know... We want to be safe and all that."

She is shocked by your wanting 5,000 for your work but then nervously listens to her communicator and says,

"OK I got the green light."

Tomorrow meet me at Airbase 60 no later than 1300 hours and you will be given your deposit and instructions. She then winks and says,

"Nice to meet you boys..."

She then walks out. You look at her go downstairs and immediately into a waiting black luxury flyer that whisks off into the air and disappears from your sight.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

12th Nov, 2010 - 5:24pm / Post ID: #

RPG Escort Cargo Space

The Game Master says...

Having some time before your meeting you use the rest of the day to buy supplies.

GM: All Players - Please ensure all stats are up to date, I will be using your stats to work out battles and so forth. If you are missing information, put the wrong info or forgot to add something you bought in then it WILL affect your character's outcome.

You make your way to the appointed place and arrive 15 minutes early to find the lady you met early already waiting. She bids you welcome and awards you a deposit of 2,500 credits each. Seeing that much makes you happy, it is your first real job.

The woman takes you around the ship. She explains it is a high end Cargo Ship that is automated. You do not need to do anything as far as flying it is concerned. The computer takes care of anything. You just talk to the computer and it will answer any questions you may have.

She shows you your quarters and various other sections of the ship. You can see that it is a fairly used vessel with nothing fancy in place - it being merely a sophisticated craft for cargo and not humans.

GM: I will have a floor plan for the ship up soon.

Do not interfere with anything you do not understand, instead ask the computer for assistance. She then asks if you have any questions as she monitors her communicator in a busy fashion as though she has another pressing appointment.

GM: Say what you will do now.

16th Nov, 2010 - 1:33am / Post ID: #

RPG Escort Cargo Space

The Game Master says...

Ship's Layout

You are given a brief tour of the layout. This can be seen here: Source 1

The three dimensional look of the ship can be seen by looking at the image associated with this Thread.

You are told that the cargo in the cargo area must never be tampered with.

The bridge must never be accessed.

The escape pod can only hold four people and you should never need to use it anyway.

You then ask her some questions which she seems to be slightly irritated with as though she is in a rush. She answers your questions in a rather sarcastic way as you can see from below:

We are going on a ship with no one else on board?
Well why do you need other people? The ship is for cargo and you are security.

What happens in an emergency?
The ship's computer will handle it.

How do we get in touch with her if we need to?
Tell the ship's computer you want to contact headquarters.

When we get to where we're going how do we get back to earth?
Cargo will be loaded for the return. You stay on board and it brings you back.

What happens if the computer malfunctions?
Are you kidding me? This is state of the art hardware and software.

Does the ship have any evasive maneuvers that we may need to be prepared for if pirates do try to attack?
This is a cargo vessel not a battleship. Besides pirates will try to board you not blow you up in which case you're here... Right?

How long is the trip to Mars with this particular cargo ship?
It shouldn't be more than two and a half earth days.

She then looks at her communicator and says,

"Yes, I'm coming now just explaining a few things here."

She looks perturbed and then says...

"So... Anymore questions?"

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

17th Nov, 2010 - 6:17pm / Post ID: #

Space Cargo Escort RPG

The Game Master says...

You say you have no more questions to which she gives a courtesy smile. She then rushes out of the cargo ship wishing you all 'good luck' while also speaking to someone else on her communicator.

As you start to check your equipment you can hear various sounds of mechanical movement. The landing bridge retracts and the engines start to make a fairly low toned hum. The doors that let you in are now starting to close. You hear the voice of a man from above your heads,

"This is one, niner, sixer Space Cargo vessel engaged. All systems online. Welcome aboard, please step back while the doors close."

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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20th Nov, 2010 - 9:06pm / Post ID: #

Space Cargo Escort RPG

The Game Master says...

You feel the movement of the ship as the thrusters become more powerful. Luickly near the bridge door are safety straps so you do not get bumped around as the ship slowly rises. You cannot see outside so you assume the ship is steadying in orbit after a few minutes. You then decide to let go the straps.

You go from the landing bridge door straight towards the escape pod on the opposite side. Above the door you see a sign with washed out writing:

Two Passenger Maximum

You press the button to open the door but there is a negative beep followed by the computer saying,

"Access denied, no emergency detected"

You look at each other and then figure that it makes sense.

GM: Say what you wish to do now including the next steps you take (for instance exactly where you will go to next to search).

23rd Nov, 2010 - 8:46pm / Post ID: #

Space Cargo Escort RPG Science Fiction PBP RPGs

The Game Master says...

After Omega loudly commands the computer to open the door to the escape pod a chirp can be heard followed by the computer's response,

"Access denied, no emergency detected."

You can see that the ship's computer is not so naive as to simply follow any command you give it.

You ask the computer about getting access to the engine room to which you once again hear a chirp followed by the following,

"Negative, engines are at normal levels, no emergency detected."

You then venture into the other rooms and casually look around.


You approach the door and it opens immediately by sliding to one side.

There are facilities here to prepare simple meals using a microwave, fridge, etc. There are also utensils in small order. A table that can be used for games and eating is attached to the center of the room.

Crew's Quarters

You approach the door and it opens immediately by sliding to one side.

This seems to be used as some kind of storage area. There is a box of dried microwavable rations for a week. There is also some simple cleaning equipment and what seems to be a well used vacc suit, in fact you are not sure if it can be used. There is also some items to fight fires such as a fire suit and three extinguishers.

GM: Someone with a Vacc skill can choose to examine it more.


You approach the door and it opens immediately by sliding to one side.

On the walls are scratchings. A brief look at the scribbles makes you realize that many were bored here and decided to etch their thoughts much as they would do in a public toilet area back on earth.

Here are some semi comfortable sleeping quarters for four to six people depending on how you adjust yourselves. There is also a rather crude looking medical area without any medical equipment.

The restrooms are also here. Thy seem to be functional.

Captain's Quarters

All of you approach the door, it does not move.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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